26-Prison Escorts

After the defensive battle against the undead army, things have returned to normal.
 However, some things have changed.
 We, the 5th squad, had been labeled as a bunch of troublemakers by our colleagues, but our reputation had changed after our performance in the last battle.

"Hey. Hey, ace of our guard corps.

 When I arrived at the barracks, Commander Bolton called out to me.

"Are you messing with ...... that name?
"No. No, I'm not. That's not true. Now no one's going to complain about you becoming a squad leader.

 Until now, there were many people who talked behind my back and gave me the cold shoulder because I was the fastest squad leader.
 But since the defense against the undead army, that has stopped.
 In fact, those who used to talk about me behind my back are now saying.

"I knew you could do it!
"I knew you could do it!" "You're the fastest squad leader I've ever seen!

 "I knew you could do it!
 If you can produce results, it's easy for people to flip you off.
 That's what I learned from this incident.

"So... Zeke. There's a job I need you to do.
More trouble for you?
Don't be ridiculous. Work is basically nothing but trouble, you know. Of course, that's what I'm asking you guys to do.

 It was refreshing to hear him say it like this.

"So? What is it?
 I asked with half-hearted resignation.

I'd like you to be my prison guard.
Prison guard?
Yes. There's a bandit leader we're holding in King's Landing. His execution will take place tomorrow.

 Lord Commander Bolton said.

"They're a vicious lot. They didn't just steal money, they killed people. They've also sold women and children into slavery.

 Frankly speaking, they are very evil.

"He was the leader of a large bandit gang. When he's executed, his men will undoubtedly attack to free him.
I see. So we need an escort.
That's how it works.

 When Commander Bolton nodded, Seira, who was standing next to me, opened her mouth slowly.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work. I'm not sure what to do.
"Maybe. But that would not destroy the bandits.

 Commander Bolton said.

It's rumored that many of them are hiding in the city. Even if we kill the first one, if we let them go unchecked, they'll do more damage. So we have to get rid of every last one of them. That's why we're going to show you a big execution of the head.
To flush out the remnants, you mean," said Pham.
"Yes. The chief seems to be well-liked by his minions. If we execute him, they'll do everything they can to help. We'll round them up.

 It's true that it's more efficient to gather the bandits in one place and hit them all at once than to go through the city one by one.

"But the bandits are all very skilled. If we go in there with a half-hearted effort, we might end up being the ones who get beaten.
So that's where we come in.

 Spinoza snorted with a belligerent expression. I'm not sure what to make of it.

You're good. I'm going to kick your asses all at once.
If we let the bandits go unchecked, the people of the city will be worried. ....... I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
I have no objection to that.

 They all seemed to be willing.

"Then... Then it's settled.

 I nodded and said to Commander Bolton.

We'll take care of the guards at the penitentiary. I will make sure that the leader of the bandits is protected from his minions.
I'll be with you at the execution on that day. I'm counting on you guys to do a good job. Protect the leader and go on a rampage against the minions.

 This is a job that can't fail.
 Protect the leader of the bandits from escaping and round up his men. You must destroy the bandits when they are executed tomorrow.