15-They make some of them admit

 Me and Spinoza are going to fight.
 I have to convince her that I'm strong enough to follow her as her boss. To do that, I must win this fight.

"So? How do you want to play this game?
We could simply go at it, but I don't want to accidentally kill you. Let's have a contest of strength, shall we?

 Spinoza said and placed his arm on top of the empty barrel.

"Let's arm-wrestle, black and white.
I see. That's the easy way out.
"Peaceful? Mild? Yeah, it's the easy way. Compared to being crushed to death by a hammer. But I'm sure your arm will be useless.
That's a lot of confidence.

 I said, and Seira opened her mouth.

"Mr. Spinoza is one of the most powerful of the guards. She can wield a mallet as tall as a man and fight with it with ease.

 By the way," she continued.

The reason the previous squad leader retired was because he was traumatized when he arm wrestled with Spinoza and broke his arm. ......
I didn't expect you to be so weak. It's a good thing I'm not the only one. It's not like you're going to be able to break it with only 20 percent of the force.

 Spinoza snorted.

"That bastard was all 'there's no way I'd lose to a woman in a fight'. I beat him back easily.

 Spinoza said with pride and picked up a mallet that was standing on the wall. The air roared with wind pressure.
 The air roared with wind pressure, creating a powerful atmosphere.

 Spinoza wields his mallet for a moment, then twists his mouth in a provocative manner.

There is no one in the world who can match me in simple strength. I've never lost an arm wrestling match to anyone in my entire life.

 It seems that she is indeed a person of extraordinary strength.
 It's no wonder she's allowed to misbehave.

"Can I have that hammer, too?
What? If you're trying to compete with me, I suggest you don't. Most people can't even lift that thing.
Just... Let me see it.
You're a stubborn son of a b*tc*. Don't regret it, okay? ...... Here.

 Spinoza held out the handle of the mallet he was carrying on his shoulder.
 I took it without dropping it on the floor. I lifted it with my right arm and swung it around like she had just shown me.
 The air made a sound like a roar of a beast.

"That's awesome ......! You can do that with one hand. ......!

 Seira was letting out a squeal of amazement.

"Wow. You're pretty good at that, aren't you?

 Spinoza's expression, which until now had been mocking, changed. The smile on her face changed from one of mockery to one of amusement.

I'm sure you're not the only one who can wield that mallet with ease. It seems that ...... luck and circumstance are not the only factors that led you to become a squad leader.
Thanks for that.
It looks like I'm not going to accidentally break my arm. How long has it been? When's the last time you felt like you could do more than twenty percent?

 He put his elbows on the empty barrel and looked straight at me.

"Come at me. I'll twist you to pieces.
That's what I want.

 I put my elbow on the barrel and shake Spinoza's hand.

"Sayla. Can you be the referee?
"Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

 Seira stood between us, her face tense. She coughed once to take a pause and then opened her mouth.


 As soon as she lowered her right hand, both of them put their strength into it.

I'll finish you off in an instant!

 Spinoza put all her energy into the early stages of the fight, hoping to force a short battle. --But her hand doesn't falter from its central position.

"Guh ......!
What's wrong? "What's wrong? Is that the kind of strength you're so proud of?

 Spinoza's face changed as I said this to him.

"You got me there. Hey!

 A blue streak appeared on his temple and a fire of anger flared in his eyes.

I'm only fifty percent of the way there! This isn't what I'm capable of. I'll break your arm!

 The total amount of power she put into it swelled up.
 She was right, I hadn't been at my best yet. The back of my folded hands were gradually falling backwards.

Haha. You're doing great. You've really got me going this hard. But the game is as good as decided!

I'm not so sure about that.

 I put all my strength into the hand I was holding.
 I was about to be pushed down by her, but I quickly returned to my original position. The situation has been completely re-arranged to a 50-50 situation.

...... Hey, hey, hey. Seriously? Are we going to recover from that situation ......?

 Spinoza's expression was tight and relaxed.
 There is sweat on his forehead and neck.

"...... I mean... What's wrong with your metabolism? I'm not even sweating. You're really good at poker faces, aren't you?
"Not really. It's just that I can afford it.
Now it's my turn to attack.

 I tighten my grip on his hand and push him towards me.

It's my turn to attack.

 Spinoza is desperately trying to push back.
 Her teeth were clenched and her pupils were dilated.
 But I can't get my hand back.

"d*mn it ......! It's like a rock. ......! It's like a rock: ......! Oh no ......! We're going to get crushed ......!

 It was the moment when sweat dripped down Spinoza's neck. I pushed in even harder to finish her off.

"Aaaaahhhh ......?

 Despite my desperate resistance, the back of Spinoza's hand landed on the empty barrel. With too much force, the back of her hand sunk into the inside of the barrel.

I think we have a winner.
"Zeke wins!

 Seira hurriedly took my hand and declared.


 Spinoza looked stunned.

"Did you have a hangover and not feel up to it?
"...... No. Even if you were in perfect condition, you would have been no match for me. It looks like your powers are real.

 Spinoza breathed and smiled.

"A complete defeat. You're strong. You're so strong it's unbelievable.
You're going to work like you promised.
Yeah. ......, but this isn't over. I'm gonna get my revenge. I don't like losing all the time.
In that case, I'm your man.

Thus, I was able to pull Spinoza out.