1-Person introduction (spoilers available)

Classmate] ---------------------------

Naofumi Kamiya → Nao
 The main character. Elf.
 Around 180cm tall.

Tomoya Nagai → Toya
 Childhood friend, part 1. wolf beast (only has ears and a tail).
 Gray body hair. Late 180cm tall.

Haruka Azuma → Haruka
 Childhood friend, no.2.
 Around 160cm tall. Her hair is semi-long and a little long.
 Her hair is a little below her neck, and she wears it in a bun.

Yuki Shidou → Yuki
 Haruka's best friend. The first.
 She is very sociable, but also very outspoken.
 Around 155cm tall. Her hair is cut in a bob.

Furumiya Natsuki → Natsuki
 Haruka's best friend. Part 2
 Her parents live in a rich old family. She looks like a Yamato Nadeshiko .......
 She's sick of being picked up, so she's hard to deal with.
 Around 165cm tall. Her hair is long. Usually has a ponytail.

Yutaka Wakabayashi → Tommy
 Formerly a cute guy's daughter ......, or boy.
 Longing for the wild, he became a dwarf.
 About 130cm tall. I'm not a big fan.
 I'm not a big fan of heavy drinking, but I do enjoy a good drink.
 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.
 He is currently working as an apprentice to Gantz, a blacksmith.

Yoshito Tanaka
 Moved here with Tommy.
 He has taken the "Heroic Qualities" and found a carriage being attacked by bandits at the right time.
 However, his skills were not enough to become a hero, and he died.

Itsuya Takahashi
 Transferred with Tommy.
 Obtained [Magic Power, Max].
 He and Tanaka went to save the carriage, but failed to control it when they tried to use magic flamboyantly.
 The carriage is killed.

A classmate (male)
 Obtained [Skill Robbery].
 He had bad feelings for Yuki and Natsuki, and blew himself up.
 Disappeared without being noticed.

Kenta Iwanaka
 In the original world, he was able to study well.
 However, he has a complex because he was beaten by Haruka and others.
 He is a lecherous man. Fell in love with a brothel and fell in love with life. Fell into banditry and was defeated.
 He was killed when he fell in with a bandit.

Noriyuki Tokuoka

Yoshiro Maeda
 I've been a bit of a failure since I was in Japan.
 When he came to the other world, he was released and started playing with women whenever he had money.
 He says he is going to be big, but is made to be a part of crimes by bad adults.
 Eventually, he fell into banditry, taking Iwanaka with him. He is defeated.

Satomi Takamatsu → Satomi
 Satomi uses her skills to deceive people and start a religious organization.
 I saw something on the Internet a long time ago that said, "Religion is the most profitable way to make money.
 It originated from a document I saw on the Internet a long time ago, something like "Religion is the Most Profitable Way to Make Money" or "How to Create a Religious Organization.
 He is a person who is riding a good wave, but he overlooked the phrase "don't overdo it" in that document.
 But he is a careless person who overlooked "Don't overdo it".

Yasue Umezono
 She is a bit forceful but has leadership qualities.
 She does not get along well with Haruka, who has natural leadership skills.
 She's not stupid, but she's an unfortunate person in a bad situation.
 He was thrown out on his own, and things didn't go well.
 When he's stressed out, he runs into Haruka and the others.
 Her fate is to be revealed later at .......

Other Classmates
 To be added when they appear.

Local people] ----------------------------------

 Receptionist at the guild. Late twenties, but pretty.

 Head of the guild.

 The guild's warehouse manager. Also does appraisals.

 Weaponsmith in the city of Raffan. He is also a blacksmith.
 Tommy's mentor.

 An old carpenter. A good friend of Yuki's.

 A city-trained cook.
 A short elf.

 Aella's friend.
 Worked as a waiter at Aella's restaurant.
 At Aella's request, she joined Aella's restaurant.

 Chief priest of the temple of Advaistris in Rafan.
 Head of an orphanage. Early twenties.

Viscount Nenus
 Lord of Rafan and Kerug.

Joseph Fader.
 Lord Lieutenant of Rafan.