22-After the fight

 After a long night, the morning light shines on King's Landing.
 We return to King's Landing after annihilating the undead army and are greeted with a grand welcome.
 The guards rushed towards us.

"I heard. I heard that you four killed the undead army with only four men. I thought it was crazy, but ...... it's outrageous!
Thanks to you, King's Landing suffered no damage whatsoever! I've never seen anything like it! I've never seen anything like it! We made it through a defensive battle without losing anyone!
We were just standing there because you were holding off the enemy at the gate.
"Honestly, I thought you were a jerk, but ...... you're the real deal. We've got nothing to fear from you!

 I guess he was just happy to have survived the attack.
 Even those who had previously turned a cold eye on me were showering me with words of praise. I feel as if I'm about to be hoisted into the air.

"You guys did a really good job. Thank you for your hard work.

 Commander Bolton called out to me.

I knew I could trust you guys to be at the front of the line,......, but I honestly never imagined you'd make it this far.

 He touched his beard and smiled wryly in disgust.

I said, "It's thanks to the hard work of my squad.
 Spinoza heard me and snorted.
You're right. You're the only one who did most of the work. You're the one who took on the entire undead army.

 Commander Bolton looked astonished.

"You're taking on the undead army all by yourself, ......?
Yeah. Thanks to you we didn't take a single hit. It's easy to misunderstand your own abilities when you've been through something like that.
"But, Spinoza. I've never seen you compliment anyone before. I think it's going to snow tomorrow.

Shut up! I didn't mean it as a compliment!

 Spinoza spat out bluntly with blushing cheeks. She was embarrassed that Commander Bolton had pointed it out.
 Seira smiled like a goddess.

She smiled like a goddess and said, "With Zeke on my side, I can fight with great peace of mind. No matter what the enemy is, I don't feel like losing!
 He said.
"Zeke is our mainstay.
"Oh, come on. That's too much praise.
Ooh. You don't seem to be very good at receiving compliments. Maybe you've never had much experience with praise?
Sort of. That's about it.

 Femme was right.
 When I was at the party, I was always abused and never praised.
 All I ever heard was vituperation.
 That's why I get itchy when people praise me.

Then I'll give you lots of compliments. Wow. Awesome. Nice. Hold me. "You're so cool, Zeke!
"That's a hell of a barb reading. ....... You. You're trying to play with me.
Do I know? Hmm. I'm very interested in you. I want to see how you react.

 Fam's mouth was covered with a thin smile.
 You're totally enjoying this. .......
 That's when it happened.

"You guys. What the hell is going on here?

 A solemn voice rang out.
 I looked and saw a long-haired man in silver armor.
 He might be a member of the Order.
 He was in his thirties. He had a proud look on his face. His whole body was filled with the pride that he was an elite.

'Well, well, well... isn't that Sir Gregor, the Knight Commander? How dare you show up at a meeting of the guards, whom you look down upon every day?

 The sarcasm was bared in Commander Bolton's words.
 Knight Commander--.
 The head of an order of knights that served royalty and nobility and fought to protect the hidden treasure.
 So that's what he was.

I hear you defeated the undead army. I was hoping that you and your guards would only be able to reduce their strength a little, but I never expected you to ...... wipe them out. What kind of tactics did you use?

 Gregor folded his arms and said in a probing tone.

What kind of trick did you use? Gregor folded his arms and said in a probing tone, "Did you use a secretly developed weapon? Hmm?
"Huh? Where do you get the money for that? The budget for us is sparse, you know. Not like the Order.

 Commander Bolton said.

"No tricks, we just met them head on. The fifth squad over there fought them off at the gate.
That's bullshit! There's no way you can fight them with only four guards! Don't you dare mock me!

I'm just telling you the truth, though.

 Commander Bolton said.

"Well, you don't have to believe me if you don't want to. I don't need you to know.
"d*mn ......! You've got to be kidding me. ......! I'm going to expose what you're hiding. Be prepared for that!

 Gregor spat, and left the place.

"...... d*mn. This is why the Knights of the Order. I'm not sure what you mean by that.

 The Bolton leader said in disgust and turned to us.

"Well, anyway. You've done well. Now that the battle is over, let's have a big party tonight.