He was taken to a prison by the Knights.
 The prison, which used to be a fortress, is surrounded by a deep moat and heavily guarded, and it is said that escape is impossible.
 The only entrance to the prison is a drawbridge in front of the prison.
 At that time, all weapons and armor were confiscated. He was made to change into a prison uniform. Locks were placed on both hands.
 You are taken to a small room inside the prison.
 It was a torture room.
 Used instruments such as a pasteboard and a carousel sit around. Reddish-black stains were caked on the iron walls.
"I've been waiting for you.
 Waiting for me was a blonde woman dressed in vintage fashion. In her hand she clutched a black cowhide whip.
I'm Tiara, your torturer. I've been assigned to torture you. I'm counting on you.
"That's very polite.
 I said.
"I thought torturers were supposed to be rough.
"Hmm. I'm from a noble family. I'm from a noble family. You must have a lot of class. You have a different aura than the lowly.
Huh. Why is a man of noble birth a torturer?
 A torturer is a backroom job, a hated profession.
 It's not a job that aristocrats would willingly take.
 To answer my question, the knights beside me said.
"Miss Tiara is a sadist to the nth degree. When she was at home, she used to torment the servants.
She used to collar and leash her naked male servants and take them for walks in the streets.

She also trained the man she was engaged to, a nobleman, in such a way that the head of the family couldn't have enough of her, so he arranged for her to become a jailer.
"Then it seemed to be a vocation for Tiara. She's been working as a jailer in this prison ever since.
 She's quite a freak.
I wouldn't want to have anything to do with him.
Oh. That's not very nice. But since you're a prisoner, you're going to have a lot to do with me.
 Tierra said.
"There's no one I can't get to give me information. There is no one I can't get to give me information, even if they are a stone.
I'm innocent. There's nothing to get him to talk.
Hmm. Let's see how long you can keep that up. --I've spent my entire life trying to bring men like you to their knees.
He's not listening to me at all. ......
 It didn't look like we could have a conversation.
 I was undressed and stripped to my upper body, and my hands and feet were bound by shackles on an x-shaped board, leaving me in a defenseless position.
 Tiara stood in front of me with a cowhide whip in her hand. She licks her tongue and flicks the whip with both hands. and pulled the whip with both hands.
 The knights who were watching her paled.
"Well. We're going to have to excuse ourselves.
I'm sure you'll agree that Tiara's torture is too severe to watch. ....... They say once you've been there, you're traumatized for life.
 He quickly left the torture chamber.
"Oh. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

"Well - let's get started.
 Tiara swung the whip with such force that it struck my upper body.
 A dry sound rang out loudly.
 I frowned, and Tiara's eyes lit up with pleasure.
"Hmm. It's an excruciating pain, isn't it? I know the human body inside and out. I know exactly where to strike to cause pain.
 He swung the whip again and flicked it.
"Hahahaha! It hurts so much you can't even speak!
 Tiara's eyes were blazing.
 She's breathing hard.
 The whip is clenched ...... as if she can't contain her ecstasy.
"Mmmm. The sooner you confess, the better off you'll be. --I'm not going to stop torturing you if you tell me.
 If that's the case, isn't there any advantage to giving up the information? If you're going to be tortured either way, it's not a deal.
"Ahhhh, ......! Why is it so much fun to violate others? I can feel every cell in my body rejoicing. ......!
 Tiara is twitching and twitching with a pouting look on her face.
 Her eyes are completely blown out.
 This guy is completely personalizing torture. ....... I'm sure you're just trying to whip him rather than make him give up information.
 --Oh well. Let's get lost in thought while we can.

