53-048 Let's make sauce! (1)

I'll put the meat in the cold storage for now.

 The first time I entered Aella's restaurant, there was a large cold storage room, or simply put, a refrigerator in the kitchen.
 It was about two meters in length and width and about one and a half meters in depth. It seems to be a very expensive magical tool.

It's very useful! ...... Well, if you don't cook a lot of food at a low profit, this is useless too.

 I'm not sure what to do with it.
 Not only is the purchase price high, but the bigger the machine, the more expensive it is to maintain.
 In other words, if you can't use it up, you're just wasting your money.

"No, no, Mr. Aera. If you want to focus on sweets, you need a refrigerator!
That's right. With this, we can produce delicious fresh sweets. Isn't this a big advantage?

Is that so? I mean, what are fresh pastries? The name itself sounds delicious!
Oh, no? Don't you know what fresh confectionery is?
Yes, I'm not familiar with it. Please teach me!

 Come to think of it, the sweets in the coffee shop we used to go to were only baked goods like cookies.

 Sugar candy was also on the menu, but Haruka said, "It's probably just a bunch of sugar. so I stopped ordering them. What I had in my mind at that time was sweets made of sugar to be offered to Buddha, but maybe I was not so far off.

 Considering the price of sugar candy at that time, the field of confectionery itself may not have developed much.
 Aella's eyes lit up when she heard about the new sweets, and she crowded Natsuki, who nodded, a little confused.

I understand. I'll let you know when I have time.
"I'm sure you will!
Yes. I'll tell you when I have time.

Oh, right. Well, I need a jar first. Let's go buy some for our store and some to share with everyone.

But, Aella-san. But, Aella, didn't we have to go get the sign?
Yes, I did!

 When she went to place the order yesterday, she told them that she would pick it up today.
 The signboard Yuki explained could have been made just yesterday, but she wanted to take a little extra time and effort to make sure it would look good in the store, so she gave herself a day to get it.

What should I do? Both stores will be closing soon.

 Stores in this world, with the exception of a few restaurants and entertainment districts, close when the sun goes down.
 Considering the time of day, it would be a little difficult to visit both.

Well, I'll go get the sign. Aella, you go with them and buy some jars.
Are you sure?

Yeah. I'm just going to get it. In return, can I invite the other two of us, Haruka and Toya? I'd like you to teach them how to make the sauce, and then we can make pork cutlets and eat them.

Yes, of course. If you can teach me how to make pork cutlets, I'm all yours!

 That's what I thought.

This is the store where I got all my tableware.

 Aella took me to a store in a secluded area off the main street.
 If you didn't know about it, you wouldn't be able to find it.

 The store seemed to specialize in pottery, and all the dishes and pots were made of pottery.
 I wondered if the shop was a very successful one, or if they were trying to increase their profit margin by selling high quality products.

"Oh... --Do you have money, Natsuki?
"What? Not that much. It's just what I earn from Sahlstat.
Oh, no. Haruka's in charge of our money, so I only have a little money.

 The two of us together have less than three thousand Reais in our possession.
 In addition, the items on the shelf don't have price tags on them. Hmmm .......
 Aera walked to the back of the store and called out to the clerk.

Hello. I'm looking for a vase. I need something practical and durable.
I'm looking for something practical and durable.

 The shopkeeper led me to a row of light brown vases with lids.
 The largest was about fifty centimeters long. Some of the smaller ones can fit in the palm of your hand.

If you're going to use them in your store, you'll need two of this size. ...... Nao, can you help me carry them?
Yes, of course.

 I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
 Which one should we get? .......
 How much sauce do we consume?

Which one would you like, Natsuki?

"Well, ......, isn't this enough?

 Natsuki showed him a vase that was about the size of a large flower vase, with a capacity of about three or four liters.

"Excuse me, which is the cheapest vase in this size?
I'm sorry, which is the cheapest vase in this size? It's a little warped, but I don't think it's a practical problem.

 I was told that, and when I compared the vase the shopkeeper showed me with the other vases, I found that the distortion was indeed a bit large.
 However, the vases here are not wheel thrown, or can not be said to be all neatly aligned.
 Natsuki takes up the jar, taps it lightly, and nods.

How much is this?
"That's 600 rare.

 Hmm? Hmm? Isn't it unexpectedly expensive?
 I think it's rather cheap, considering that it's all made by hand.

(What do you think, Natsuki? (What do you think, Natsuki? Isn't it cheaper than expected?)
(Maybe, but I think it will sell a lot for daily use. (Maybe, but I think it will sell a lot for daily use.
(I see.) (Even if it can be mass-produced by mechanization, it won't be cheap if it can't be sold.) Okay, let's buy it.

 When I nodded my head, Ms. Aera, perhaps waiting for me, approached the shopkeeper.

I'm going to buy this vase and this vase too, so can you give me a little discount?
"Well, ......, how about 3,000 Reais for the whole lot?
Yes, please do that.

 Aera-san said, and quickly paid the money.
 But then, although it may have been cheaper, I don't know how much it was discounted. .......

So, let's go home. Nao, can you help me with that jar?
Oh, yes.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

Thank you very much.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I'm not sure what to do. How much should I pay? I don't know how much it costs, so shall we settle for 600 Rea?

No, no, no, that jar is my gift to you. These two jars are a little cheaper than the market price of 3,000 rares, so the shopkeeper probably thinks that the jars are just a bonus.

 Aera smiles as she adds, "I bought a lot of stuff at that store the other day.
 I heard that all the tableware used in the store was purchased there, so the price must have been quite high.

"Are you sure about this, ......?

 Then Natsuki looked at me.
 It's not like Aella can't afford it, so she might as well pay a little. .......

I'm not sure what to make of that. It's a small price to pay for a ding dong, that jar.

 It's true that buying two dingles would cost more than this jar.
 But then again, the ding dong is too expensive.

...... would be grateful. Thank you.
Thank you very much.

 I thanked Aella again, and we got the jar for free.