11-a gang of robbers

 A little over a week has passed since then.
 Mr. Lambda continued to harass me in small ways, but none of them were particularly unbearable for me.
 I had been treated much worse when I was at the party.
 The guards would say to me.

The guards told me, "You're the best newcomer I've seen in a week. Everyone else turns tail and runs away after a day or three.

 He seemed to be surprised.
 This job's retention rate is too bad.
 By this time, I was able to do all the work by myself.
 Checkpoints as a gatekeeper, guarding the city walls, patrolling the city as a night watchman. An unintended byproduct of Mr. Lambda's constant pressuring of me to do things.

"d*mn. I'm amazed at how quickly you learn.

 Commander Bolton complimented me on it.

With you, maybe we'll catch the robbers.
Yeah. Before you came, there were a lot of robberies in the capital. Maybe it's because we don't have enough manpower, but they always get under the radar of the guards. Because of that, we're on the verge of being beaten up by the people of the city for being tax thieves.

 Commander Bolton sighed and said.

But, Zeke. I'm sure you'll be able to catch them if you're around. ...... I'm buying you even though it looks like I am.

 I want to live up to your expectations, but it's going to be difficult without a foothold for them.
 And today I was working as a gatekeeper at a checkpoint.
 Checking the identities of incoming guests.
 As the sun was setting, a group of travelers arrived.
 Just as I was about to head for the checkpoint...

"Mr. Zeke. I'll take care of this.

 Unusually, Mr. Lambda was the first to leave.

"Yes, sir.

 I replied, and let her handle the checkpoint.
 Within a few minutes, the censorship of the traveling party was over.
 They were heading for the city.
 I couldn't help but call out to Mr. Lambda.

"That was pretty fast, wasn't it?
"What? Really?
They didn't have permits, did they? If they didn't have permits, shouldn't we check them against the wanted list that came from the other cities?
Don't worry. Don't worry about it. They've been here a few times before. They've been here a few times before and they didn't cause any problems.
But it's better to be safe than sorry.
Don't worry. I'll take full responsibility. I'll take full responsibility. ...... And it's not good for you, a junior, to be questioning my methods.

 I felt uncomfortable with the words that came out of Lambda-san, who was far from the word "responsibility", but I thought it was useless to pursue the matter any further.
 I decided to withdraw from the situation.
 As the sun was setting, the bell rang to signal the end of the day.
 But this is not the end of our work.
 We had to continue our work as night watchmen today. It seems that Mr. Lambda has taken over the shift of the other guards.

"Well. Zeke. Shall we go to the night watch?
Are you coming with us today, Mr. Lambda?
Oh, come on. You make it sound like I'm always slacking off. I'm doing this for your education.

 I guess you could say that.
 Not as if. You're always slacking off.

 We're going to patrol the streets at night.
 We take the torches and walk around the city at night to see if there are any suspicious people. There have been a lot of robberies lately, so we have to be careful.

"Mr. Zeke. Shall we go to this alley next?

 Mr. Lambda led me into the alley.
 The place was shrouded in darkness, and there was no light except for the moonlight and the torch in my hand. It was as still as the bottom of the sea, unseen by anyone.
 Just as I was about to step out into the alleyway.

 ...... This is... Is there anyone else here besides us?

 I sensed the presence of people in the area.
 The next moment, a black shadow came flying out of the shadows. It was holding a dagger in its hand, and it was trying to stab at me.
 The tip of the sword runs through the darkness, illuminated by the moonlight.
 I'm sure you've heard of it.

"...... ducked?

 The other side's eyes widened at my reaction speed.
 When I was about to pull out the sword at my waist to intercept him.
 I felt a strong shock on my back.
 A little later, I realized that I had been slashed from behind.

--That's ridiculous. There was no sign of anyone else. Did he move instantly? If so, it's weird that I can't react at all.
 No, no. Okay.
 I wasn't cut down by an enemy that came out of nowhere. The guy who was behind me from the start slashed at me.

 I look behind me and see Mr. Lambda standing there with a grin on his face. He was looking down at me on the ground.

"Mr. Lambda ......, what are you doing?
"Mr. Zeke. You're going to die here today.

 Mr. Lambda's mouth twisted up in a smile.
 Behind him stood three black shadows. Their faces were familiar, raised by the moonlight.

"These are the ...... of ...... daytime.

 They were a group of travelers who had come during the day.

There's been a lot of robberies in town lately, haven't there? These are the guys who did it. I'm the one who's been pulling their strings.

 Mr. Lambda's tone was buoyant, perhaps because of the night.

In exchange for my help, they pay me a portion of the money they get. We're both driven by common interests.

 I see. No wonder I can't find any clues to the killer.
 With Mr. Lambda's help, we can figure out the gaps in security and lead the guards to another location.

"...... do you know what you're doing?
Of course I do. Mr. Zeke. You can't live in this world by being nice. If you're not a taker, you're a taker.

 Mr. Lambda laughed, as if he were drunk.

"You've gone too far. You got carried away and now you're going to die. I'll tell the Commander that you ran away because you couldn't handle the hard work.

 Maybe, I thought.
 Maybe some of the new recruits who have left so far have been erased by Lambda. He's been burying people he doesn't like.

 I thought it was a good possibility.  

"...... lambda. I think you've got the wrong idea.

 I said.
 Lambda sniffed mockingly.

"Misunderstanding? What the hell am I mistaken about?
"That I'm not the one who ends up here. It's not me that ends up here, it's you.

 I said, kneeling on the ground and standing up.
 When I looked at Lambda, he had a look of shock on his face.

"What ......? That's ridiculous. ....... You can't stand up. ......! I'm pretty sure I cut my back. You should barely be able to move. ......!
I'm sure you can barely move. !" "A man who can't do a single thing wrong without relying on others won't be able to use a sling. Don't you understand that?

 I pulled the sword from my waist this time.

I used to obey you because you were my boss, but now that I know you're a scoundrel, it's different.

 Then he raises the tip of his sword to his face and says.

I'm the guard of the city, and I'm going to take you down for joining the villains who threaten the city. I'll go easy on you, so be prepared.