80-070 Dining?

 When I returned to the inn and visited the women's room, the three of them had already returned.
 As I had expected, there was no detailed discussion, and the order was completed after answering our requests, budget, and a few simple questions.

So, how long will it take?
"It depends on the weather, but two or three months. It'll be ready before the new year at the latest.

 It's already less than four months before the new year. It's already less than four months until the new year, which is pretty early considering the size of the house.

The fact that we paid up front, the fact that the budget was not too tight, and the fact that there was no chance of losing anything seemed to be highly valued.
What do you mean by "no loose ends," aside from the advance payment?

 They may know we're adventurers, but they don't know us well enough to know what we do for a living.

It's like you're related to Aella's restaurant. He said he sometimes goes there to eat because of the work we do and he knows we sell meat.
Considering the price of the meat, you figured it wouldn't be hard to recover.

 In fact, we have as much meat as we need.

What were you and Nao doing?
We went to the guild, talked to Diora, read the documents, and so on.

 I'll also tell them about the orc nest and the flooding.
 Natsuki had read the materials and seemed to have some idea about the flooding, but he didn't know about the increase in the purchase price of magic stones and the guild-sponsored defeats.
 I'm grateful to Diora for telling me that I can earn four more fish per day, which is equivalent to twelve gold coins.

Let's go eat, then. Haruka and the others haven't eaten either, right?
"Yes. Yeah, I thought we'd wait until you guys got back.

Why don't we go to Aella's? Isn't that sauce ready by now? Maybe they'll have something on the menu that uses it.
It's that time of year again. I wonder if they've finished ours?

 Haruka looked at the jar of sauce that Aella had given her.
 Since we don't cook for ourselves, it's been left unattended.

 Taking advantage of the opportunity, she opened the lid and took a peek. The fruits and vegetables that had been packed in the jar were completely gone, all in liquid form.
 The aroma wafted in the air was a little sweeter than the one I had at Aella's place, but it was good.

It looks like it's working. It won't be working for a while.
No, not for a while. If we dare to use it, it will be when we make our own lunch, but we bought it.

 It takes a lot of time to build a fire and cook in the forest.
 We can buy lunch at the Bear Pavilion, and sometimes we go to Aella's place to buy meat poste. These are tasty enough, so we don't really feel like taking the time to make our own lunch.

 And the fact that the dishes we can make are basically limited to roasted meat is also a factor. It's good, it's good, but if you eat just grilled meat with salt too often, you'll get bored. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

It's more about food, food, food. And if possible, I'd like to invite Tommy. I'd like to buy him a drink if I could. ......

 As if he couldn't wait, Toya stood up, said such a thing, and looked at Haruka, who was holding his wallet.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. The reason he wants to ask you out is probably because he wants to ask you about body enhancement.

"Tommy? I wouldn't mind buying him a meal or something, but suddenly?
No, actually, that was part of the reason I went to talk to Diora earlier.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 When told this, not only Haruka, but also Natsuki and Yuki pondered a bit.

 If possible, all of us would like to be able to strengthen our physical abilities, and Natsuki, who, like Toya, mainly engages in close combat, would be particularly interested in this.

"I see. I see. If we can learn it too, it's only a small price to pay for lunch.
"Hmm, I'll make a copy if I can. If I can learn it, it will be easier to teach you.
"Oh! That's a good idea!

 If you're a magician, you're used to manipulating magic, and you're able to copy skills, you might be perfect for the job. The problem is whether Tommy can find the time to teach Yuki. .......

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. Do you want me to pay for a few days' lodging and let you teach Yuki in exchange?

I don't mind if it's for a few days, but after that? I'm sure it would be a pity to say, "You can go home now that you've learned.

 I'm not sure what to do with it.

It's not a problem. It's almost a done deal that you're going to move, and you should have enough salary to pay for your accommodation. It'll save Tommy a few more days of his life.

Well, let's ask him out for now.
Okay! Okay, I'll go ask him out. Meet me in front of Aella's store.

 As soon as he said that, Toya ran out of the room.
 Well, I don't mind if Tommy eats his lunch first, so I don't mind if he hurries, but he's too busy.

Well, let's go, shall we?
"Yes, let's. Well, if it's Toya, we might have to keep him waiting if we take our time.

 Normally, it would be impossible for Toya to go faster than us, as he needed to stop by Gantz's store, but when he was running at that pace, it was hard to say that he wouldn't.
 We looked at each other and nodded, and left the inn somewhat quickly.

