58-S005 Tommy Rysshi (1)

 After leaving Azuma-san - or should I say Haruka-san? --After leaving them, I was walking alone along the road leading to the city of Laffan.

 It's been about two weeks since I parted ways with the two people who were with me when I came to this world.
 To be frank, we were not close friends in the original world, but we had spent a few days together, so I was quite upset when they died.

 However, after a few days passed, I realized that the reason for my upset was not the sadness of the death of my acquaintance but the anxiety of having no one to rely on, and I became quite depressed with self-loathing.

 Well, that self-loathing didn't last more than a day.

 In a sense, you will die of starvation if you are fluent and carefree in self-loathing.

 There was only a limited amount of food available in the forest, and since I had no success in making a fire, the only food I could eat was raw food.
 It would have been different if I had been able to make a bow cone, but I couldn't even turn black from rubbing together wood that had fallen on the ground.

 That's why my body grew weaker day by day, and finally I collapsed in a daze.

 I closed my eyes thinking that I was finally going to be welcomed, so when I opened my eyes again, I thought for a moment that I had come to the other side.
 I thought I had come to the other world for a moment when I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful woman in front of me.
 I immediately recognized Mr. Nagai and knew it was real.

 To be honest, at that time, I was so relieved and thought, "Thank God! I thought I was saved, but the reality was quite harsh.
 But the reality was quite harsh. Haruka told me to live by myself.

 At that time, I thought, "Why didn't you help me? At the time, I was thinking, "Why didn't you help me? !" But when I thought about it calmly, it was obvious.

 Haruka and the others were sent to this world under the same conditions, and they're probably struggling to make ends meet.
 And yet, it's risky to carry a burden alone.

 When Nagai told me this, I realized that even though we're classmates, we're still strangers. I have no obligation to take care of their lives.

 In the original world, if a classmate moved into my house and stayed, I would normally call the police.

 The situation was worse than in the original world, but I was the one who was insane for asking for help without any reason.
 Even when I complained, Haruka and the others - though they were a bit harsh - kindly gave me advice and eventually lent me money.

 Thirty large silver coins. Three times the amount I had from the beginning.
 According to Haruka, they were worth about 30,000 yen.

 He lent me the money even though he had no expectation of being able to pay it back, saying that it would be better if he could afford it.
 It's heartbreaking to be alone, but financially I have a fourfold advantage over other people.

 It may be difficult for me to become a useful person like I told Haruka at the end, but I hope I can at least pay back the money I borrowed with interest.

    I'm not sure what to say.

 I think I walked for about an hour after I left Haruka and the others.

 When I arrived at the town of Raffan, I paid a large silver coin to the gatekeeper and asked for the location of the adventurer's guild, and headed there.

 On the way, I peeked into stores to check prices.

The difference in prices depends on the ...... item.

 You can find a lot of things that are cheaper or more expensive when you simply convert them to 10 yen per rarity, but I would venture to say that labor costs are cheaper?

 I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.

 To use an extreme example, if you make a sugar craft, the breakdown of the price is mostly "labor cost" in the modern world and "sugar price" here.

 Considering the price of raw materials, processed products are cheaper.
 Food from food stalls is also quite cheap, considering the quantity.

 On the other hand, rare items such as fruits and spices are quite expensive.
 You can't afford them with the money you have now.

"Oh, that's the fruit that Nao-kun gave me earlier, isn't it? I'm sure you're right.

 A large silver coin is said to be 100 rares, which is about 1,000 yen, which means the fruit is worth about 6,000 yen.

I ate three of them just now. ......

 They didn't say anything to me, but I think I did something pretty bad .......

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to do with the money you have.

"Ugh ...... I've been treated and ...... I might have had a pretty bad attitude.

 I've seen in some social experiments that even in modern society, most people ignore a dead-end when they see one.

 However, Haruka and her friends rescued a suspicious person - I am at least aware that a bearded man is suspicious - who was lying in the forest.

 They didn't even know he was a classmate at first, so they must be kind enough to care for others even in such a state.

I'll thank you again when I see you again.

 To do that, I need to be independent.
 I headed for the Adventurer's Guild, asking for directions.

 It seemed to be near the south gate, not the east gate, and it was quite a distance away, but the Adventurer's Guild was a magnificent building that was easy to find once you got there.

"Okay, ......!

 I opened the door and went inside, a little nervous.
 This is the Adventurer's Guild ....... Before I had time to be deeply moved, I heard a shout.

Why didn't you introduce me?

You abandoned your job the other day, didn't you, Yasue? We've received a complaint from the store.
That's .......
You may have had a reason, but you disappeared without notice and didn't even come to explain the situation. It's out of the question.

 When I looked over there, I saw someone who looked like a classmate having a dispute with the counter person.

 I remembered Haruka's advice, looked around and moved to a place where we would not meet.

 Well, it seems that Nao and the others didn't figure it out either, so I don't think there's any need to worry about them finding out.
 The difference between her original form and her current form is too great.

 The only similarity is that you're shorter.
 And that's a tribal thing, so it's not a clue.

Anyway, I can't offer you a job for a while. Also, please go to your place of work and apologize to them. If you don't, I won't be able to find you any more work.
All right!

 I avert my gaze from the woman who is approaching with thudding footsteps and pretend to read the bulletin board next to the entrance.
 I pretend to read the bulletin board next to the entrance, because even if she doesn't know I'm a classmate, it's too much trouble to get involved.

"d*mn it! I can't use the skills I've copied and I'll lose my job! I can't do this!

 I'm not sure if she's even paying attention to me, but she's complaining and opening the door roughly to leave.

 --I don't know who Yasue-san is. I don't know, because I can only remember a few girls' first names.

