24-Drinking comparison

 That's when it happened.
 I looked up to see Spinoza glaring at me.
 I looked up to see Spinoza staring at me.

"Zeke. You're gonna have to play me. I fell behind in arm-wrestling the other day. I'm going to get my revenge today.

 Suddenly, a match was called for.

What? Are we going to arm wrestle again? I ask.
"No. No. Today is a different game.

 Spinoza says, and holds up his empty mug.

Let's have a drinking contest, shall we?
"Drinking contest?
Yes. The first one to go under is the loser. Zeke. It's not like you can't drink, right?
Well, I'm a drinker.
I'll tell you what, I'm very strong. I once emptied an entire keg of liquor in a bar. I've never lost a drinking contest.
Didn't you say that when you were arm-wrestling?
I was defeated in arm-wrestling, but this time I am more confident than ever. After all, I always drink for free with this thing.

 He was proudly coming out with something shameful.
 Come to think of it, when I first met Spinoza in a bar, there were a lot of people collapsing around him. Was that after he had gotten drunk in a drinking contest?

Rumors spread, and now no one wants to deal with me.

So the playing field is completely in your favor.
"I hate losing more than three pints. I don't like losing any more than I like three pints, so if I'm going to win, I'm going to play the field to my advantage.

 I hate losing more than three drinks.

Of course you're not going to run away, are you?
"Fine. Fine. I'll be your partner.

 The guards around me were watching.
"Whoa. Two guys from the 5th squad are having a drinking contest.
"Sounds like fun. "Sounds interesting, let's join in.
 "Sounds like fun, let's join in." They became excited and joined the drinking contest.

"Sayla. Femme. How about you guys?

 Spinoza tried to get the rest of the team to join in.

"No. I'll pass. I don't drink. ......
I'll pass. I like to see people drunk, but I'm embarrassed when people see me drunk.
What the hell? You're not very friendly. --Well, okay. Well, let's get this over with. I'll be the last one standing.

 All the participants in the drinking contest made a toast and tipped their mugs in unison.
 The moment the liquid in the mug went down their throats, nearly half of the guards erupted. Almost half of the guards erupted when the liquid in the mug went down their throats, gurgling and choking.

What the hell is this drink? It's unusually thick!

It's a high ale, ninety percent alcohol by volume. It's a ninety percent high-alcohol ale, so if you're too weak to drink it, you'll go down with a bang.
I can't! I can't! You can't drink this!
It's not a fun drink!
Is that so? Well, when you're broke, it's a good cheap drink.

 Spinoza's idea was that of an alcoholic.
 Most of the guards dropped out after the first drink.

"d*mn. What a pathetic bunch.

 Spinoza muttered in disgust.
 Next to him, I drank out of my mug.

"Oh... Zeke. You've got a good mouth, don't you?
At least this much.
It's good to know you're a worthy opponent. --But this is like water to me!

 But to me, this is like water!" Spinoza said, and downed his refill in one gulp. Even a high ale with ninety percent alcohol content is no problem.

You're a good drinker," I said.
 I said.

"How's that? Can you keep up?

 Spinoza looked at me like he was challenging me.

"Stop! Zeke! Stop!
You'll ruin your liver!

"You can't beat that alcoholic!

 The guards, fearing for my safety, tried to stop me.

"I'm confident of my endurance, and alcohol is no exception. No amount of alcohol can destroy my liver.

 I declare, and down my second glass of high ale in one gulp.
 I returned my gaze to Spinoza, and she twisted her mouth in delight.

I love you. You're the best," she said.
 Spinoza said.
"Master! Keep bringing me more and more drinks!
 They drank their third, fourth and fifth glasses.
 Spinoza's face was slightly red. I couldn't see it myself, but I could feel my body getting a little drunk.

"Are you okay? Your face seems to be getting red.
"Heh. I'm not done yet.

 Spinoza and I exchanged glances.
 And then, out of nowhere, I'm hugged from behind.
 --What the hell? 
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

You're doing great, Zeke. You're doing great.
I'm sorry. I'm not sure if you're drunk or ......? But why? You said earlier that you don't drink alcohol because you're weak.
It seems that she mistook the high ale for water. She spit it out right away, but look what happened.

 Fam explained.

"Zeke. Mnya mnya ......

 Seira had fallen asleep in my arms. I pulled her off of me to get rid of the feeling of her breasts against my back.

"Femme. I'm sorry, but I need you to take care of Sayla. ...... hmm?

 I looked at her and saw that she was slumped over, rowing her boat and looking sleepy.

Did you make the same mistake ......?
"Uh-huh. I would never make such a mistake. The only reason I'm sleepy is because I just can't stay up late. Soo......

 Fam said, then plopped down on the table and began to breathe in his sleep.
 It was as if a thread had been cut.
 She was as weak at night as a young child.

It looks like it's just the two of us left.

 We continued to pour high ale into our bodies.
 It was all about determination.
 We drank so fast that we emptied all the liquor in the bar.
 And after a dizzying round of drinking...
 We finally came to an end.

"Ugh ......, I'm screwed ......

 Spinoza's face turned pale as he muttered this.

I thought for sure I could win this ...... drinking contest. --Zeke. You've got an unusual strength of alcohol .......
You're pretty good too.
Heh. But it was a pleasure to drink with you. ......

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I won.
 But no one was there to see my victory.
 Because everyone else was lying drunk on the floor of the tavern.
 I looked around and saw a picture of hell.
 It was then that I realized.

"Is this ...... something I have to take care of?

 I felt depressed.
 I thought I should just get drunk and go to sleep.