13-They are promoted

Lambda and the robbers were arrested.
 At first, Lambda refused to admit guilt, claiming it was a mistake, but the robbers readily confessed their connection to Lambda.
 With this, the robbery in the city was successfully solved.
 Commander Bolton was surprised when he found out what had happened.

...... I had no idea that Lambda was behind it. He was insidious and devious, but I thought he didn't have the guts or stupidity to cross the line. I guess I was blind. What in the world drove him to this point? ......

 We don't know what motivated Lambda to join the bandits.
 He seemed to be obsessed with titles and strength.
 Perhaps he was trying to use the robbery as a way to get rid of a complex that was smoldering inside him.

...... He's a fool, but I'm partly to blame for not noticing that. I failed to fulfill my role as a supervisor.

 His tone was a mixture of dismay and regret.
 Even though Lambda had a lot on his mind, in the end, it was his own decision to join the evil that threatened the city.
 So I didn't think Commander Bolton needed to feel responsible.

"But I can't let this go public. If the word gets out that the guards were in on the robbery, the town will panic.

 No doubt they would.
 Besides, the trust in the guards would fall to the bottom of the earth.
 It is necessary not only for us but also for the people of the city to keep the truth that Lambda, the guard protecting the city, has been cooperating with the robbers.

"But Zeke... You did a good job this time. Thanks to your help, we were able to catch the culprit.
No, sir. It was just a coincidence.

 Originally, Lambda lured me into a deserted alley on night watch to kill me.
 The arrest of the robbers was just a consequence of turning him back. I didn't feel like I'd solved the case.

But if you hadn't been the new guy, I'd be at the bottom of the canal right now. It's only because you had the power that the truth came out.

 That may be true.
 If I had been defeated at that moment, I wouldn't be here now, and Lambda and the robbers would have continued their crimes undetected.
 If I had defeated them and eliminated the threat to the people of the city. I thought to myself, that's a good thing.

And then I thought to myself, "You know what? ...... Zeke. I'm going to appoint you as a squad leader in light of your performance in this case.

 I, as well as the guards in the barracks, raised our voices.

"There's a vacant squad leader's seat right now. So, I'd like you to take the vacant squad leader's seat.

 A squad leader means a promotion.
 I appreciate that, but .......

But I haven't even been in the squad for a month.
That's right! Commander! There has never been anyone in the past who has become a squad leader less than a month after joining!
"Normally, it takes at least three years to become a squad leader! It usually takes at least three years to become a squad leader, and I've never heard of a rookie who's been in the service for less than a month being appointed one!

 The guards raised their voices.
 The guards raised their voices, but Commander Bolton was unaffected by them.

I don't have a problem with it. He has the ability to do so much. If you can do it, you should be given the proper recognition.
"But sir! But that's no way to treat other people!
Besides, it's absurd to expect a common guard who's still in training to suddenly be selected as a squad leader! It's too much for a rookie like him!

 The guards shouted one after another in frustration and protest. The barracks was filled with shouting. Then Commander Bolton said in a voice that seemed to be crawling on the ground.

"You guys have a problem with my decision?

 When Commander Bolton shouted, the guards gasped at the power of his words. The fire that had been burning with vigor was extinguished in an instant.
 Looking around to see that the place had quieted down, Commander Bolton continued on.

If there's anyone you don't agree with, come out and fight him. If you can win, I'll appoint you squad leader instead. --Though I'm sure it's futile. He's no match for a bunch of you commoners.

 The guards looked at each other.
 Not one of them dared to challenge me.

"Well, that's good. Besides, it's the 5th squad he's taking over. Can one of you guys take over for him?

 Commander Bolton glared at the guards.

"...... I see. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you. ......
...... I'd certainly hate to be a squad leader there. I'd get sick to my stomach in a day. They're a bunch of troublemakers, after all.
"...... They're calling it a promotion, but in reality they're just pushing a boil on you. I'm not sure what to do.

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

"Rookie. Do your best.
Keep up the good work.
I've enjoyed my short time here.

 "It's been a short time, but it's been fun.
 ...... What the hell is going on?

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. I'm not sure what to make of it.

 After we broke up, Seira came running up to me.

"Mr. Zeke! You're our squad leader from today!
So ...... Seira was in the fifth squad?
Yes! But you quickly became my boss. I thought Zeke was a great guy, but he exceeded my expectations!

 Seira's expression showed no sign of dissatisfaction.
 Rather, she seemed to be truly pleased with my appointment as squad leader.
 She told me that she had become a member of the city guard to protect the people of the world. I guess that's why she's not attached to any position or title.

I'm glad to be working for you, Zeke! Let's protect this city together as the 5th platoon!
"Yeah. I'll do my best as a squad leader.

 I said.

"By the way, how many people are in this squad?
There are four of us, including you, Zeke. Including Zeke, there are four of us. Fam. That's basically how many people are in the squad.
I see. ...... Speaking of which, who else is in the squad?
Well... Well, that's .......

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

There is no one here except me and Mr. Zeke.
What? Are you off today?
I'd call it a day off. I'm taking a voluntary day off. ......

"In layman's terms, skipping.

 Commander Bolton took over Sayla's words.

"The 5th Platoon is one of the most troublemakers in our corps. The 5th platoon is one of the most troubled groups in our company. Thanks to them, all the squad leaders gave up on them. Some of them even had mental breakdowns from the stress.

 Commander Bolton said.

...... The other squad leaders couldn't handle it at all, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle the 5th Platoon. I'm counting on you.

 He put his hand on my shoulder and walked away.
 I'm sure you'll be able to handle the 5th platoon just fine. ...... I wondered if this was just a nuisance being thrust upon me. By the time I realized that, it was already too late.
 A bunch of troublemakers.
 This is going to be a tough day.