44-In the tavern

 I got to the casino.
 He asked the clerk if Spinoza had visited.

"Yeah. Spinoza? He was here. He was having a fool's luck today. He was so happy he went out for a drink with his swordsman companion.

 Looks like our prediction was right on the money.
 Spinoza's guy was exactly at the casino.
 It was a pattern of behavior as faithful as a moth to a light.

"...... But I didn't expect to win. That's unusual.
But now you've got one more place to go. Now that he's got the money, there's only one place he can go.

 We thanked the shopkeeper and headed for Spinoza's favorite tavern.
 We heard that the other taverns had been banned, so we were pretty sure it was here. As he reached the front of the tavern, he could hear a commotion inside.
 When I opened the swinging door, I found that there was a party going on inside.
 The place was full of social misfits who were drinking in the middle of the day.

It's my treat today! Drink to your heart's content!
"Yeah, yeah, yeah!

 The most prominent sociopaths are the ones who encourage and lead the sociopaths.
 It was none other than Spinoza.
 Beside him was Seira.
 Seira watched as Spinoza emptied one mug after another.

"Mr. Spinoza! We're working now! We'd better get back! I'm working now! Let's get back to work!" He was trying to persuade Spinoza by pulling on her arm.
 But Spinoza didn't seem to want to move. He had just emptied his mug when he noticed us.

"Oh! It's Zeke!

 Spinoza comes up to me, smiling and in a good mood.
 Her cheeks are slightly flushed and her eyes are moist as she stares at me.
 It's not as if she's having romantic feelings for me. It's just that he's drunk as a skunk.

"Mr. Zeke! Oh, no! It's ......!
"No, Seira. It's okay. I know exactly what's going on.

 I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that.

"Spinoza. You seem to be in a very good mood.

 I said sarcastically.
 I'm not the kind of guy who shows a little remorse by doing that.

"Whoa? You see? Heh heh heh. I actually won a rare stupid game today! The sun was on my side!

 Spinoza rubbed the bridge of his nose in triumph.
 He was taking sarcasm seriously. You're invincible.

I guess I've been doing this a long time. Anyway, have a seat. Let's drink. I'll buy you all drinks today.
"......, I thought you had a bill for every bar you went to. If you buy everyone a drink, you won't be able to pay back the bill.

 Pham said in disgust.

'Don't worry about it. We'll just have to win again.
 It was a typical remark of a loser.
"......, you're looking at a classic example of someone who's going to ruin himself.
I mean, do you even know you're on duty right now?
"Don't be so formal. Don't be so hard on yourself. Life is all about having fun, right? Let's live life to the fullest now.
Why is your outlook on life leading you to slack off?

 I thought we were supposed to live life to the fullest now.

There was a demon attack while you were gone.

 Fam says, stinging.

You're a small fish, aren't you? Zeke can take care of that. I'm not going to burn unless I'm up against something bigger.
"Big or small, it's the job of the guards to come running. It's the job of the guards to rush to the scene, whether it's a big guy or a small guy. You can't just not fight because you don't feel like it.

 When I looked at Spinoza, she seemed to be pressured.

"Hey, hey. I got it. I'll be careful.

 She reluctantly promised to comply with my request.

Take care.
Thank you.
And make sure you pay the bill back to the store.
When you win again at the casino," Spinoza said, holding his wallet upside down. You'll be out of money for the day.

 "I've already spent all my winnings today.

"Mr. Zeke. Mr. Zeke, what happened to Mr. Spinoza was out of my control. I should have warned her in a stronger tone and brought her back from the casino. ......!

 Seira bows to me. I'm sure she's bowed to others more times than she's bowed to herself.
 I can't help but feel pity for her.

"Oh well. Just be careful next time. Rather than ......, this is my mistake for putting Seira on Spinoza.

 She has a strong sense of responsibility and is kind-hearted enough to be there for others, but she is not strict enough to discipline others.
 She indulges them too much.
 This is where people like Spinoza take advantage of him.

"Let's go back to the barracks. I've got to report to Commander Bolton. Hey. How long are you drinking? Let's go.

 I pull Spinoza's arm to stand him up. Just as I was about to leave the tavern with Seira and Fumm.
 I heard what sounded like an explosion from out front.


 We gasped and went outside the store to see what was going on.
 People from the city were running away. As we followed the flow, we looked to the right of the street and saw a huge man screaming and raging.
 He was swinging his arms like logs, destroying everything in sight.

I don't think he's drunk.

 Something is wrong with him.
 He's definitely out of his mind, but his strength is uncommon. It's as if the shackles of humanity have been removed...

"Mr. Zeke! Look at him! His eyes are red!

 Seira pointed and shouted.

 The eyes of the rampaging man were familiar.
 It was .......
 It was similar to the one that appeared when Nahat fell to the demons.

You mean he's also fallen to the demons?
How could he do this to ...... me?

 The man beside me had a pale expression on his face.

What do you know about him?
"Me and him are drinking buddies. We were having a nice lunch earlier. We were having a nice lunch, and then he suddenly changed and went berserk. ......

 Then the guy said, as if he remembered.

That's right. He had been drinking wine. He drank the whole bottle and after a while his eyes started to turn red.
"Oh, come on. You can't drink alcohol and get drunk.
Spinoza. That's very convincing coming from you.
But that's not a drunken rampage. ...... Maybe there was something in the drink?
What do you mean, like ...... some kind of weird drug?
That's a possibility.

 I don't know if that's the direct cause, but I'll have to look into it later.
 Either way, it's going around destroying the city. We can't leave it like that. The moment I turned my feet toward the man to stop him.
 Spinoza held out his hand to block my path.

"General. I'll take care of this. I just wanted to sober up. I'll do the work I skipped.

Are you gonna be okay on your own?
Don't underestimate him. Don't underestimate me. I can take on a small fish like that with one arm.

 With that, Spinoza snapped her fingers and walked toward the rampaging man. Her gait was a bit staggered.
 The man's eyes caught sight of Spinoza's approaching form. He found a new target to destroy and came at her with a beastly yell.
 A heavy blow from his log-like arm.
 But Spinoza catches it easily with one hand. The upset man tries to push his fist in, but it doesn't budge.

"Huh. That's not much. That's not much. You got balls? Oh well. Now it's my turn.

 Spinoza snorted and swung his free right arm.
 The man sensed the danger and tightened his guard with both arms.
 The next moment.


 With a shout from the man, a straight right hand with all his strength went through the man's guard like a bullet and hit him in the face.
 It was a blow that concentrated all of his strength into a single point.
 The man's body slammed into the stone wall as if he had been hit. As he fell to the ground, he blew bubbles with the whites of his eyes.

"d*mn. In the end, I used both my arms.

 Spinoza clicked his tongue briefly and spat on the ground.

"Well, but it's done.

 She then turned to me and chuckled.

Ms. Spinoza, you're amazing. ......!
"You fight like a savage. You're like a gorilla.

 Seira looks at him with envy, and Fam mutters in disgust.
 He's always late in the morning, and he's always skipping his rounds.
 In addition, he's an alcoholic and a gambler.
 The reason why she is still in the guard is because of her undeniable ability, although she would be fired immediately if she were not.