We took the beaten man to the infirmary.
 We can't just leave him like this," Seira said. We can't just leave him lying there.
 Seira was stubborn in these situations.

"I see. Now I know why he went out of control.

 I see what caused him to go berserk," the elderly doctor at the clinic muttered as he turned his chair around.
 In the bed beside him, the rampaging man was strapped on his back. He was occasionally moaning ...... in agony.

What was the cause?
 I asked the doctor man.
Apparently, he had demon blood in his system.
"Demon's blood?
 Seira said.
"Yes. When demon blood enters a human, they go into a frenzy. Demon's blood is poisonous to humans.

 The doctor raised his index finger and said.

"So, that empty mug of wine he was drinking that you brought me. The empty mug of wine he was drinking that you brought me, we detected a reaction of demon blood in it.
So someone put demon blood in the wine.
Who would do such a terrible thing? ......
"According to the man in the room, he had a lot of enemies. Maybe he was poisoned in retaliation.
That's scary.

 There's nothing more terrible than a human grudge.
 We have to be honest.

A man in a frenzy gets red eyes and unusual powers. In exchange, they lose their reason.

 That's what the man explained to me.

But Nahat retained his reason even after he fell to the demons.

There's a difference between falling into a demon tribe and having demon blood in your veins. Your former companion is no longer a human, but a demon. The only reason he was able to retain his memories and reasoning as a human was because he had extraordinary mental strength.

 Nahat at that time was driven by obsession. ...... If it had gone in a different direction, the future might have been different now.
 The man who was the doctor opened his mouth as if he suddenly remembered.

"Oh, yes. I told you that demon blood in humans can cause madness, but there is a pattern where that doesn't happen. This one.
What do you mean?
One is a person who has antibodies to demon blood. The other is if the person has demon blood in their veins.
You mean half human, half demon?
Very much so.

 The doctor nodded in response to Seira's question.

How is that possible?
It's a very rare case. If a demon and a human love each other and the human has antibodies to demon blood, it can happen.

 The man, a doctor, said.

It's actually been confirmed in some cases. They look like humans, but they have red eyes, which is typical of demons, and they have crests engraved on their bodies.
It's nice to see love transcending race. ......!

 She put her hands on her cheeks and had an enraptured look on her face.
 Perhaps she has a romantic side.
 The doctor man chuckled.

It's not that good. Humans and demons are opposites. If they were to be united and bear a child, both parent and child would be abhorred by both races. In one case I know of, the parents were torn to pieces by the demon race and the child was killed by human hands. Even if humans and demons are united, they won't be happy and won't live long.

By the time they returned to the barracks, the sun was high in the sky.

 I'd finished my report to Bolton and was heading for the mess hall.

"Hey, guys. You don't have to be at work this afternoon.

 I was surprised to hear him suddenly say that.

"What? Could it be that I'm going to be fired from ......?

 Seira was the first to raise her voice in upset.
 Then Fam said.

It's not unthinkable, given Spinoza's attitude. Maybe he's planning to get rid of all of us troublemakers at once.
"Really?" muttered Spinoza.
"Wait a minute!

 Seira put her hands on Bolton's desk and appealed.

"Mr. Spinoza is punctual, he drinks on the job, he's dirty with his money, but he's a good man!

 I'd like to know what makes him a good person.
 You're scum. I don't know.

"No, I'm a good person," Bolton said, "but that doesn't make up for my previous stain.
But if you're fired from the Guard, Mr. Spinoza will be left with nothing but debt! We may be able to find other jobs for each of us, but I don't think the socially inept Spinoza can handle anything other than the Guard!

 That was just a plain awful thing to say.

"Sayla. Did you really think that way?

 Spinoza seemed to be a little shocked. It seemed that the harsh words of the gentle Seira had stung her.
 Bolton looked up at her and broke down.

"Calm down, Seira. Nobody's going to fire you. No matter how bad he is, letting go of the ace of the Guard would be a blow.
"What? Then why in the world ......?

Don't worry. It's not a bad story. It seems that your performance in the last battle against the undead army and Nacht's group was highly regarded. The royals want to give a medal to the 5th squad of the Guard.
"A medal, sir?
Yeah. Apparently it's unusual for the order to be given to the Guards instead of the Knights.
Hmm. A medal of honor. You don't get paid for that, do you?
It's a great honor to receive a medal from royalty! I never thought we'd get one. ......
I'd rather have a gold envelope and a bottle of wine.
The difference in temperature between Sayla and Spinoza is amazing.
I think it's the difference in their education.

 I don't know.

"Well. It's not a bad thing to get. You should take it for now. As for me, I'm looking forward to seeing the Knights' frustration.

 Bolton said, a wicked smile on his face.
 In the past, the Guards were looked down upon by the knights who served the royalty and nobility, and the residents of the city had been treated poorly.

If that's the case, I'll come give you a medal.
 I said.
 Well, if you're going to give it to me, I might as well take it.

Please. --Please. Just a word of advice. You're in the presence of royalty. Don't make the mistake of being rude, okay? If you're not careful, you could end up getting your own job when you went to get a medal. I can't cover for you.

I'll be careful. I'll be careful. I'm not too sure about my manners, though. After all, I've been an adventurer before.

 Adventurers are not expected to be well-behaved at all. A strong adventurer with arrogant behavior is more respected than a polite but weak one.
 It is a world of complete meritocracy.
 Having been immersed in this world for so long, I'm probably in danger of lacking the manners that a person of my age should naturally have.

Don't worry. Don't worry, you won't be blamed unless you're a bit of an a**h*le. It's fine as long as you convey respect, even if it's poorly. If you want, ask Seira to teach you.
Yeah. She's a rarity among poorly trained guards. She's perfect in her manners. I'm sure he can behave in a manner that you would be ashamed to show him anywhere.
Oh, no. Thank you.

 I'm sorry." Seira looked uncomfortable at the praise.

I don't know where you learned to behave like that, anyway. Do you come from a good family, by any chance?
"No. I just learned it from books. I've always wanted to be a socialite. Wearing a beautiful dress and talking elegantly .......

 Seira looked at the sky with longing in her eyes. Maybe now she can see the glittering party.

"Well. You're right. No one of good birth would be a guard. Anyway, you guys. Just make sure you do it right.