Then the guards took me to a cell.
 I was imprisoned in a special wing at the top of the prison. There were no other cells around me, and I was alone in the vastness of the cell.
 The guard said...
"This is the wing that holds the most serious criminals in the prison. The cage is so strong that even a rampaging dragon could not break it.
 So they say.
 They're treating you very well.
 Well, that's to be expected when you're accused of stealing the Orb of Light. It's no wonder he's accused of treason, not just against the nation, but against humanity.
But you're busy.
 There's nothing in the cell, of course.
 Normally there would be a guard, but there was no one around the prison because the prisoners might take the key.
 Thanks to this, I couldn't even talk to them.
 Since I had nothing to do, I decided to do some muscle training. I was standing on my head with one finger and had completed about a hundred finger push-ups.
 I heard a sound in the dark, unpopulated special building.
 --Who is it?
 The sun should be going down soon.
 Could it be the guards bringing in a meal?
 --Prison food. I wouldn't expect it to taste good. But at least I'll have some protein to keep me going.
 But I don't hear footsteps anymore.
 Strange. I thought they were heading this way.
 Was it my imagination? 
 But then I saw a figure standing in front of my cell.
"You're .......
Hey. You work out in prison? It's good for the soul.

 As it turns out, it wasn't a guard.
 He wasn't supposed to be here.
 Standing in front of the prison was Fam.
 Dressed in black, she was a small woman who blended in with the darkness, and there was no sign of her. It was as if she was right in front of me, but not there.
"Why are you here?
Because I'm your shadow.
I'm told this prison is heavily guarded.
I wouldn't underestimate you. Don't underestimate me, it's an easy mission for me.
 Pham said.
"I've been stalking you every day in anticipation of something like this.
Don't give stalking a big name.
 It's just a hobby.
Though I was supposed to arrive undetected, only to be spotted by the guards in front of the special wing.
Isn't that a problem?
Don't worry. He'll be dreaming by now.
 They've neutralized him.
 That noise might have been the sound of an argument.
So? You didn't just come to check on me, did you?
 Femme gave a small nod.
I'm here to break you out of jail.
"...... Not even close. I'll prove my innocence before I leave here. If you break out now, there's a chance you'll be charged with a crime.
"If it's a crime, it's already a crime. You've already broken into a prison cell.
You can't prove guilt if you haven't been found.
Actually, I don't have time for this. Zeke. After you were captured, a demon invaded King's Landing.

Yeah. It's as if it's been waiting for you to leave.
 The timing is too good to be coincidence.
 Maybe someone's behind it. I don't know the truth. All I know for sure is that demons are attacking King's Landing.
 And then Femme said something that surprised me even more.
"To make matters worse, the demons have already invaded King's Landing.
"What the ......?
 Does that mean they've breached the gates?
What about the Guardsmen? They must have intercepted them. And then there are the Knights," he said, and a bad feeling came over him.
"You mean they've all been killed?
 I'm not sure.
I'm not sure what to make of it. They've suddenly gone berserk. Just like that adventurer we met before.
 Fam's words caused a ripple in the fountain of memories.
 An adventurer man with red eyes.
 He was a red-eyed adventurer who was completely insane and rampaging, exhibiting extraordinary strength. He was completely insane and rampaging.
While the Guards were suppressing the outburst of the Knights, the demons attacked. That's why they broke through without enough manpower.
 False accusations against me. The demon invasion. And the knights are out of control.
...... What's going on in King's Landing right now?
"I don't know.
 Femme said.

I just thought it was a bad idea. I came to tell you what's going on. I want you to leave your cell and fight with us.
 Now that the Orb of Light has been stolen, if anything happens to Sonia, the priestess of light, the Demon Lord's seal on the orb will be broken.
 And her friends are still fighting the demons.
 Originally, I was going to clear my name before I left.
 But now it's urgent.
 We can't just sit in our cells and watch.
 I have to help.
All right.
 And I decided to get out of here.
 Femme nodded.
I'll unlock the door. Just give me a minute. I'm good at picking locks. I think I can get it open in less than a minute.
"No, not even close.
 Every minute is precious right now.
 There's no time to wait.
 I walked up to the cage and tightened my grip on the bars.
...... Are you going to destroy the cage directly? I've heard that the cages in this special wing are so sturdy that they won't break even if a dragon runs amok.
Yes, they are. But no matter. --Ahhhh!
 He pulled his arms to the left and right with all his might.
 The vertical grid is bent into a distorted shape.
 I'm not sure what to do.
 I walked through the gap with ease.
...... I'm surprised. I didn't think you could force open a cage. I think you could arm wrestle a dragon and win.

"You're overestimating it.
 I said.
"Let's go. The others are waiting.