We went to the royal castle to receive our medals.
 There are two walls in the royal city of Astaroth.
 One wall surrounds the entire city, which we also guard as guards. The other is a wall inside the city to protect the royal castle and the noble quarter.
 The royal family, nobles, and other high-ranking citizens are separated from us. Therefore, if you want to go to the royal castle, you have to pass through the wall.
 When I arrived at the gate, I was approached by a group of knights on guard.

"Hey. What do you guys want in the Special District?
It's not a place for guards.
"......, that's quite an insult.

 Fam muttered in disgust.

We've been summoned here by the royal castle.
We were called here by the king's castle because they offered us something called a medal.

 When Spinoza said this, the knights' faces changed.

The knights' faces changed. I'm not sure what to make of that.
You've got to be kidding me!
It's true! You'll have to check it out!
I mean... You're not listening to me. We're being awarded a medal. I guess the Order doesn't educate its members well.
Tell your superiors we're here.
...... Hold on a second.

 One of the knights runs off towards the castle. He returns a moment later. The huge gates opened noisily on both sides.

"...... is fine. Come on through.

 The knights muttered with a pained expression.

The knights muttered bitterly, "You should have just done that from the start, you idiot. Idiot.
Thank you, sir. I'm glad you understand.
But I'm coming with you just in case. You barbarian guards. You never know when you'll get the wrong idea.
I don't mind, I'm not going to do anything.

 The knights are following us as we walk.

I'm not going to do anything, so that's fine. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm sure they don't trust us as much as they should.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
"A light priestess? What the hell is that?
What's that? Don't you know her, Spinoza?
"......, you don't sound like a guard.

 Spinoza flinched at their expression. He turns to me and says.

"Zeke. Do you know about this?
"Well. Just a little bit.
Really? ......
Mr. Spinoza. You do know that the Demon Lord is sealed in the Orb of Light, right?
Yes, I do.

"It takes the same amount of power to keep a demon lord of immense power sealed away. An orb of light alone will not last for many years.

 Seira said in a soft, teacher-like tone.

I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
"By the way, it seems that the only light priestess in existence is the princess.
What does that mean? If that light priestess is killed, it's going to be very bad, isn't it?
Yes. If the princess, the priestess of light, is injured and cannot use her powers, and the orb of light falls into the hands of the enemy, the Demon Lord will be revived.
"On the contrary," I said. If the princess is safe, even if the Orb of Light is taken from her, the Demon Lord will not be resurrected.
That's right. However, if something happens to the princess and she loses her power, the power of the seal will weaken over the years.
There is a possibility that the Demon Lord will return in that case.

 Seira nodded.

"So the light maiden is more important than the orb. No wonder security is so tight. We can't afford to lose our trump card.

 I see.

"If there's only one light maiden, why don't we have more? If you have a child or something, doesn't it have power?
"Well, ....... I'm not sure if the power of the priestess of light is passed from parent to child. I heard that the princess also had an oracle from the goddess. In addition, she entered a convent as a child and acquired her powers through bloody training.
"Hmm. Goddesses are surprisingly stingy, aren't they? It's not like I need it. Why don't you just give her the power?
It's not a bargain sale. ......

 Seira gave a wry smile.

The demon tribe would be just as, if not more, interested in defeating the light maiden than they would be in the orb of light.
Yes. I think that's why everyone is overly cautious. The princess is a treasure for mankind.

 As we were talking, we had reached the royal castle.
 It was as luxurious as one would expect from a royal residence.
 There was another checkpoint here, and we were taken down a movable drawbridge. We entered the castle. The knight led me through the castle.
 Then we reached the top floor.

"Up ahead is the King's Chamber.
 The knight who was leading me said.
"Be sure not to be rude.
Mr. Spinoza. Please.
 Seira reminded Spinoza.
"I know. I'll take care of it.
...... I'm worried about you.
Yes, I am.

 I agreed with her.