    I've been waiting for a while.

 After a short wait at Aella's store, Toya came trotting in with a dwarf.
 Needless to say, the dwarf was Tommy. I wonder if it was out of concern for him that he wasn't running as fast as he could.

"Sorry, did I keep you waiting?
"No, you're earlier than I expected. Hello, Tommy.
Long time no see, Haruka. Long time no see, Nao.
Hey, long time no see. I'm sorry to ask you out so suddenly.
No, I'll come if you buy me a drink. And it's strange to say it's nice to meet you, but you're Furumiya-san and Shidou-san, right?
It's nice to meet you, Tommy. Please call me Natsuki.
I'll be Yuki, too. But you've changed so much!
Yes, you have. You wouldn't know it if you weren't told.

 Tommy laughed at Yuki's voice, which sounded both impressed and a little dismayed.
 I'm not sure what to make of this.

Let's go in then.

 Haruka urged me to enter the store, and I was immediately greeted by a cheerful voice.

"Welcome! Oh, Haruka-san! Is it okay if there are five of us?
There are six of us today. Are you available?
Uh, yes. Over there in the back, please. I'll get you a chair right away.

 When I looked in the direction Ms. Aera was pointing, there was only one table empty.
 The rest of the tables, including the counter, are all occupied, so the restaurant seems to be doing well.

Oh, I'll bring my own. Chairs are at .......
"Thank you very much. You can take it from there.

 I saw that there were some chairs lined up against the wall. There weren't any last time I was here, so they might have been newly purchased for customers who use the table for more than five people.
 Two of the chairs were taken by me and Toya, and we went to the table and sat down.

We sat down. "Can we order the daily special? Tommy, too.
"Yes. Yes, I'm fine with anything.

 After confirming that we nodded, Haruka ordered the daily special for the six of us.
 And when he saw that we had taken a break, Tommy straightened up and bowed deeply.

"Well, it's nice to meet you again, Haruka-san, Nao-kun. Thank you very much for your help at that time. Also, thank you very much for the money you lent me at that time. To be honest, it would have been very difficult for me without it. I will return it to you.

 Then he took out three gold coins and presented them to Haruka.

Do you have enough money?
Yes. Thanks to you, I was able to get a regular job, so I'm fine.
Okay. Then I'll take this.

 It was almost as if I had given it to him, and from where we stand now, it doesn't matter if I don't get three gold coins back, but I like the fact that he tried to return it properly.
 Haruka must have thought so too, because he accepted the money and put it in his wallet.

"Toya, did you tell him why you asked me out?
No, I didn't.
No, nothing." "Toya......, okay. Let's have dinner first. I see you're here.

 When I turned around to follow Natsuki's gaze, I saw Aella approaching with a plate of food.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Here are the daily specials.

 The daily special of the day was quickly laid out: a plate of soup, bread and a pork cutlet.

Today's dish comes with meat. The sauce is ready! It's thanks to you that we can serve meat, though.

 Aera smiled and said, "I'll bring the others, so please wait a moment.

This is a pork cutlet, isn't it? And there's even a sauce like that on it, isn't there?

 We nodded gravely at Tommy, who pointed at the plate in surprise.

"Yeah. "Yeah, technically it's not pork cutlet, but oak cutlet.

 The meat sold to Aera-san these days is oak.
 The meat sold at Aella's these days is oak, and to be frank, it tastes better than task boar, so there's no problem at all.

The sauce is also good enough, though it may be a bit picky. You're not going to tell me that I can't have tonkatsu sauce from any manufacturer, are you?

"I wouldn't say that! I'll accept any sauce sold in Japan, now! I wouldn't complain if they put yakisoba sauce on my pork cutlet.

 Personally, I think it's a much better sauce for pork cutlets than yakisoba sauce, so you can relax there.

 Later, when all the dishes were ready, we started to eat, and found that the sauce this time was slightly sweeter than the one we had last time, with a more pronounced aroma. The sauce this time was slightly sweeter than the one we had last time, and the aroma was more pronounced. The deep flavor was unmistakably delicious, as if it had only been aged for a week or so.

 Because of the richness of the sauce, the lightly flavored soup with lots of vegetables was just right to refresh the palate.

 The bread this time was plain, without nuts, but it was suitable for eating with the pork cutlet with sauce.

Today's daily special is also delicious, isn't it?
Yes. The pork cutlet is tender and well done.

