51-046 Get the ingredients for the sauce!

 The next day, as soon as we had breakfast, I picked up Aella and we set off for the eastern forest.
 Since I was the only one who knew where it was, I led the way through the forest.

 Aella was wearing leather armor, a bow and arrow, and a backpack, looking more like an adventurer than Yuki and Natsuki in a way.

 The two of them were wearing chainmail over the armor they had rushed out to buy yesterday, and large clothes on top of that, with backpacks on their backs.

 I also finished taking measurements for my chainmail at that time, so I should be able to get my own chainmail within a few days.

 Thanks to my efforts in searching for enemies along the way, I managed to reach the nearest dindle tree without fighting.

Now, here's the nearest tree: ...... What do you think?

 When I looked at the top of the tree with the eyes of a hawk, I could see that there were still some fruits growing, albeit sporadically. Of course, the number of berries is much smaller than before.

It's a pretty big tree. ...... Looks like there's still some left.
"Oh, you can see them too, Aella?
"Yes, I have pretty good eyesight.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.
 I'm sure you're not the only one.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. I'm sure you'll agree.

 Name: Aella
 Race: Elf
 Status: Healthy
 Skills:【Bowmanship Lv.2】 【Eagle Eyes Lv.1】 【Attention Lv.2
     Stealthy Footsteps Lv.1" "Demolition Lv.2" "Farming Lv.2
     Plant Knowledge Lv.3 ☆ Food Knowledge Lv.4 ☆ Cooking Lv.3
     Wind Magic Lv.2 ] 【Water Magic Lv.1 】 【Cleaning Lv.2
     【Flute Lv.1

 ...... No, no, no. You're just plain strong, right?
 I'm not sure if it's just me or you.
 And you can see a lot of details.
 It's a very strange skill, after all.
 Although it doesn't show his age.
 But just in case, this status can be a reassurance.

"Well, I can't see it, but it's at the top of this tree, right? Are you going to climb it? In this tree?
"Well, ...... I don't think it's quite possible...

 Oh, I didn't tell you that, did I?
 Yuki and Natsuki's backs are slack.
 I've already gotten used to it, but normally I wouldn't be able to climb a tree this high.

"Yeah, I'll climb it.
Yes, of course. It's a little big, but it's not a problem.
Okay. You two wait for me at the bottom branch.

 I took the rope and hooked it to the bottom branch. I've done this so many times that I'm already familiar with it.
 As I climbed up the branch, Yuki and Natsuki also climbed up without any difficulty.

 Aella, for example, climbed up almost without using a rope, which is quite impressive for a non-pseudo-elf.

Aela, that bag won't hold much, so I'll borrow Yuki's backpack. Is that okay?
"Yeah, sure. Yes, Aella, you know how to carry it, right?
Yes. This looks convenient. You can use both hands.
Yeah, it's pretty handy, you know. It's easier to carry heavy things than normal.

 I'll also advertise, "Coming soon from the Adventurer's Guild! I'll also advertise that it will be available from the Adventurer's Guild soon.
 Aera-san, who is a cook, may not need it much, but maybe it will be useful when she goes shopping.

Let's go.

Okay. I'll go ahead.

 I adjusted the backpack Yuki had given me, made sure it was okay, and said so, and Aella nodded and started to climb up.
 I hurriedly followed her, but her speed was quite fast.
 I was able to keep up with her because I had climbed the tree many times before, but if it had been my first time, it would have been impossible.

Nao, you're amazing. I've always been known as a good tree climber, you know.
"No, not really. I've climbed this tree several times.

 I've climbed this tree a few times." Aera looked back at me and said admiringly, "But you're really close.
 Please don't look a little frustrated and try to speed up, please.

 In the end, I reached the top a little later than Aella.

 I felt a little shameful that I had lost to a first-time climber, but it didn't matter because Aella looked satisfied and was happily collecting.

 If I fall in a hurry, I'll die, right?
 I'm sure I'll get caught by a branch on the way, but I'm scared.

How's it going, Aela?
As you can see, there aren't too many, and I think they're a little overripe, but they're still on the ends of the branches, so I think we'll get a good crowd.

 The reason they were still at the end of the branch was, of course, because we were afraid to go around there.
 Ms. Aera was riding on a branch that was thinner than her wrist and was collecting as usual, but to be honest, it was scary to watch.

 We always try to keep a three-point hold, but in Aera's case, she sometimes only has one foot on the ground, even for a moment, let alone two. .......

 Yeah, I'm not going to copy you.
 I'm going to collect as much as I can get my hands on.

 I used to be able to collect many without moving during the collection period, but now I collect one, move, collect another, move, and so on, and if you think about earning money normally, the efficiency is still quite low.

 I must have continued collecting for about half an hour.
 My backpack is still more than half empty, but even if I continue here any longer, my efficiency will be low.

"Aella, should we get off?
"Yes, sir? I think we can still get some more. ......

 Whoa, don't turn around at the end of that branch!
 It's really scary. I'm getting all kinds of fumes.

"I can get some, but it's not very efficient. There's a few more of these. Let's move them over there.
All right. Let's get off.

 Then Aella-san jumped up and down.
 As I was about to scream, Aella-san casually jumped down to the branch below.

"Really? That's impossible.

 If we were a few meters above the ground, I might have been able to do it.
 In other words, it's not impossible in terms of ability.

 But if you ask me if I could do it a few dozen meters above the ground, absolutely not.
 The fear makes me squirm.

Let's go down normally even if it takes a long time. ......

 There is no point in pushing yourself out of rivalry, because you can go down in five minutes.

 When I reached Yuki and the others, they were working on transferring Dindol from Aella's backpack to Natsuki's backpack.

 I guess they are planning to fill up the backpacks of the three of us and go home. .......

Aella-san, we're going to hunt task boars on the way back, so we'll need room for them as well.
I'm sure you'll agree. It's ...... in my backpack?
No, it's not going to fit.

 A small, even seemingly childish, Aella has a backpack. Its size is naturally small.
 The size of the bag is naturally small, and I don't think it can hold a boar weighing over 100 kilos.

Nao, you put the meat in a leather bag, right? Then we'll carry it too. Then we don't need to put it in our backpacks, right?
"Yes. If we split up, we'll be fine, right?

 Oh, Yuki and the serious Natsuki agree? I see.
 So the sweetness is strong.
 Well, I'm cool with it because I've eaten enough of it, but if it had been my first day to pick dingdol, I would have agreed with you.

Hmmm, it's pretty heavy when you die a big one, isn't it?

 There is a big difference between walking with 20 kilos on your back and walking with 20 kilos in your hands.
 Naturally, the latter is by far the most difficult.

""I'll do my best!

 I nodded reluctantly to the three of them, who were all saying it in the same strong voice.

...... Is that so? It's a good thing, then.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 But it's still better than defying three women in front of a sweet treat.
 I'm sure.