52-047 Tonkatsu (material) appeared!

 The backpacks of the three of us were full only after we had visited two more dindle trees.
 On the way, we were able to secure a good amount of herbs that Aella had recommended that we collect in the forest, so maybe it wasn't so bad after all.

Well, it's getting a little late, shall we have lunch?
"Yes, I guess so. The plan is to hunt the task boar on the way back, right?
Yeah. We're going to have to fight, so it's better to eat before that.

 We found a little open space and sat down.
 The backpack full of dildos is a bit heavy, but I've trained my body enough to not get tired from this.
 It's not the same as when I came to this world, so I guess it's not a waste of time to keep training every day.

"Um, would you like to eat this if you don't mind?

 I was presented with three fist-sized round things wrapped in leaves.

"Oh, those are the ones you said you'd sell for take-out, right?
Yes. I made one for each of you.
"Thank you.

 I took it and peeled off the leaves, and out came the mashed potatoes with meat that I ate yesterday.
 The mashed potatoes were a little warm when I ate them yesterday, but this one was cold, and the aroma of the wrapped leaves accentuated the flavor, making it quite delicious.

It's good.
Yes, I knew this would sell well! If Aella-san's store was closer, I would go there every day to buy it.
Yes, it's very good. The leaves give it a nice flavor.
"Thank you very much.

 Aella's cheeks stained with happiness as we praised her.
 At first glance, she looks like a child, but she's a very skilled cook. She was a level 3 cook.
 I wonder if she could make even more amazing dishes if she had more types of seasonings and stuff.

In return, we'll give you our bread and dried meat. The dried meat is homemade, so it's pretty tasty.

 Yuki confidently offered the dried meat, but it didn't look so good.
 It's just dried meat.
 Of course, it's delicious because it's made by Haruka.

"Oh, you make it yourself? I used to make it at home too, but ......? It's delicious. ......
You know what? It's not the same as the stuff they sell around here!
I bought this bread at the inn, and it's okay too.
...... Oh, really. All the bakeries I've visited have been less than this.

 Aella went to several bakeries to see if she could buy bread for her restaurant, but she couldn't find any that she liked, so she decided to bake her own bread.

 The reason why she didn't serve bread at lunch is because it is difficult to serve a large amount of bread when she makes it herself, so she decided not to serve it at lunch.

 Aella didn't specify, but I heard that the bread was better than this one, so I would like to try it if I have a chance.

Did you make the dried meat, Yuki?
No, it was made by another Elf named Haruka, who was not here today.

Oh, you mean another one of your own kind. I'm sure the meat itself is good, but his cooking skills are also quite good.

I'm sure he'll be happy to hear a professional say that.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 The advantage is that she has a lot of knowledge about the cuisine of the original world.

 For example, it would be easier for an amateur who knows the taste of curry to prepare a dish that comes close to the taste of curry than for a professional chef who does not know curry to arrive at that taste.

I'd like to meet that person. I'd like to cook with him if possible.
Maybe when I'm free, I'll get the chance. --We should get going.
Yes, sir. Well, there's nothing better than leaving early.

 I made sure everyone had finished eating, and they all nodded and got up to re-carry their bags.

Now all we have to do is hunt down the task boar and we can go home. ......
"Will it work out that way? It wasn't much of a local catch, though.
Don't worry. I'm good at finding them. --Okay. Me and Aella will take the lead, you two follow us a little further back.

 Aella-san and I have stealthy legs so we'll be hard to find.
 I thought they didn't have them, but as soon as we started walking, I felt something strange.

 I could hardly feel the presence of Natsuki, who was supposed to be behind me.
 In contrast to Yuki, who was clearly recognizable.

 --Come to think of it, I do have [Concealment Lv.2], don't I?

 I guess my [Stealth Foot] is a skill that muffles footsteps, while Natsuki's [Concealment] is a skill that hides signs.
 Which one is more useful depends on the situation, but it seems to be quite useful for hiding.

Oh, I see you. Shall I take the lead, Nao?

 At the end of the forest, we saw a task boar, slightly larger than a medium-sized one.
 It's probably a little smaller than the size we usually hunt.

"Yes, sir. Please.

I understand.

 Aella replied, and quickly climbed up the tree on the side, she took her bow and immediately shot an arrow.
 At the same time, I signaled to Natsuki and ran towards the boar.

 The boar screams at the sudden attack. Then, two spears pierce it almost simultaneously.
 The boar collapses with a thud.

 That's right, my spears and Natsuki's were almost simultaneous. I was a few steps ahead of him, but it seems that he caught up with me.

 Since my spear skill couldn't shorten the distance, it must be a simple difference in physical ability.
 If it was simple speed, he would not be defeated, but if you include the physical strength of running in the forest, he seems to be slightly inferior to Natsuki.

 This is the difference in race. ...... Well, let's work on it.
 Even if your base value is inferior, you should be able to get by with training.
 But if Natsuki works as hard as you do, it's more likely that the difference will widen, considering the race difference.

