20-The inner heart of the companions

--Hey, hey, hey. This is outrageous. .......

 Spinoza was wielding his favorite mallet and letting out an inward sigh of admiration.

 --It's so much easier for us to fight when he's on the front lines taking care of all the enemy's attention and attacks.

 When the battle with the undead army started, Zeke jumped out to the front alone.
 He used his skills to shield the guards and gather their hate.
 The undead soldiers all began to target Zeke alone as if possessed. Swords and magic rained down on him like a squall, but he was unfazed.
 Zeke stands there, unmoving.

 --Zeke is standing there motionless. You can beat him up as much as you want with this!

 You can concentrate on attacking as much as you want without worrying about the consequences.
 He swung his mallet and cracked the brains of the undead soldiers one after another. It was as if I had become the wind.

 --Oh, man. Just having Zeke around makes it so much easier to move. Haha. I'm going to think I'm getting stronger.

Zeke! Are you physically strong enough?
Yeah. No problem.

 No problem," Spinoza chuckles.
 I'm taking on an army of nearly a hundred undead all by myself. You can't tell me that's not a problem.

 --d*mn it. I'm trying to compete with this guy? No wonder I can't win. They're so different.

 Spinoza never thought he was a match for anyone else before.
 But he thought that about Zeke.

 I'm a sore loser. I thought I would be angry and jealous.
 I thought so, but my heart was refreshed.
 I was able to truly appreciate Zeke's strength.

"...... would be so powerful if he were on our side. Even with just four of us, we're more than enough to take on these guys.

 Spinoza raised his mallet and plunged into the undead army. He crushes them one by one, as they are distracted by Zeke.

"Hey, hey! Who's next?

 --Amazing ......! Zeke, you're awesome ......!
 Seira muttered in her mind as she watched Zeke being attacked by the enemy army.
 I thought it would be a bad fight for the four of us to take on the undead army. However, as it turned out, we were completely outnumbered.
 That's because Zeke is completely blocking the enemy's attacks.


 I knew he was strong.
 I knew he was strong enough to beat Commander Bolton in a one-on-one fight.
 But I didn't think he'd go this far.

 --I can't tell you how reassuring it is to have him on my side. ......! I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

I'm not sure what to say.

 I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that.
 Seira's equipment--Bikini Armor--is armor that specializes in offensive power.
 She can move much faster than wearing normal armor, but in return, if she is hit by an enemy's attack, it can be immediately fatal.

 It has some magical protection, but it is only a temporary protection.
 For this reason, Seira was always paying close attention to the enemy's attacks.
 With Zeke completely taking care of the enemy's attacks, she was able to concentrate on attacking without thinking about defense or evasion.

 And it was generating a hell of a lot of firepower.
 They were all full of gaps.

If Zeke is our absolute shield, then I'll fight as his sword!

"I see. So this is your power.

 Fam muttered as he watched Zeke's battle from the tower above the gate.
 All of the undead troops have their sights set on Zeke, as if they're working together.
 It was probably because he had set them up that way.
 However, some of the enemies tried to target the others. But the attacks they unleashed were absorbed by Zeke.
 I guess it's a skill that allows you to take the damage to your allies instead.

I thought all adventurers lived only for themselves. I thought all adventurers lived only for themselves, but now I see that your skills are all about protecting others.

 He's a strange guy.
 But that's what makes you so interesting.
 Femme had a smile on her face.
 She moved her eyes and looked at the undead soldiers on the battlefield.
 She readied her bow, drew the string, and released the arrow sharply. It sliced through the wind and pierced the brow of the enemy undead soldier who was about to attack Zeke.

 --I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. ...... ugh. Zeke. I want to know more about you.

 That's why we have to end this war quickly.
 Femme put an arrow in her bow again and fired it at the undead soldiers.