Spinoza was determined to win the poker game, but was quickly defeated by Feather, who rolled him over in her hands.

"Haha. You have a very straightforward personality, don't you? Whether your hand was good or bad, it all showed on your face. I see everything.

 When Spinoza has a good hand and can't win, he retreats, and when he has a better hand than Spinoza, he definitely sets up.
 Although Spinoza's face was easily visible, he was so accurate that it was as if he was looking directly into his hand rather than reading his expression.
 It was as if he was looking directly into my hand.

"Well. What do you want?

 If you think about it normally, you shouldn't get in. Because the odds are against you.
 I looked at Spinoza, who was passed out next to me with white eyes.
 He got what he deserved, but he's been stripped of all his money. We can't just walk away from him like this.

"Fine. I'll take it.
 I sat down to face Feather.
 I bet all 50,000 I have.
 If I lose it, I'll be as destitute as Spinoza until my next payday. He might even have to eat haze to keep from starving.
 Check the cards you have been dealt.

 I know this because I watched the ...... game earlier. It doesn't look like a good hand.
 --I'm a beginner in the game of poker. I'm new to the game of poker. I'm gonna have to play an extreme hand to finish him off.

I'm betting all my chips on this one.

 When I announced this, the gallery erupted.
"A full bet is ......?
"That's a pretty good hand, huh?
"I see. I see. You're up.

 Feather put a hand to his chin.

Feather put his hand on his chin and said, "You're a lot harder to read than she was. But if you look into my eyes, you'll be able to feel my heartbeat.

 Then he smiled wryly.

You've got a garbage hand. You've played a garbage hand. Did you think I'd drop out of the game if you did?
That's ......!
Feather's all in, too?

 Feather bet all his chips.

I applaud your courage. But it won't work against me. I'm sure I have a better hand than you do.

 Then he revealed his hand.

"My hand is four of a kind. I've got four eights. There are only two stronger hands than that, a royal flush and a straight flush. But judging by the look on your face, that's definitely not a possibility. I win.

 Feathers with a triumphant look on his face.
 ...... That's not good. I've heard that in a game of poker, the best hand is the one with the same numbers. Then my hand would be no match for you.

"Come on. Let's see what you've got.

 Feather opens his hands and prompts me.

"...... is as good as it gets.

 But we still have a few tricks up our sleeve.
 But the odds are slim to none.
 I made up my mind and disclosed my hand while praying.


 At that moment, the gallery around me, the unconscious Spinoza, and Feather, who was facing me, all opened their eyes to the point of spilling out.
 ...... Hmm? Why are you so surprised? 
 I'm not sure if you're disgusted by my bravery in betting all in with this hand.

"Royal flush. ......

 One of the gallery members muttered.
It's the strongest hand in poker, with ten, j, q, k, and a. It's even better than Feather in Four Card!

 The gallery erupted.

The gallery erupted in excitement, "And Feather's all in, so he can't play any longer! Zeke is going to win!
No way!

 Feather was scratching his head and looking upset.

I'm pretty sure that's what he looked like when he drew that garbage! How can you be so calm when the Royal Flush is at your hands?
"I've heard that you can read the strength of a hand by its expression and heartbeat. I went into the game without knowing the detailed rules of poker. If you don't understand the game well enough, you won't be able to read my hand from my facial expressions.
"What's with that ...... strategy? It's a mess! Even if I thought of it, I wouldn't normally do it! How low do you think the odds of winning are?

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out," Feather said with a look of disbelief on his face.

But I have a better chance of winning than if I were to challenge you with a full understanding of the rules. Isn't that the whole point of gambling, to gamble where you can?

 I said, and Feather fell to the floor in a stunned heap. He put his feather hat back on and put a self-mocking smile on his mouth.

Hahaha. I never thought I'd be the one to tell you. ....... Oh my god. You're the real gambler.