40-The difference between the two

"Don't worry. I'm on your side.

 That day, in an alleyway in the city of Esthar.
 The man said to Nahat.

"Don't you want to get back at all those people who made fun of you? I'll give you the power to do it.

 Who was this man in front of me? Is it safe to trust him? Is it safe to trust him?
 All the thoughts that came to mind popped like bubbles and disappeared.
 Nahat let the black emotions take over his words.

 He could feel a dark shadow overtaking his mind. But he did not resist. Nahat had no more fetters to hold him back.

 The power he had been given was more than he could ever hope for.
 What he had been was a temporary form, and now he had finally regained his true form. I was immersed in a feeling of omniscience and omnipotence, as if I had been reborn.

 I attacked the city, letting the rage simmering in my chest grow black.
 I burned down everything I hated.
 The adventurer's guild. The adventurer's guild, the adventurer's scum who talked behind my back. And the townspeople who say whatever they want about the fallen Red Fang.
 I erased everything I didn't like.
 I couldn't stand the pleasure.
 The way those who didn't recognize me succumbed to the overwhelming power.
 It felt like the pus in my chest was melting away.

 But it's not enough. It's not enough.
 I have to kill them to end this rage.
 Haruna and Irene who gave up on me.
 And that one above all.

 Zeke, the one who got you into this mess.
 Until I kill them all, there will be no peace in my heart.

 After the destruction of the city of Esthar, the man who gave Nacht his power appeared again, this time asking him to attack the city of Astaroth. He said he wanted us to destroy the Orb of Light, the wedge that seals the Demon Lord, because it is enshrined there.
 Needless to say, Nahato was planning to attack the city of Astaroth. This is not an auspicious story of awakening to the pride of being a demon.
 It's because the city of Astaroth has Zeke.
 I've heard rumors that he's active in the city guard. As a gatekeeper, he is said to have repelled the advance of the undead army with a small force.

 ...... completely destroyed the city Zeke was guarding. Not a single building or person was left standing. I'll make him realize how helpless he is, and then I'll kill him in despair.

 So I've decided to gather up the demons and attack the city of Astaroth.

 --There's no one in the world who can stand against me now. I'm going to take everything that Zeke has defended and trample it down.

 That's what Nacht thought before the fight. This isn't a fight, it's a one-sided overrun. A show where Zeke and the others would just be tortured.
 Once the battle actually began, he realized that things were different.
 The demons that Nacht had sent could not penetrate the city at all.
 They were all blocked by the guards at the gates and the knights on the stone walls surrounding the city.

"Master Nacht! I have a report! We attempted to enter the city from the western airspace, but we were blocked by the ambushers and failed!
Our troops were also wiped out! I, too, have been wiped out!
It seems that all of our moves have been read!

 The demons under my command are sending me communication spells one after another.
 But none of them are good news, only bad news.
 I tried to contact them again, but many of them were unable to connect.

 It's probably already been done.

"d*mn it, ......! What the hell is going on ......?

 Nahat's command had been read by the enemy.
 It was as if they could see into his mind.

 --Are there any insiders among the demons? No, no. If there is, I'll know it. It's reading my hand.

 By whom? 
 I don't think Haruna or Irene can lead.
 If that's the case...

Zeke. ......!

 I've fought with him many times before.
 It would not be surprising if he knew Nacht's thoughts and command system. But it was an unbearable humiliation to be in Zeke's complete control.

"You guys! Don't be afraid! Kill him! Kill them!

 I commanded the demons under my command. However, the demons' attacks are completely blocked by Zeke, who stands at the forefront.

"You idiot! Don't just go after Zeke! Go after the others first! Kill those in the rear guard first!
"No! He's the only one I can focus on!
If you try to target anyone else, they'll absorb the attack!
"Guh ......!

 Nahat listened to the reports of the demons and remembered something.

 When Zeke was still a member of the Red Lotus Fang. He felt that all the enemies he was fighting in the dungeon were only targeting him. Even though they were the ones attacking him. He only paid attention to the guy who was just standing there.

 ...... So you're saying that was his skill. It's not just standing there, it's taking all of the enemy's attacks by itself.

 It's a good idea to take a look at the actual information on the web.
 Their appearance was reminiscent of the Red Lotus Fang of old.
 The words of the adventurers crossed my mind.

"It's only after one of our members left that we started to decline, right? I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
I'm sure the Red Lotus Fang people fired him, right? I'm not sure what to make of it.

 The words of Haruna and Irene are going through my mind.

'He was the key to the party after all. The only reason we were able to fight was because he was able to catch the enemy's attacks.
That's right. I think so too. I didn't realize it until he was gone.

 You've got to be kidding. That's not true.
 But .......
 I'm not sure what to make of that.

 --So our ...... [Red Lotus Fang] breakthrough was all thanks to him? Are you saying that I was just a clown ......?

I'm not sure what to say. Is your body okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
Huh. You're good. Just hang in there a little longer. Then we'll take out all the demons.

"Spinoza. I'm counting on you.
"Thanks to their eyes on you, they're all vulnerable. It'll be fun to get an arrow between their eyes.
Fumm. Keep up the good work.
Thanks to Eleanor's leadership of the Knights, the stone walls are well guarded. Not a single demon has entered.
I'll have to thank her later.
I'm sure she'll be pleased.
We can't afford to lose her! Irene! Let's go for it!
Yes! We can't lose to the 5th squad, too! Keep going! We've got to wipe out those demons to protect the capital!
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Nahat couldn't stand the sight that unfolded in front of him.
 Every single one of them was so alive. If you have any questions regarding where and how to get the best results, you can call us at our website.
 ...... makes me want to vomit. I can't help but feel a tingle of blackness inside my chest.

"Hey, you guys! "Hey, you guys! Fight like you mean it! Show me you're ready to go toe to toe!
You can't! There's no way you can win now! I don't want to die in vain! I'm getting off here!

"You're on your own after that!
Ah! You guys! Wait for me!

 The demons were retreating one by one, despite Nahat's instructions. He called out to them, but their minds had already been awakened.
 There was no one left around Nahato. He became isolated.
 Zeke is surrounded by many people. They trust him.
 When he had kicked Zeke out of the party, he had completely disrespected him, but now he found himself in the position of being completely disrespected.

"Not yet ......! It's not over yet: ......! If only I could kill him: ......! If we can kill him, the demons will come back and we'll have a chance to win. ......!