79-069 Let's know the demon

 As the name of the library implies, what was placed there was not a book, but a document.
 It was a simple collection of about a dozen pieces of paper held together with string. Everything was handwritten, and there were no pictures or even illustrations.
 It's a bit poor, but better than nothing, I guess. Let's read it from the beginning.

What is a demon?

 A demon is a creature that has a magical stone in its body.
 It's a good idea to kill demons when you find them because they are harmful to people, but it's also important to calmly analyze their strength and have the courage to retreat at times.
 There are several differences between demons and other animals other than demon stones.

 One is the fighting spirit.
 Most animals will not attack you unless they are in danger, but demons are different. When they see you, they will attack you even if you do not attack them.
 If there are more of them than you, they may run away, but unless you are a high-ranking demon, they will not analyze your strength very well.

 Another thing is territory.
 In the case of animals, if an animal of the same species enters their territory, they will try to drive it out, but in the case of demons, demons of the same species often form cliques.
 In contrast to animals, demons will try to repel a demon of a different species when it enters their territory.

 Therefore, it is not common to encounter multiple species of demons in one area.
 When multiple demons coexist, it may be because their ecology is very different (e.g., some demons are active on the ground while others are active in the air or underground) or because they feed on different things.
 However, please note that this does not apply to special environments such as dungeons.

How to make money with demons

 The most reliable way to earn money from demons is to use demon stones.
 In most cases, they are found in the center of the body near the heart, and rarely in the head, but since they do not require skill to collect, do not take up much space, and are easy to store, it is recommended that you make sure to secure them.

 There are also monsters whose meat and skin can be sold, such as orcs, but they require dismantling skills, so it is best to learn from someone with experience.

 If you don't know what parts are worth money, you may end up throwing away most of the demons you have killed. If you have enough money, you should buy a demon encyclopedia and study it beforehand. This will not only save you money, but will also improve your safety.

 When a demon has caused or is expected to cause some damage, a request to kill it may be posted to the guild.
 In this case, you will be paid a reward for defeating the demon in addition to the normal profit from the sale.

 In some cases, you may be able to get proof of defeat with magic stones, but in other cases, you may be asked to provide proof of defeat.

 It may be common knowledge for adventurers, but it's nice to know that these things are well explained.
 The rest of the book is about the demons and animals that live in this area.
 I think I'll read the Orcs first. It's the most relevant part right now.


 A demon that looks like a giant boar with a bipedal gait.
 Its body is over 3 meters long, and it is also thick. If you were to take a serious hit, an ordinary human would die instantly.
 It doesn't move very fast, but the attacks from its huge body are heavy, and you should face it with a mind to avoid it rather than to catch it.
 They sell skins and meat as well as magic stones, so if you are good enough to kill them and can carry their huge bodies, they are efficient prey.

 Orc leaders exist as a higher species, and are said to be born when dozens or more orcs build a nest.
 In general, they are about 1.5 times larger than normal orcs. To give a rough idea of its strength, it is about as strong as four normal Orcs.
 If you plan to face them alone, you should be able to face four orcs at the same time and kill them unharmed. Normally, it would be safer to surround them with multiple players, and reduce them little by little while avoiding their attacks.

 There are also Orc Captains, Orc Generals, and Orc Kings.
 Their body size does not change much, but their strength will increase by four times.
 If you are careless with them because their physique has not changed much, you can be sure that you will be easily turned into minced meat.

 A party with a slightly higher rank should only be able to deal with Orc Captains, and should think of retreating quickly when higher-ranked species appear.
 Since there are few differences in appearance, when you find a higher-ranked species, you should pay attention to the number of Orcs around it and the size of its fangs. Basically, it is said that the higher the species, the larger the tusks.

 Also, most Orcs above the Orc General level are accompanied by Orc Captains and lower level Orcs, so you can easily tell that they are a higher level species. Conversely, you will be confronted by several higher species when you defeat them.

 According to an adventurer who has encountered an Orc King, "Once you see one, you immediately recognize it by its intimidation. It is unlikely to be mistaken for an Orc General or lower.

 However, this adventurer is at the level of being able to encounter the Orc King and survive, so it is not clear whether a low-ranked adventurer can judge the strength of the opponent.

 So there are four different types of Orcs?
 They get stronger by a factor of four. ...... The Orc King is equivalent to 256 normal Orcs!
 Yeah, it's not the kind of enemy you can defeat by yourself.

 You might be able to get away with sniping them with magic from a distance, but unless you're in a good spot, they'll probably get close and grind you up before you can kill them.

 Can we kill the orc leader if we all work together now? No, Natsuki might be able to win by himself. Normal Orcs will die in a single blow, and no matter how strong they are, there's no danger of being surrounded by one.
 Depending on how you do it, you might be able to manage an orc nest.

 After that, I continued to read the descriptions of the animals and demons listed, but the number of them was surprisingly small.
 Should I assume that there aren't many demons in the area, or should I do as I said at the beginning and buy a demon dictionary and study it for myself? .......

