67-Wang Capital Flame

After leaving the suburban jail, I headed towards the city center.
What the hell is this ......?
 The capital was overrun by demons.
 The demons were wreaking havoc. Buildings in the city were destroyed, people were running for cover, and fires were raging everywhere.
 I saw the guards confronting the demons.
 But they were outnumbered.
 The guard was cornered by the spider demon against the wall. He was wounded, and the tip of the spear in his hand was already broken.
 The moment the spider demon opened its large mouth and tried to prey on the guards.
 The body of the spider demon was cut in half.
 Purple bodily fluids splattered all around.
 The fluid was stuck to the body of the guard who peeked out from the back of the split spider. His terrified eyes caught sight of me as I drew my sword.
"Zeke, ......?
It looks like you made it.
Why are you here, ......? I thought you were supposed to be in jail!
We'll talk about this later. Where's the rest of them?
"Oh, yeah.
 The guards regained their composure.
The guards regained their composure and said, "They're evacuating the people of the city and intercepting the demons. But there are too many of them and we're being overwhelmed. I'm glad you're joining us. ......!
"Leave it to me. I'll protect you. I'll protect the light maiden, the people of the city, and you. --How's your wounded body doing?
I'm fine. I'm injured, but I can make it to the infirmary on my own. But you need to get to the castle as soon as possible.

"At the Royal Castle?
 The guards nodded.
"The demons are invading the royal castle where the light maiden is. Spinoza, Seira and the others are defending it, but the limit is near!
"Yeah. I understand.
 I nodded and ran off with Fam.
 The corpses of demons were lying in the street.
 A giant worm monster crawled out of the alley. When it noticed us, it swung its huge body and attacked us.
"d*mn it. I'm in a hurry.
 Just as I was about to draw my sword from its sheath and intercept it.
 A fireball was shot into the body of the worm demon. Then, as it cowered, a wind-like arrow pierced its head.
 The worm demon sank to the ground.
 I looked in the direction the fireball and arrow had come from.
 And there stood Haruna and Irene, my former comrades. When they saw me, they looked at me in surprise.
"Zeke! You're safe!
I was so worried when I heard you got caught.
I'm fine," he smiles. I'm okay," he smiles. "I'm glad you're okay, too. Are you the ones who were lying in the street?
"Yes. My magic isn't too old yet, is it?
We were part of the Red Lotus Fang, even if we were rotten. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

"Besides, this town gave us our start. We should repay them a little.
 Haruna said.
"We'll be responsible for protecting the people around here. Zeke. You should concentrate on what you have to do.
 Haruna gave a thumbs up.
 Haruna gives a thumbs-up and Irene gives a peace sign.
"Hey... Haruna. Aren't we looking pretty good right now? We're giving off a pretty cool vibe, aren't we?
It'd be better if you didn't say that.
I'm sorry, both of you. Thank you.
 I thank them and head towards the main road. Thanks to the girls' efforts to hold me back, I didn't get stuck.
 On the way, I talk to Fam, who's running alongside me.
"Femme. You said it earlier. Aren't you afraid of being betrayed by your friends? Wouldn't it be better to live alone?
Feeling betrayed once doesn't mean the relationship is over. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, you can start a relationship again. Just like those guys.
......, but it doesn't erase the fact that you betrayed me. And the ramifications. You've been able to forgive them for what they did in the past?
I said, "I forgive them. "That's what friends do.

...... You're a strange man, aren't you?
 Fam muttered, and then shut his mouth.
 I saw the guards evacuating the people of the city. Some of the injured were being carried on stretchers.
 --It's a terrible situation.
 We have to finish this as soon as possible.
 The wall that protects the royal castle and the noble quarter. In front of the gate, there was a large crowd of demons. They are invading, trying to get to the light maiden.
There was ....... Two of them.
 Femme muttered next to me.
 The two of them were struggling against a swarm of demons - Seira and Spinoza were struggling with their backs against each other.
 The two are struggling with each other with their backs to each other, their impatient expressions showing a deep fatigue.
"Seira! Spinoza!
 I called out to them, and they looked at me.
"Mr. Zeke!
 Fam and I ran to them.
 The demons around us attacked.
 But I cut them down in an instant.
 He stepped over the corpses of the demons and rejoined them.
"Thank God! You're safe!
I knew you'd come for me.
Thank you, Fam, for bringing Zeke here! That's something only you can do.
It's useful sometimes. See?

I'll take that compliment. Well, I'll take that as a compliment. I like getting candy.
 Fam muttered in embarrassment.
 The usual exchange.
 I tell them both, Seira and Spinoza.
"I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did before we came. You're safe now.
 I say, and face the demons.
 I used my skills to focus the hostility of the demons that were attacking me to get to the priestess of light.
 I catch all of the enemy's attacks.
 In the meantime, my comrades were knocking down the hordes of demons. The fact that I didn't have to think about defense gave me an overwhelming amount of firepower.
 In the blink of an eye, they annihilated the horde of demons. There were corpses lying around.
"Good. It's all over.
I feel like I'm getting stronger. I feel like I'm getting stronger.
Seriously, they're full of holes. You can hit them all you want.
......, but you have to be careful not to get too used to this situation. You'll get caught flat-footed in a fight when he's not around.
 That's what happened to the Red Lotus Fang guys.
 As soon as I was gone, they lost their edge.
Besides, I heard that the Knights have gone berserk.
"That's right!
 Yes!" said Seira.
We stopped the demon, but inside the walls there are knights who have run amok. Your Highness is in danger if we continue like this!
 It reminded me of the red-eyed adventurer I had confronted before.

 That thing was destroying everything in its path. He's as nasty as a demon, maybe even nastier.
 --We've got to get to Sonia.