14-problem child

The 5th Platoon has started up again today.
 But none of the other members came to work except for me and Seira.
 They were slacking off in a spectacular fashion.
 According to the other guards, this is not unusual. In fact, it is more unusual for them to come to work normally.

"How can such people be left unattended without being fired? ......
I'm sure they have a few behavioral problems, but they're definitely capable. They are essential for the defense of the city.

 Seira answered my question in a simple way.
 The most important thing a guard needs is strength.
 Of course, they also need to be cooperative, but I'm sure they're good enough to fill that gap.

In the meantime, we need to get them to work. ......

 If I leave it like this, I will be held accountable for my management as a boss.
 ...... Totally. I've been forced into a very difficult platoon.

"Sayla. Do you know where the men are now?
Yes, sir. At this hour, I think Mr. Spinoza is at the tavern.
What? A tavern? It's morning.
Mr. Spinoza is always drinking all night. He drinks until morning, goes to bed, and then wakes up in the evening to drink again.
I can already smell the troublemaker in him.

 I think I'm going to choke.

Well. If we know where he is, it'll be easier to contact him. Seira. Would you be so kind as to show me to the tavern?
Yes! I'll take care of it!

 Seira took me to a popular bar in town.
 The place was in a corner of the main street.
 When we opened the door and went inside, the place was deserted as if a storm had just passed through.
 Empty mugs and kegs were scattered on the tables, and drunken customers were slumped on the floor everywhere.

This is ...... terrible. ......

 What kind of drinking habits would create this mess?

There he is. There they are.

 Seira pointed to a woman lying dead on a table in the back.

'Mr. Spinoza. Wake up, please.
"Uh, ......?

 The woman called Spinoza looked up languidly.
 Her hair was bright gold. Eyes as sharp as blades.
 She is so beautiful that it makes you cringe.
 But she was so badly dressed that it made up for it.
 She had dark circles under her eyes and a pale, hungover complexion. And she smelled like alcohol. How much does it take to make you like this?

It's like Sayla. ...... d*mn it. Don't let your co-workers appear in your dreams. You're ruining my good mood.
"I'm not dreaming. I'm a real character.

 Spinoza stared at Sayla.

"Which one?

 Spinoza stared at her, then reached out and squeezed her breast.

I'm not sure what you're doing.

I was just... I'm just trying to figure out if this is a dream or reality. But I'm pretty sure this feeling is real. The Seira in front of me is real.
"Don't be so sure!

 She hugged her shoulders and protested, her face turning red.
 Spinoza was smiling and happy to see her. The ...... way he communicates is the same as a s*xually harassing old man.
 Spinoza then noticed me next to Sayla.

"......? Who are you?
I'm Zeke. I joined about a month ago.
"Hmm. No wonder I haven't seen you around. That's right. I haven't been to work much since you joined.

 You can't say that out loud.

"Mr. Zeke was promoted to squad leader within a month of joining. And as of today, he'll be our boss.
"Oh? What about the previous squad leader?
He quit the .......
Hmm. Well, I don't care. I'm not interested in small fry.

 Spinoza picks his ear with his pinky and looks at me.

"So? What does this squad leader want with me? I'm sure you're not the only one.
It's not that time yet.

You don't understand. Drink when you want to drink.

 This was the thinking of a complete alcoholic.

I'm here to get you to work.
I refuse.

 Spinoza immediately cut him off.

No, not "no". ....... I'm here to make you come to work.
Don't give me that argument. You're giving me heartburn.

 Spinoza said boringly.

I'm not going to follow the orders of someone weaker than me.
I'm not going to follow the orders of someone weaker than me. And that I'll go to work every day?
Well... That's what I'm saying. ......, but can you beat me? I don't think you look that strong to me.
If I wasn't sure I could beat you, I wouldn't say it.

 When I said that, Spinoza smirked in amusement.
 There's a belligerent glint in her eye.

You're good. I'm going to find out what you are. I'm going to find out if you have what it takes to make me obey you.