59-S006 Tommy Rysshi (2)

Before heading to the inn ......, I think I'll go to the market and buy some food.

 Haruka and his friends have given us plenty of fruit to eat, but it's already well past noon.
 My stomach is starting to growl with hunger, and I'd like to get something cheap to eat. .......

It's a little expensive for meat, but if you don't have a livestock business, it's not that bad. But I guess that's what you get when there's no livestock industry.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something you like.

 If you're raising animals on grass that humans can't eat, but you're feeding them corn and potatoes that they can eat, it's more efficient for humans to eat them.

 Basically, it seems that raising mammals is inefficient, and the United Nations says that the most efficient source of protein is insects.
 However, eating insects as they are is indeed a hurdle that needs to be overcome, so we need at least one more cushion. For example, animals or fish raised on insects as food. I wonder how efficient it would be?

 Huh? By the way, wasn't there a story about a silk production area where carp were raised using silkworm chrysalises as food, and carp were often eaten in that area?

 Oh, how efficient. Mulberries are grown for food, and the leaves for silkworms. The silkworms make silk, and the unwanted pupae are used to feed the carp. The carp can eat it. No waste. There's no waste!
 Fish don't mind eating silkworm pupae.
 --Some people eat the pupae themselves, though.

I'm getting nervous thinking about it.

 I don't mean to belittle insect eating itself, but it's a different story when I eat it. I can't accept it physiologically.

 Even in the original world, insect food is commonplace in some areas, so I can't say that there is no such thing in the food stalls around here.

 If you can see it, you can avoid it. If you can't recognize it, please don't tell me. If you don't notice it, it's not a problem.

"But I think I'll have bread and fruit water today.

 If you forget, you can eat without worrying, but right now, you will definitely be thinking, "Is there anything in this? But now, in this state, I'll definitely be thinking, "Is it in this? I don't want to do that.

 I chose one of the cheapest stalls, a set of rye bread and fruit water for 10 Reais, and bought it. I bite into it.

I bit into it. "Yeah, ......, I'm feeling bloated.

 The fruit water is mostly water and the rye bread is dry and tasteless. It's only the size of your palm, so you can stuff it in your stomach with water to drown your hunger.

 It's probably a kind of black bread, but it's not as hard as I expected, so if you can stand the taste, it's not so hard to eat.
 It's not that hard to eat if you can stand the taste.

Now, I'll have to buy a change of clothes.

 Many of the day jobs seem to be menial, so it's almost guaranteed that your clothes will get dirty.
 There is almost no chance that they will lend you work clothes, and you will be in trouble if you don't have a change of clothes.

 I returned the cup to the stall owner and asked him where the second hand clothes shop and grocery store were, and headed there.

    I went to the second hand clothes shop.

 The work clothes I found at the second-hand clothing store were more expensive than I expected.

 I wanted at least two outfits for washing, and there were almost no choices when it came to clothes that were durable to some extent and fit my body.
 Still, I was fortunate that clothes in my size were sold at a disposal price, much cheaper than other clothes.

 There were no variations, and I guess there were almost no dwarf customers.
 Well, now I don't care about design as long as it's practical, so I'm glad it was cheap. No, it was still expensive enough, though.

 I also bought a headband and underwear at a general store. It was cheaper than second-hand clothes, but at this point, I had less than half the money I had, and if it hadn't been for the money I borrowed from Haruka, I'd have been screwed, really.

How did you do it, Nagai? There was no one who could lend you money like me. ......

 In my case, my money quadrupled and I could barely afford it.
 I'm sure you've had a hard time.

It must have been hard work. ......

 And yet, if I had simply said, "You're my classmate, let me join you," it's no wonder they would have felt bad. Because at that time, I was obviously going to rely on you. I wasn't trying to help each other.
 Even so, you lent me 3,000 Reais when we parted. To someone who had no way of paying me back.

"...... Yeah, let's work hard.

 The innkeeper who introduced me to the guild was shabby, to say the least.

 I paid 100 rares and was shown to a room where about 10 people were sleeping together, and my own space was only about a tatami mat at most. I was given only a blanket, and to be honest, it smelled bad.

 The food that was served was only barely edible, and not something I would enjoy eating.
 The next morning, I woke up as early as I could, ate breakfast again, and rushed off to the Adventurer's Guild.

 There were already a few people lined up in front of the guild, which was still dimly lit, so I hurried to get behind them.
 All of them stared at me, so I tried to give them a friendly smile, but whether it was effective or not, they didn't say anything.

 I waited for what seemed like an hour or two.
 The doors to the Adventurer's Guild opened and the first people to enter began to walk in.

 To be honest, I thought it would be more chaotic and people would be fighting each other to get in, but it wasn't like that at all. The appearance of the people in line was quite unbecoming - to put it bluntly, they looked like hoodlums, so in a sense, it was very uncomfortable.

 Later on, I was told that if you make a fuss, you will be immediately removed from the guild and will not be able to get a job. The adventurer's guild in this world seems to be quite strict.

 There is no such thing as "we don't get involved in disputes between adventurers," and if you do anything like that in the presence of guild officials, you'll be demoted or expelled. Guilds are in a sense a business of trust, so it may be natural.