 The Orb of Light was stolen by someone. And he pinned the blame on me. By leaving my cage in the treasury.
 My cage was in my room until last night.
 If that's the case, someone broke into my room and took it.
 The room itself is open to anyone.
 Because I didn't lock the door.
 Partly because I don't have any money worth stealing, and partly because the fifth squad often visits my room.
 Last night I had a fam under my bed.
 She might have seen the intruder.
 I stopped speaking earlier because of the possibility of being held for perjury, but I'll have to talk to her again.
She's been quiet since a while ago. Is it possible that you're dead? The torture has only just begun.
 Tiara's high-pitched voice sounded as if she was unhappy with my thoughtless, thoughtless attitude.
I'm not going to be worth the torture if you don't purr more. Come on! Chirp like a newborn baby!
 But even if I wanted to talk to Femme, there was no way to contact her in prison. Gregor would never allow me to see him.
 I wish there was a way to contact the outside world from the prison.
"Hey, you!
 "Hey, you!" Tiara shouted in a piercing voice.
"You haven't said a word to me for a while now! Can you hear me? I will not allow you to die yet!
"Shut up. You're interrupting my thoughts.   

 I guess she didn't expect me to say it back.
 Tiara was taken aback by my words. Her mouth opened and closed pathetically, like a small fish waiting to be fed.
 Her pride as a noble and a torturer.
 Her pride as an aristocrat and a torturer were both hurt, and she peeled her eyes open.
Do you understand your position? You are a prisoner! You are a prisoner, and you will not be allowed to talk back to me, your torturer!
 The cowhide whip burst into flames.
 One after another, the whip was driven into my body like a rainstorm. After the rain stopped, Tiara smiled as she watched me droop.
"Hmmm... Now you finally understand your place, don't you?
"Yes," I said, looking up. I looked up at him and said, "When is this torture going to end, by the way? I'm thirsty and could use some water.
It's not working.
 It's not working.
 As soon as she realized that, Tiara reflexively cracked the whip.
I'm sure you're not the only one. I'm afraid I might accidentally kill you.
It's not that I'm holding back. I just don't need to be patient. --You can't kill me.
 I laugh provocatively.
You didn't speak up, you just didn't have to.
 Tiara peels her eyes back and bites her lip as if she's going to bite it off. She bites her lip as if she's going to bite it off. Red blood pours from her thick lips.

"What? You've got some human blood in you," I said. I thought you had demon blood in your veins.
 I thought you had demon blood in your veins." Tiara's expression of humiliation eventually relaxed.
"Hmm. Let's do this.
 She held up a finger as if she had come up with the perfect prank.
If you don't open up, I'll arrest your friends and hurt them. Maybe they will.
What did you say?
You've finally changed your mind. Hahaha! That's what I'm talking about! It seems you finally understand who's on top.
 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.
I'm going to slaughter your friends right in front of you. I will slaughter your people right in front of your eyes, with such ferocity that it will hurt to be alive.
 As soon as I heard her words, my mind went blank.
 The blood in my body boiled.
 I could feel the rage rising up in me.
 The next thing I knew, I was tearing off the shackles that had been placed on my hands and feet.
 Tiara's eyes widened in astonishment.
 I grabbed her by the neck and lifted her up by her body.
 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.
I'm not sure what to do.
 The impact caused a lump of air to leak from Tiara's mouth.
"I don't care how much you hurt me. But--
 I put my face close to hers.

You mess with my people. I'll have no mercy for you. I'll have no trouble breaking your thin neck.
 He said, making his voice sound softer.
 I put pressure on my hand gripping her neck. His fingertips dig into her skin.
 The blood drained from Tiara's face, and she turned white, nodding like a broken doll. She struggled to escape the restraints of my hands, flapping her legs in the air.
"No. ...... Let me go, please. ......! Please ......!
 Tiara begged desperately for her life.
 When I let go of her hand, she landed on her buttocks on the stone floor. Holding her red, swollen neck with both hands, she coughed bitterly with tears in her eyes.
 A pungent smell hit her nose. Liquid was spreading at her feet. She was apparently incontinent, driven by fear.
 There was none of her previous bravado.
 She had aged rapidly, as if she had become an old woman.
 I gave her a pitying look, broke my gaze, and turned on my heel.
"Where are you ......?
 Tiara asked in a voice I could barely squeeze out.
 I turned around.
 I saw her body jump with a jolt.
I've had enough of this charade for one day. I'm going back to my cell. Go get the knights.
"......, yes.