 The few I do remember?
 Pretty girls.
 It's only natural for boys, right?

 I'm sure all the boys in the class know the names of Haruka-san, Shito-san and Furumiya-san who are always with Haruka-san.

 I don't know Yasue, so I guess she's not one of those girls, but I think I've seen her ...... face before.

 --But that guy said "copy", right?

 Yeah, I see, that's a mine.
 That's a minefield. He's a minefield as a person, not as a skill.

 It seems he copied someone else's skills without permission, and he also complained to the guild members.
 If you leave your part-time job in the middle of the day, you're bound to get fired.

 Even I understand that in this world, trust is more important than in the original world.
 There are no resumes, no guarantors, etc., so the store doesn't want to put someone who can't be trusted to work.

 With that in mind, it would be quite difficult to get an apprentice for my blacksmith.
 There is no guarantee that the person you hire as an apprentice will not become a robber.
 Even in the modern age, if you want someone to live in your house and work for you, you'd have to hire them by fate.

 Oh, I've come to register with the guild.
 I need to find a place to stay, so let's sign up as soon as possible.

 I approached the woman at the counter, who looked a little tired from dealing with people in trouble.

Hello, sister.
Hello. What can I do for you today?
"Registration, please.
Yes, registration. That'll be 300 Reais.
Here we go.

 I'll give you three large silver coins.
 At this point, I already have four and there are six left. What if Haruka didn't lend me the money?
 That would be tough.

"Yes, indeed. Do I need to explain?
"Yes, please.

 While listening to her explanation about the Adventurer's Guild, I filled out the form.
 All I have to write is my name, race, and personal PR.
 I wrote, "I'm strong and sturdy.

 I really wanted to write 'I have a talent for blacksmithing', but since there seems to be no way for people in this world to check my skills, I avoided it. It would just make me sound like a weird, overconfident guy.

 The guild card that was made for me was pretty simple, and it didn't seem to have any magical features at all.

 It's a bit of a dream breaker.
 It's a little bit of a dream breaker.

Are there any more questions?
"No, I'm fine. So, I was wondering if you could introduce me to a job.
Well, you're not asking me to be an adventurer, are you?

 To be honest, I'd like to be like you and Nagai, gathering and killing enemies outside the city, but I don't think I'm capable of that right now.

 In the novel, there is a boy who is transferred to another world and becomes an adventurer all by himself, but how ballsy is that?

 You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

 If you think it's no big deal, you should try spending a night in the mountains in the countryside. It's not like a campground or anything.

If I were to recommend a job to you, Tommy, it would have to be manual labor, but to be frank, there's a lot of competition for good jobs.

"Is that so?

Yes. Everyone comes early in the morning and stands in line. It's a little hard to say, but what's left here now are the bad jobs that no one else has taken. ......

Can I get a better job if I come back tomorrow?
I can't say for sure, but it's very likely.

 Is there competition in that area?
 If I don't have the money I'll have to work right away, but luckily I have 3,600 Reais left. This should give you a bit of breathing room. .......

Do I have to wait in line every day to get a job?

No. Once you get a day job, you can keep it unless the job runs out or you tell them you quit. That's why everyone is desperate to find a job with good conditions.

 I see.
 So it's all about what kind of job you can get first.

 If you can't get a good job, you can change jobs every day, but if you have to wait in line and take another job every time, I doubt if they'll trust you.

By the way, is there any way to become a blacksmith's apprentice? I want to be a blacksmith in the future.
"Apprenticeship? ...... Hmmm .......

 The sister then makes a difficult face and growls.

I'll be honest, it's quite difficult. To be honest, it's quite difficult. Basically, we don't accept apprentices unless they are introduced by someone we know. Generally speaking, you have to go through your relatives, but since you said that, you didn't have any relatives, right?

 I don't have any relatives to begin with. The only sane people I know are Kamiya, Nagai, and Haruka. If you're not sane, then Yasue is too, I guess. It makes no sense at all, though.

One way to do it is to keep doing these day jobs, get to know people, gain their trust, and get an introduction from someone who knows a blacksmith. If you don't have a lot of trust, it's difficult.

 So you're saying that I should work hard and get to know people.
 It's like being a guarantor, so it's quite difficult, isn't it?

 Even in the original world, it's unlikely that you'll become a guarantor for your work colleagues. In fact, my parents have taught me never to be a guarantor.

The other way is to increase your rank as an adventurer. At the moment, I've just registered, so my rank is zero, but when I reach five or six, I'll be considered a trustworthy person. Once you reach 5 or 6, you will be considered a very trustworthy person, and some blacksmiths may accept you as an apprentice. Of course, I can't guarantee that.

"I see. ...... Thank you.

 It's not going to be that easy after all.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

 It's definitely easier to become a sword smith in the original world, isn't it? Whether you can make a living at it or not is another matter.

 In my case, I have parents who have regular jobs, so that alone is worth it to get a job.

I'll come back tomorrow for work, but can you recommend a suitable place to stay?
"Accommodation? What kind of accommodation do you prefer? What kind of lodging do you want? - Food, safety, facilities.
I'd prefer the cheapest possible. I don't mind sharing a room if it's reasonably safe.
If so, this is a good place. You can stay here for about 100 Reais with breakfast and dinner. It's really a minimal accommodation, but it's not a strange one.

 The lady showed me a map of the city and told me where to go.
 The inn is located in an alleyway outside of the city center. It's also quite far from here.
 It's quite complicated, so I'm trying hard to remember the name and location. It's a complicated place, so I tried to remember the name and location.
 But now I have an idea.

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I'll see you tomorrow.
"Okay, have a good day.

 With a smile on her face, I left the Adventurer's Guild.