It was an afternoon, two days later.
 The sky was a perfect shade of blue.
 It was almost eerie. Not a speck of cloud from corner to corner.
 We, the 5th squad, had finished our morning patrol and were returning to the barracks. We were catching our breath. A calm time was flowing there.


 As if to break the calm, a loud alarm sounded. A tone that drew out a physiological disgust.

It's them! The demons are attacking!

 From the outside came the almost angry shouts of the guards.
 It must have come from the watchtowers on the stone walls surrounding the city.
 Tension instantly filled the air.
 Commander Bolton announced to the guards in the barracks.

"Good. All hands. Get into position!

 With that order, the guards scattered.
 Our position was the same as in the previous battle against the undead. At the front gate. The first place we had to defend in battle.
 Naturally, it's going to be a fierce battle with a lot of danger.
 Last time, it was just the four of us from the 5th squad that defended it. This time, however, the guards from the other squads were to join us.
 As they say...

"Zeke and his men fought well last time with only four men. I thought it was kind of cool to see them do that.
"We started out with ideals, too. We wanted to protect the treasure and the people of the city. We wanted to fight for the good of the world and the people.

But as I worked, I forgot how it felt. I've been working so long I've forgotten how it feels. ......
"Let us fight with you. "Let us fight with you to protect what is important.
 "Let us fight with you.
 The guards all looked serious. They looked different from when I first met them. They had the resolve of warriors.

"Zeke. I'm counting on you.
 Commander Bolton called out to him.
"......, I know it's hard to fight your old comrades.
No, sir. I'm ready for it.

 I'm a member of the city guard.
 I'm a guard of this city, and I'll beat down anyone who poses a danger to the people of King's Landing without mercy. Even if it's a former comrade.

"Zeke. We're coming with you.
I think we can be of some help.
...... Haruna. Irene.

 Haruna and Irene told me.

"He may be a jerk, but he's been fighting with us all along. We have to stop him.
It would be irresponsible to leave him out there.
It's a dangerous fight.
I'm prepared for that. Do you have any idea how many death rays we've been through? I'm not gonna die.
And if it comes to that, Zeke will protect you.

 Haruna and Irene smiled thinly. I could feel their trusting eyes on me, even as they braced themselves for death.

I felt their trust in me. Let's just blow them all away and have a victory party. Let's just blow 'em all to hell and have a victory party. We'll drink a lot of free booze on the town's dime.
 Spinoza slams his fist into his palm and smirks.
 His whole body is full of energy. His whole body is full of energy, and he seems to be ready to go.
"Uh-huh. I'm sorry, but I can't give you the MVP title. I'm going to play a big part in this fight and let Zeke pat me on the head as a reward.
 Fam was motivated by the carrot dangling in front of him. By the way, I never said I would do that.
"Mr. Zeke. Let's go!
 Seira reaches out her hand to me.


 I nodded to my friends and stepped forward. I stepped forward and hurried to the gate to stop my former comrades.
 I made it to the gate.
 After a while, he could see the shadows of countless demons in the distance.
 The one leading them.
 He had two horns on his head and a crest engraved on his swollen, muscular body. An outpouring of magic power rose up like a mirage.
 He's changed, but there's no doubt about it.
 He was Nacht, my former companion.


"...... Zeke. I finally found you.

 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.

 It was a smile like a crescent moon, dominated by an evil emotion.
 The smile on his face, which seemed to be relaxed, disappeared as soon as he saw those who were mixed in with the guards behind Zeke.

 --That's ...... Haruna and Irene? I thought I had failed to kill them, but they had escaped to the city of Astaroth?

 Why did they choose this place when there were other places to run? 
 I can only think of one reason.
 It's because of Zeke's guy.

 After failing the A-grade mission, those two said.
"Hey. Can't we just go to Zeke now and ask him to come back? Of course, I don't think he'll forgive us. ....... I'm not sure what to make of that. It's not like we can do it alone.

 After fleeing for their lives from Nacht, they relied on Zeke to come to this city. And the fact that they are together suggests that they have been forgiven.

"...... You've got to be kidding me! I'm not sure what to make of that. You've chosen Zeke over me, haven't you?

 Nahat was proud to be superior to Zeke in every way.
 He was just a stepping stone for him and a mockery.
 So, after toying with him a lot, he got tired of him and threw him away.
 Nacht felt no emotion when he kicked Zeke out of the party. He even laughed at the fact that he was now alone.
 That's why Nahat couldn't forgive him.
 That's why Nacht couldn't forgive them for hiding out with Zeke.

"...... won't allow it. It's not just Zeke. Haruna and Irene. I'm going to burn them all to the ground and kill everyone in this town.