57-secret maneuvering

 In the grounds of the Sacred Fountain.
 A deserted place, where the moonlight in the night sky is obscured by the leaves of the trees, as if the world had forgotten it.
 Gregor and another shadow were having a secret conversation.

How were they?

 Gregor said to the shadow.

"Did they have a chance to assassinate the princess?

 The figure shook his head.
 The figure shook his head. "With Zeke at their side, there was no chance.

I don't know. ...... Zeke is still a pain in the ass. For the sake of my ambitions, I need him to disappear as soon as possible.

 Gregor muttered viciously.

"The same goes for this journey. If it weren't for him, we could have eliminated the princess with the swarm of demons we had gathered in the Valley of Vengeance.

 Zeke and the rest of the 5th squad were the ones who prevented that from happening.
 The army of demons gathered in the Valley of Vengeance was annihilated.

"I will kill the princess and take the Orb of Light into my hands. I never thought that my plan to kill the princess, take the orb of light into my hands, and bring back the Demon Lord to this world would be thwarted. ......

 The shadow opened his mouth to Gregor.

I'm sure you're not the only one. It's obvious. I'll just go with the side that pays more for me.

 Gregor said.

When the Demon Lord returns, I'm promised a higher position than I have now. Then there is no reason for you to side with humanity.

 The shadow complained to Gregor.

"Hmm. I may seem like a luxury to you. You belong to humanity, but you're trying to abandon your position.

 Gregor sniffed mockingly.

"You will keep an eye on them.
 "you keep an eye on them," he ordered the figure.

"Eliminate Zeke's men first. Then the light priestess. d*mn. With you as my pawn, there is no way I can be defeated.

 Gregor let out a self-satisfied laugh.
 He then glared at the figure as if to drive a nail into it.

I'm not going to let you get away with betraying me. Your life could easily be taken at my whim.

 The shadow nodded quietly in the darkness.