I hesitated for a moment when I heard it was oak, but the sauce and the meat are both delicious. I didn't know there were other good restaurants besides the Bear Pavilion of Sleeping Beauty. ...... The restaurant is beautiful, and at this price, I could come here to eat.

 The other members seemed to appreciate it, and the lunch was gone in no time.

It was delicious. Thank you for the food. I didn't know there was such a sauce.
"This is the secret elven inspiration sauce, you know. I think this is the only place in town where you can find it.

 If there is a restaurant that serves this level of food, except for the ones that the common people can't get into, you've probably heard of it. In the beginning, I gathered a lot of information about restaurants.

 I found out about the coffee shop in the middle of this process, and while it was certainly tasty in its own way, it was expensive and not at all comparable to this restaurant.

 This store has the disadvantage of its location, but I am sure that it will soon become famous.
 I really want to support Mr. Aera, but that would make it difficult for us to use the restaurant.

The secret sauce? If you sell it, I would have bought some. I would have bought it if they sold it, but I guess you can eat even bad food if you put this on it.

 We looked at each other and shook our heads at Tommy's words.
 I'd be happy to share our inspiration sauce with you, but this sauce is just too much.

 It's easy to make more of it by just throwing in some fruits and vegetables, so it's not hard to imagine that if people knew how to make it and how it tasted, they would make more of it.

 If that happens, one of the selling points of Mr. Aera's store will be lost, and we, who were kindly given the sauce and the recipe by Mr. Aera, can't let this leak out easily.

"How was it, everyone?
"Yes, it was very good. And the sauce was delicious.

Yes! I guess using the best ingredients makes it taste better. We have been selling pork cutlet sandwiches since yesterday, and they are very popular. People who bought them yesterday bought many more today, so we ran out quickly!

 Because the price of the meat poste was higher than that of the meat poste, sales were apparently slow on the first day, but it must have been so popular that people became repeat customers once they tried it.

 To be honest, I'd like to come and buy some too.
 I'd like to come and buy some before my morning training.

So, how's the store coming along?
Yes! Recently, we've been getting reservations at night, so we've been able to make a profit. Thanks to all of you. Thank you very much.

 Aera-san smiles and bows her head.
 After all, a pretty girl has a nice smile. When I remember that she was almost in tears when I first entered the store, I feel a little emotional.
 Well, she's actually older than we are.

That's because of Aella's delicious cooking.
"Yes, yes. We just gave her some advice.

But it was your advice that kept the restaurant going. This is not so much a thank-you as a tea service. Please take your time.

 With that, Ms. Aella placed the teacups on the table, collected the plates of the day, and walked back a bit quickly.
 Even though there were only a few tables, she must have been busy since she was running the restaurant by herself.

"Did you guys do something to him?
Well, ...... Tommy, what do you think of this place?

It's a very nice place. It's clean, spacious, and the teacups are ceramic. I've never seen ceramic tableware before.

 Pottery dishes are not used in cheap restaurants because they break. Cups are also made of wood or, to a lesser extent, metal. Some places even put bread on the table when they serve it.

Anything else?
What else? That elf is cute?

 Yeah. Yes, she is. But not there.

I agree with you, but it's not a store, is it?

And it looks like a ...... normal coffee shop. ...... Normal? No, it's not normal, this store. It may be normal in Japan, but...

That's it. I predicted that maybe one of my classmates gave me some half-baked advice. Aela was stuck, and I happened to know her, so I gave her some advice to fit the situation in this world.

"So. It's true that bringing a Japanese coffee shop as it is wouldn't work, would it? I don't know who it is, but there is someone in trouble.

There's common sense in this world. If it was for nothing, you'd still be getting paid to leave the country.

Wow, that's pretty vicious.

 He seems to have disappeared before the store started its business, so he might have been aware that things would not go well easily. If that's the case, he's even more vicious.

But thanks to your efforts, I can have a good meal. The pork cutlet was delicious.

"Well, we wanted to eat it too, so we told Aella. It was our good fortune to get to know each other.

 We were lucky enough to know each other, to be able to help the lovely elf, to have a good meal, and even to get some inspirations.
 It took a bit of effort, but the bottom line was a big plus.

By the way, I thought you said there was a reason why you invited me to dinner.
Oh, right. I wanted to ask Tommy something.
I'm indebted to you, and I can answer most of your questions. ......

 Tommy twisted his head as if to say, "I don't know if there's anything I can answer.

The reason why I called Tommy today is because I wanted to ask him about your skill [Strengthening Muscle].

 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.