2-001 Prologue

"Hi! I'm an evil god! But I'm not a bad evil god!


 That's the only way I can describe my feelings at that moment.
 In front of me, prostrating himself, was a boy in his early elementary school years.
 And then, in the pitch blackness, countless human souls - human souls!

You're all confused, aren't you? No wonder, no wonder. You're human! Oh, I thought I already said that!

 And the boy laughs again.
 No, it's not funny!
 I'm super confused!

"I've prepared an explanation slide for you guys! Look at this one!

 The boy points to a screen that appears in white.
 Oh, you're ready.
 The first page. The text appears in black on a white background.

 - I'm going on a school trip.

 Yeah. Yeah. That's right.
 I'm pretty sure our school was in the middle of a school trip - or rather, we were on a bus to the airfield.
 Just as I'm convinced of this, the slide changes, flipping back and forth.

 - The bus crashes.
 - The whole class dies.
 - B-A-D-E-N-D.

 Only four pictures!
 And they're only words!
 Perhaps the hearts of the souls in this room--perhaps even my classmates--are united at this moment.

 -- Huza ke le na! -- "Yes!

Yes! That was really easy for me to understand! --What? More details? Show me a video? No, no, no, no. That's R18. I'll get mad at you. Besides, what's the point of having all those mosaics?

 You have that?
 No, no, no, that's not what I meant. If it's R18 and needs a mosaic, it must have been a pretty bad death.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you. .......
 If it was a normal car accident, it wouldn't have happened that way.

I don't know. You don't remember what happened when you died? Yeah, I've let that part go. You don't need to remember the pain and suffering, right? -- "If I remembered, I wouldn't be able to talk to you.

 Ah, yes, ......, if he was burnt to death or something, maybe.
 But this guy... He's an evil god, isn't he?
 It's like he's answering questions without hearing voices.

"Why do they call me an evil god? Yeah, that's strange. I just give dead people a new career path when I feel like it, and they don't like it.

 Career path ......?

"Yes, I'm just offering dead people a new career path when I feel like it. Oh, the doctor and the driver were old enough to have been sent back to reincarnation, so they are not here.

 I looked around. I counted 32 human souls.
 I counted 32 human souls, and since there are 16 men and 16 women in my class, that's only the number of students.
 This means that my childhood friends, Haruka and Tomoya, must be among them.
 I can't tell them apart at all.

"Yes! A quarter of the people in my class just thought, "The whole class will be transferred to another world"! It's like a game where you move to a world where you have status and your level goes up! Yay!

 Light! You're too light-hearted, Evil God!
 It's no wonder you're considered an evil god if you do that!
 And I'm surprised that there are so many people in this class who like novels!
 I like them too, though!

It's not a reincarnation, so your age remains the same. It's not a summoning, so you won't be forced into any unreasonable tasks, nor will you suddenly be made a slave! Yay!

 Yes, I have.
 There's a story where someone summons you without your permission, says something like "You're a brave person," and makes you kill people.
 I don't know what they're thinking, just listening to one side of the story and being a part of the war.
 There are some people who have no choice but to survive.

You want to live in an otome game world? Well, that's impossible! It's not a game, there's no scenario! You have to work on your own charm! It can be done with the same level of difficulty as the original world! Yay!

 No, it's impossible.
 If it's the same level of difficulty as the original world, it's absolutely impossible.
 At least, there's no point in expecting the girls in my class to have the skills to win over the most beautiful women or the most beautiful men.

Harem? That's the same as before! It's only possible if you have charm and money!

 Yes, needless to say, the same goes for boys.

Do you have any cheats? No, there is no such thing! I just transfer them at my whim! I'll just transfer you at my whim. Oh, and I'll make sure you can speak, read, and write for a great service!
 --Okay, are we ready for questions? Then let's start preparing for the transfer!

 The boy said and waved his hand lightly, and something like a window appeared in front of him.
 At the top, it said 150 points, and below that were the races and skills, and the points needed for each.

It's a completely different world, so you won't be able to adapt to it by transferring directly. I've made it a little more editable in the service.
 The points at the top are the ones you can use. This is roughly the same for everyone. There are some differences in the specs and actions you took before you died, such as working out, studying hard, and so on.
 Hard work never fails you, that's a good one!

 Hmmm. I don't know if 150 is too much or too little because we can't even talk to each other .......
 My grades weren't bad at school.
 I was not bad at sports either. ...... What is the evil god's assessment of me?
 I'd be happy if my grades were higher than the average of the average person on the other side of the world, regardless of my position among my classmates.
 You can never expect a social safety net, and you have no experience living in that world.

Hmm. Hmm, even the people with the least amount of money are above the average of the world out there, so I think you can make it if you work hard!

 If you work hard, huh?
 It's not like you're going to be able to enjoy your life.
 You should choose your skills with that in mind.

You want a skill that's not here? Well, list what you want. If it's okay, I'll add it.
 --Skill robbery? Hmm, okay.
 --Copy skills? Okay.
 --Double experience? Then let's add quadruple and tenfold!
 --Shironing? Oh, you want that? Fine.
 --Heroic qualities? Do you want to be a hero? A hero?

 Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
 I was just trying to be firm.
 The self-proclaimed evil boy basically dismisses none of them, and new skills are added to the window.
 The ones that seem advantageous require more points, and the ones that don't require as many.
 It seems to be balanced, though: .......

If you want to add a new skill that you requested but didn't get, you can do so. So if you want a skill and it doesn't get added, just think about it!

 Now, it looks like the one the boy mentioned has been added, but ......1 there may be some skills that require more than 50 points.
 What I seem to need is ...... help with this window?
 The skill descriptions are too brief.

Yeah, some people aren't used to this kind of thing. "Yeah, some people aren't used to this, like girls who don't play games. I'll add help.

 Oh, it's added. I need 20 points. You need points? And isn't that a lot? It's only available now, right?

"Well, I guess we're all out of ideas, huh? Go ahead and pick one if you want. We'll close in about an hour. There are no cheats, so think carefully about what skills you want to use!

 As a result of the boy's wishes, the number of skills displayed in my window had more than doubled.
 There's something outrageous about what I saw. ...... No cheats, right?
 But there are skills that could be cheats if you take them, right?
 Sure, like skill copying, which requires 100 points and consumes most of them, but .
 Is that okay with you ......?

    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 So, what should we do first?
 The first thing I'm interested in is "Help".
This is where you can get advice and detailed instructions. It says "Once checked, it cannot be unchecked.
 Because of its nature, it cannot be cancelled.
 It would be meaningless if you could cancel and start over after receiving the explanation or advice.

 Should I take this? I don't think I need to think about .......
 20 points is a lot of points, but if you make up a character without advice and it turns out to be a mine character, you're screwed.
 If your character has a persecuted race, traits, or skills, you're screwed.
 The common sense is different, so saying "discrimination! It's a necessary expense and a peace of mind.
 It's a necessary expense and a peace of mind, I told myself, and checked the box.
 --Oh, the display changed.
 Some skills that have run out of points will be hidden, and the skill description text will be added.

You can't remove it once you've checked it. Once checked, it cannot be unchecked (you can still get some explanations and advice after the transition).

 The text in parentheses is the newly displayed description.
 Oh, if it can be used even after the transition, it's convenient and a good deal, isn't it?
 Okay, now let's look at the races. The race that doesn't need points is the Human race.

The race with average abilities (you can't use magic unless you have magical qualities).

 Elves are a bit more desirable. You need 20 points.

They're good at magic and on average have twice the lifespan of humans (they can learn magic without qualities, but they're relatively weak).

 The one that tickles my chubby fancy is the vampire half. 50 points required.

He has a strong body, resilience, and magical qualities. As a half-vampire, he is also resistant to sunlight (his blood-sucking urges are more severe than those of a vampire, requiring more than 400cc of human blood per day. Most of the time, they can't control their urge and suck blood until the target dies. (Because of its nature, if it is found, it will be an immediate target for killing.

 Oh, no.
 It's a mine race.
 I chose to help, and I'm fine!
 If you read through the descriptions, you'll see that almost all of the special races have weekpoints in the additional descriptions. It's quite dangerous, though, because the first description alone seems to give you an advantage.
 That's 20 points.

 But is it really evil to withhold important information, or is there another reason? .......
 Other races that you can choose without problems are ...... "Dwarves" will be stocky and bearded when you choose them, and "Halflings" will be under 120cm tall.
 It's a good idea in games, but not in real life.
 I like beast ears, but I wouldn't be happy if I had them. I'm just a chemist who wants to be loved.
 ...... Okay, I'll go with "Elf".
 That leaves me with 110 points.
 The next step is skills. There's a lot of stuff that's been added: .......

Skill Robbery (80 points required)
  Takes away all skills of the target without changing their level.
  You don't need to specify the skills you want to take.
  You don't need to specify the skill you want to take, it will be returned to you when you die.
  (4% of your lifespan x the total of the skill levels you took.
   (A skill with no level is considered to be level 5.

 This skill seems like a cheat, but the disadvantages are too severe.
 I'm not sure if it's fair to take something that someone else has spent a lot of time developing and then give it to them.

Skill Copy (100 points required)
  You can copy a skill without affecting the opponent's skill.
  You can copy a skill without affecting your opponent's skill, but you have to check the name and level of the skill to be copied.
  However, you must check the name and level of the skill to be copied.
   (The copied skill becomes level 1 and is sealed.) You can remove the seal by having the original person teach you the skill.
   (You cannot copy a skill without a level.

 There is no disadvantage to the copied person, so the penalty is low.
 If you copy a skill with your opponent's permission, you can use it at level 1, which is pretty good.

[Double experience (50 points required)

  You gain twice as much experience from combat, training and discipline.
  (The experience required for proficiency is 10 times that of others.

10 times the experience gained (120 points required)
  You gain 10 times as much experience through combat, training and discipline.
  (The experience required for proficiency is 10 times that of others.