You're both very quick, aren't you?
We're adventurers, after all. I'm not sure what to make of this.

 The arrow that Aella-san shot accurately pierced the boar's eye.
 It seems that the damage was not so great due to lack of muscle strength, but it would have been quite effective in inhibiting behavior.

I used to go hunting a lot. I used to do a lot of hunting. With a boar this size, I was mainly supporting it.

 I was good at catching birds," he said, smiling.

 Haruka also accurately shot the bird, but as I had a lot of trouble using magic the other day, I know how difficult it is.

 Aella, I think you can become a pro at this as well.

Shall we dismantle it then? Do you want me to do it? I'm used to it.
"Well, then, please.

 I looked at Yuki and Natsuki, confirmed that they nodded, and asked Aella to do it.

I understand.

 Aera-san took out a knife from her own backpack and dismantled the boar with a very skillful hand.
 There was no hesitation in her movements, and she was even better than Haruka, who was the best among us.
 He precisely skinned the boar, cut off the meat, and stuffed it into the leather bag we offered him.

You're really good at this, aren't you?
"Yes. I used to go hunting in my hometown, and I had to do a lot of carcass processing in my training. Meat processing is basic.

 In Japan, meat processing is the job of the butcher, and in many restaurants, meat is usually delivered already sliced.

 In Japan, meat processing is the job of the butcher.
 I wonder if it is a matter of preservation technology.

 As minced meat is easily damaged, it is a little risky to sell it sliced in this world where the supply chain is not developed.
 Even ordinary chefs need to have the skills to dismantle meat, which is quite a hurdle.

 However, thanks to Mr. Aera's skills, we can turn meat with bones that we would otherwise leave as is into block meat, and we don't have to bring back the wasted bones.

 However, it seems that some of the internal organs that we usually throw away will also be recovered, which will increase the amount of meat, so the total amount may not be much different.

 What they are recovering is the heart, the liver, and the kidneys? And the tongue?
 Oh, I didn't recover those. I've had pork tongue before.

 And they're also taking meat from the back of the neck.
 I buried the head because of its appearance, but I was surprised to find that there are places where you can get it.

 I had thought that since boars are related to pigs, ears and noses could be eaten as well, but I never thought of collecting them because they were not good to look at.

Can anyone use water-based magic?
Oh, that would be Haruka, who's not here today.
I see. Well, I guess I'll give up my stomach and intestines. I don't want to take it home without washing it.

 Apparently, the digestive organs need to be washed carefully and carefully, and if they are not washed properly, other meat will be contaminated.
 In other words, amateurs should stay away from it.

All right, it's done. Now let's hurry up and go home. The longer we wait, the less delicious the meat will be.
"Well, can we just leave the rest of it? Or bury them?

 Yuki shows us the head and guts of the boar.
 By the way, I didn't bring a hoe with me today.
 Do you want Yuki to dig a hole for you?

Oh, I don't mind this much. The animals in the forest will take care of themselves. Of course, if you want to rest or camp nearby, you'll have to bury it.

 That's what he said.
 I've heard that in Japan, when you exterminate vermin, you have to bury them and dispose of them, but it seems that it's different in the other world.
 If this is not followed by the [Common sense of the other world], does it mean that it is not common sense, but the common sense of hunters and adventurers?

"Oh, really?
"Yes. And if it's near a human settlement. Well, if you can afford it, you can bury it.

 Aella, who had packed a good amount of food into her own backpack, stood up and presented us each with a leather bag.
 The boar was a little smaller than we had expected, maybe less than 10 kilos per person.
 That should not be a problem.

Okay, let's go a little faster. How strong are you?
I'm fine. I'm fine. I just took a rest earlier.

 Natsuki answered my question, and the other two nodded in agreement.

Then we'll go for a short run. Aera-san, let me know if it's too hard.
"Yes. Yes, but I'll be fine.

 Aella smiled as she carried her rather heavy backpack with ease.

    I'm sure you'll agree.

 Aera-san's physical strength exceeded my expectations, as she declared.
 Aera said, "A cook is a very physical person".

 Because we gave priority to speed, we encountered a goblin once on the way, but it was easily taken care of by my spear, Natsuki's, and Yuki's iron bar.
 We didn't even need our magic, let alone Aella's bow.

 The goblin's humanoid form made it a little more difficult to deal with, but in a way, it made it easier to find the vital points and aim.
 If you use a spear, you can stab a goblin in the heart from out of range, or in the brain from the eyes, so it's easy if you're prepared.

 Yuki and Natsuki also showed no hesitation in killing the goblins for the first time, which should be regarded as stout-hearted.

 However, the goblin's magic stone was left unattended this time as well, on the grounds that it was a waste of time.
 If I wanted to do it, I would have cracked his head with Yuki's iron bar, but Yuki didn't want to do it, so I guess that's what I'll do.

 We arrived back at Aella's store before the evening was over.