 Even in a modern staffing agency, if a dispatched worker causes a problem, the agency would naturally receive a complaint.



 I woke up early to get in line, and soon it was my turn.
 I put my guild card on the counter, imitating the person in front of me.

Good morning. Good morning. Tommy, are you ready for some well-paid manual labor?
Yes, I'm confident in my strength.

 The lady who was working at the reception desk yesterday was in charge of me.
 She flipped through the job postings and handed me two of them.

This one has only three days of work, but the pay is high. This one offers ten days of work, but the pay is lower than the first one. Which one do you want?

 Both sound like manual labor at a construction site, but I'll take the former.
 I'd like to get a higher grade of accommodation at least. Seriously.

This way, please.
All right. Then please take this job offer to the site.
Yes, sir.

 You take the job offer and quickly get out of the way.
 There was a line of strong men behind me, and I didn't want to disturb them.

 I walked past them in silence, feeling nervous inside, and headed for the construction site that was written on the job offer.

 The work at the construction site was a little hard.

 A little? Yeah, a little.

 To be honest, I had a lot of leeway compared to the people around me.

 Maybe it's because I'm a dwarf, or maybe it's because of my [Robustness Lv.3], [Strength Lv.2], and [Iron Wall Lv.2] skills.

 I couldn't do any work that required my short stature, but my strength more than made up for it, and I received compliments from the foreman.

 The pile driving was one of the most appreciated.
 There were many opportunities to drive piles at the construction site, and once I was in charge of it, all the work came to me. At the end, I was even asked, "Aren't you a professional pile driver? This is probably a benefit of the [Kurosmithing] skill, right?

 It's good that it's helping to raise my rating, but as someone who wants to be a blacksmith, I'm feeling a little sensitive.

 The work is over by sunset.
 After receiving my paycheck, I returned to the inn, changed my clothes, washed and dried them, and went to bed to prepare for tomorrow.

 For the third time in a row, I was able to endure a meal that was not very tasty, thinking of it as an intake of nutrition.
 I was able to have lunch at a slightly better food stall that I had heard about from a workmate.

 The next day's work was much the same, but thanks to a bit of familiarity, I was able to work more efficiently and collaborate more smoothly with my workmates.

 And finally, the third day.
 Physically, I was able to do the work much more easily, and the foreman even said, "We would love to have you participate in the next construction.

 Furthermore, even though I finished the work a little early on the last day, I was even given a little extra pay for my hard work, so I guess my work was highly appreciated.

"Tommy, what do you think? Do you want to go out for a drink now?

 It was a colleague of mine who I had become somewhat friendly with over the past three days of work.
 After work, we drank cheap sake with our friends, laughing and laughing. Yeah, it's kind of dwarvish. Not bad.

That's good! Well, then...
What? Naga, ...... Toya-kun.

 Just before I said, "Let's go," I heard a voice calling me, and when I turned around, it was not Mr. Nagai standing there, but Mr. Toya. Yes, yes, Toya, Toya. Kamiya is Nao. I'll have to remember that.

 I got used to Haruka-san pretty quickly. ...... Maybe it's because I don't usually call her Azuma-san?

I wanted to talk to you about something. ......

 I'm not sure if it's because I don't usually call him Haruka-san or because I don't usually call him Azuma-san.

Yeah, I don't mind. Tommy, let's have another drink when you get a chance!
"Yes, by all means!

 Tommy smiled and waved, then walked off with the others.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you." "No, it's nothing to worry about. I would have liked a drink.

 I've come to a fantasy world, and I still haven't had an ale.
 Dwarves and ale, it's a classic.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure.
I'm not sure. I'm sure you're aware of the disadvantages of heavy drinking.
Yeah, yeah. It's not just that you don't get drunk, it's that you don't get strong, right?
That's right. I'm sure you've heard of it.
Sure, .......

 Normally, people adjust the amount of alcohol they drink after experiencing that they feel sick after drinking this much, or that they don't remember the next day. But this is not the case for me. If you can do a scientific test, you can measure your blood alcohol level, but that's not possible here.

"And while we're at it, what's the point of drinking if you can't get drunk? Why not just drink juice?
"Ugh ......, no, think of it as pure enjoyment of the taste of alcohol!

 Some people drink alcohol because they want to get drunk, while others enjoy the taste of alcohol. It's good to be mature enough to judge the taste of alcohol calmly without getting drunk.

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the web site to find out more. I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm sure you'll agree with me.

I'm sure you'll agree.
At least it was less than beer. It tasted like ...... room temperature beer, and after the carbonation was removed. It tastes like ...... room temperature beer, and after it's been carbonated, it's a little sour. ...... Or is it a little different?

It doesn't sound very good to me.

I'm sure there are people out there who think it's delicious. Some people think it tastes good. It's not like I was drinking alcohol in the original world either.

 I've heard that black beer and craft beer are drunk at room temperature, so the temperature itself is not much of an issue.

Well, you should try it. At least we usually drink water. It's free.
Free is a big deal. ....... But I'd like to try it if you'll buy me a drink!
"Then let's go to my inn. They have decent food.