Heroic Qualities (Points required 80)
  You have the qualities to become a hero through training and effort.
  You can become a hero through training and hard work. (It is easy to get into trouble and your life is always in danger.

Magic Qualities, All Attributes (80 points)
  The ability to learn all types of magic.
  (The difficulty of learning all types of magic increases many times)

Magic Power (Points required 80)
  You have a huge amount of magical power in your body.
  (Physical strength and durability become extremely low. Also, it becomes very difficult to control magic power.

Fascination (Points required 50)
  Attracts and charms the opposite s*x. The appearance does not change.
  The person you charm becomes possessive and tries to keep it to himself.
   You cannot choose the object of your attraction.

Extremely Attractive Appearance (30 points required)
  A perfectly sculpted appearance.
  Heteros*xuals and even homos*xuals are attracted to this appearance.
  (This may be useful for homos*xuals.
   (This may be useful for homos*xuals, but is not recommended for the originally beautiful elves, as they will be in trouble.

 --I don't know. These are almost all mines! That's the evil god!
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 If there was no help for this, all those who thought "I'll be a warrior! If there's no help, all those people who think "I'm going to be a warrior" are going to die, aren't they?

 Oh, but the only ones who are really going to die are the ones who use [Skill Robbery] to rob without thinking. They'll die instantly at a total level of 25.
 The others are tougher, but not instant death.
 I feel like there are only disadvantages to gaining experience, but as long as you spend points, there may be advantages I don't understand.
 The original skills are available at ......

Robust (10 points required)
  Makes you physically stronger.
  It makes you less prone to injury and more resistant to disease.
   (Since this is a different world, there is a possibility that there are different germs from the original world?

Magical Qualities, Fire (10 points required)
  You will be able to learn fire-based magic.
  You can't learn fire magic without it.
   Elves can learn magic without it, but they can use more powerful magic with it.

Attractive Appearance (10 points)
  Makes you more attractive to others.
  (Not recommended for elves who are naturally good-looking.
   (Not recommended for elves who are naturally good-looking.

Sword Talent (Points required 10)
  (This is a talent, so training is required.) 【Sword Talent (10 points required)】】 You will be able to use a sword better than others.
  (This is a talent, so training is required. Don't be overconfident.

 Oh, that's normal!
 The advice in parentheses is usually useful too!
 No, the advice on additional skills is super important, but that's just a description of the degree of mine.
 But are all the newly added skills mines ......?

Shironing (5 points required)
  You can get whiter skin than others. You are less prone to sunburn.
  (Because of its light pigmentation, it is vulnerable to sunlight and turns red easily. It is not easy to get sunburn.

Heavy drinker (5 points required)
  It is not easy to get drunk.
  (It is not that you will not get drunk, but that you will not be affected by alcohol.
   (It does not eliminate the disadvantages of alcohol.
   Be careful of acute alcoholism and alcohol dependence.

Fraud (10 points required)
  You may be better at talking than others and be able to deceive with the tip of your tongue.
  (People who talk too much cannot be trusted.
   If you want to build a long term friendship, show it with your actions.

 This is still a decent piece of advice.
 The advice is still sensible. Yeah.
 ...... No, I don't think so. The rest of it is just bad.
 Try to avoid additional skills.
 It's probably right to choose the ones that are there from the start, except for [help]. ......, right?

 And so on for about an hour. The skills I chose were as follows.

 [Help (20 points required)
 [Robustness Lv.2 (Points required 15)
 Spear Talent (10 points)
 [Spear Art Lv.2 (Points required 10)
 Evasion Lv.1 (Points required) ]
 Eagle's Eye Lv.1 (Points required 5) ]
 Stealthy Footsteps Lv.1 (Points required 5) ]
 【Surveilance Lv.1 (Points required 10)
 【Magic Qualities, Space-Time System (Points required 15)
 Spacetime Magic Lv.2 (Points required)
 【Fire Magic Lv.1 (Points required 10)
 Trap Knowledge Lv.1 (Points required 5)
 Perception Lv.2 (Points required 10)

 Spent 20 points on race, for a total of 130 points.
 I used the standard game character makeup as a guide, and didn't take any of the weird, seemingly cheat-like stuff.
 It's a solid choice, but it's probably the right one.
 You can't go adventuring, judging by the amount of additional skills you have.
 It's your life on the line.
 I hope Yuu and Tomoya also have a solid character makeup. .......

    I'm not sure what to make of this.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. I'll be moving on soon~. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

 Hey, hey, hey, that's random! I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
 I don't think they usually do, but...

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea. If you know what I mean.

 Hey, hey, hey! That's so last minute!
 You can't know that when you're a human soul!
 --I thought, "What? I'm sure you're not the only one.
 It's a familiar feeling.
 What? Haruka and Tomoya?
 Huh? Am I the only one who didn't recognize them?
 Could it be that I'm more heartless than I think?
 But it didn't matter that I was upset, the boy smiled and waved his hand.

"Well, have a good life this time, everyone!

 The moment I heard those words, my vision was filled with light.