 After reading through the book, I closed the book "Creatures and Demons in the Vicinity".
 I don't remember anything other than the characteristic parts, but Toya is here, so I can ask her about the details then.

 Looking at Toya, I see that she has finished reading the first book, "The Southern Forest," and is now reading "Medicinal Plants and Others.
 I think I'll go to ...... and read "The Eastern Forest". That's where I'm at right now.

The Eastern Forest.

 This is a hunting ground for rookies in this town.
 There are no demons on the roadside, and you can gather herbs relatively safely.

 Task Boars will occasionally appear, but if you keep your eyes on them and move away from them slowly, you will not be attacked. However, if you are unlucky enough to encounter one during the time when you are raising your child or when you are in a temper, it will rush at you.

 If you can kill it well, you can earn money from its meat and skin. There are no magic stones because they are not demons.

 Goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs will appear as you move deeper into the game.
 Goblins and hobgoblins are not threatening even for rookies, but if you want to face orcs, you should prepare a good weapon. You may not be able to attack them at all with cheap weapons.
 The territory of goblins and that of orcs is not clear, so there are many rookies who go too far into the territory and get killed by orcs. It is best to avoid entering the realm of demons until you can kill a task boar with a single blow at the very least.

 If you go further, you will come to a forest at the foot of the mountain range.
 In this area, there will be ogre and other demons that rookies will not be able to reach. If you are skilled enough to enter this area, you should change your hunting ground to the southern forest. It is safer to earn money there.

 The area along the mountain range extending west from here has not been explored, so it is not recommended to go there unless you are very confident.
 There is almost no information about the demons that appear, but if we tell you that adventurers who can kill ogres have gone missing, you will understand the threat level.

 Hmm . I guess we shouldn't go beyond the orc area for the time being.
 The pages after that have descriptions of the medicinal plants that grow well in each area.
 Oh, and an explanation of the orc flood.

[Oak floods

 Every few years, there is an orc flood in the Eastern Forest.
 Orcs that are not defeated form groups and build nests, expanding their power and appearing in the vicinity of the roads.

 During this period, even the forest on the roadside is dangerous, so rookies should carefully check the warning information posted on the bulletin board so as not to miss any signs.

 Also, if you see an orc in the outer edge of the forest, be sure to report it to the guild. This will save your own life.

 If orcs are defeated, there will be no flooding, but orcs are not very popular because they are difficult to transport. Adventurers who have magic bags are encouraged to try their best to kill them.

 When the flood of orcs finally comes to an end, the adventurer's guild will organize an event to kill them. Adventurers who are capable of killing orcs are encouraged to participate in these events, as they will receive assistance in transporting orcs. If you have the ability, you can expect to earn a lot of money.

 It's the same as Diora's explanation. --I'm not sure if it's the same as Diora's description, or if it's written by Diora? I'm not sure what to make of it, but I think it's a good idea. It's good that it's not too complicated and easy to understand.
 The only other thing I'm curious about is - oh, the Great Salamander: ......

The Noria River.

 A river that runs east of the town of Laffan.
 The eastern forest extends to this side of the river.
 A half day's walk from the east gate of the city of Laffan will lead you to the city of Sarstat, which was built on the side of this river.

 The river is both wide and deep, making it difficult to cross on foot, so use the ferry at Sarstad.
 It is not recommended to swim across the river. If you are unlucky, you may be attacked by a demon.

 After a day's walk upstream, the river narrows and turns into a clear stream.
 Great Salamanders live in this area.

 Great salamanders are highly prized as food, so if you are confident about catching one, you may want to go and kill it. Since they are animals, they are not very dangerous.

 You will need a wizard who can do this, or a magic bag that can carry them while they are dead.

 That's over two days round trip.
 That's a minimum of 20 gold coins per large salamander, right? You can make more money as an Orc.
 There's no point in going unless you have some other goal in mind.

 I wonder if I can catch some tasty river fish.
 The river fish I ate in Sarstat was, to put it mildly, shitty, but if I can catch fish like yamame or ayu (sweetfish), they might be good to eat grilled.
 Unfortunately, there was no information about fish in the document I just read.

"Nao. I'm done reading, what about you?

 As I was thinking about this, Toya, who had placed the booklet on the table, called out to me.

I haven't finished "Southern Forest" and "Medicinal Herbs and Others" yet. I've read most of the rest.
Well. What do you think? I think it's almost noon. ......
I don't know. Do you think they'll be back by now?

 We hadn't decided what to do about lunch, but if they were back, we could go to Aella's for lunch.

It would take me half a day to finish my order, but ...... home, so...
That's right.

 In Japan, there is no way that a meeting to build a house can be completed in half a day.
 But in this world, the details are left to the carpenter. There may be nothing to discuss at length.

I'll go back to ...... for now. There's no point in thinking about it here.
Yeah. If he's not here, we'll go out to eat together.

 We nodded at each other, rearranged the materials on the table, and left the guild.