95-085 Rest (2)

"Hey, Nao, what's that pile of rocks over there?

 After training the next day, Yuki pointed to the pile of rocks that Toya and I had picked up yesterday and thrown in the corner of the yard. Well, maybe "pile" is an overstatement. They're just lying there.

You know... I thought I'd need a frame for my vegetable garden, so I picked it up with Toya.

...... Oh! Instead of bricks! That's nice. I want to make flowerbeds around and on the approach to the house when it's built, and I want you to pick up the frames for those flowerbeds too!

"Oh, no, that's not going to happen.

 I told him that I could hardly pick up any stones in the meadow.
 There are no suitable places to find stones.
 I tell him that I'm thinking of going to the forest and breaking rocks when I can afford it.

Forest, huh? ....... We're still in the middle of making clothes. ...... Haruka, Natsuki, hey!
What is it?

 When Yuki called them together and told them what she was talking about, Haruka and the others pondered a bit.

I think the idea of a frame made of stone is a good one. I like the idea of a stone frame.

"The problem is the forest. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable letting Toya and his team go out there alone. ...... It's not that easy to break rocks in the first place, is it?

Is that too much to ask with your current physical abilities?

It's not that easy to break a rock. Hmmm, well, after the victory party, why don't we go hunting for the giant salamander? Just to relax. You can pick up a lot of rocks in a mountain stream, right?

I like that! Yes!
I agree! I've always wanted to try mountain stream fishing.

 I've never had the chance to do it in Japan, and I couldn't fish without permission because of the fishing rights issue. If I'm going to go there, I want to experience it.

 While Toya and I immediately agreed, Haruka looked at Yuki and Natsuki with a wry smile.

I don't mind either. I don't mind either. I think we can finish making clothes today or tomorrow.
I'm good too. If possible, I want to try a delicious fish like ayu fish. The first fish I ate after coming here was .......

 Yuki sighs with dark and gloomy eyes. She must have remembered that dish.
 I don't think I want to eat that again either.

"Yeah. Okay, Toya and Nao, you have these two days to get ready for the expedition. We'll need tents and stuff for a day or two.

 Haruka said, and handed over a certain amount of money.

It might be a good idea to ask Diora's advice.

 Well, that makes sense.
 It's a good idea to get some advice from Diora.

    "Toya, what should we buy first?

"Toya, what do we need to buy first?
Of course, Diora's first.
Well, they don't sell Dioras, do they?
No! I'm gathering information.
Yeah, I knew that.

 I was joking, of course.
 I went to the guild and talked to Diora.

"Camping gear? Well, the most important thing you need in the coming season is warm clothes. It doesn't get cold enough around here to be fatal, but there is still a chance of getting sick.

What about the fire magic Worms?

It's a useful spell, but you can't use it on the move. It works well in an enclosed space like a carriage. I've heard that high level magicians can move around while maintaining their surroundings, but it's easier to wear warm clothes, in case of a battle.

"That's true.

 It wouldn't be a good choice considering the magic consumption of the surgeon.
 It would be comfortable, but...

I'm not sure if it's a good choice, but I think it's a good idea.

It's not a good idea to freeze to death when you run out of magic power.

Yes. It's better to have a robe to protect you from the rain. It's not limited to camping, but there are times when you need to move even when it's raining. If you stay wet for a long time, you will lose your strength, so it is essential to prepare this. If you can afford it, it would be nice to have a tent for sheltering from the rain.

Is that separate from the tent?

Separate, yes. It's just a pole and a roof. You can't build a fire in a tent, right? It gets cold when it rains, so it's better to have a fire. You should also have a stove and dry firewood to keep the fire away from the ground, because the ground may be too wet to build a fire.

 There's a lot of stuff in there, isn't there?
 All of these things make sense, but aside from those of us with magic bags, it's not a lot for a normal adventurer to carry, is it?

You can't carry this around normally, can you?

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.

I think it's difficult to get around here without a carriage. It's hard for ordinary adventurers to get around here when the weather is bad.

What if it does?

"In that case?" "You'll have to travel to the village even if it's raining, wear a robe and endure, stay in town if it's going to rain, or don't go on a long expedition in the first place.

 That's harsh!

 That means spending the night in the rain wearing a raincoat, right? No, it's not as good as the Japanese raincoats, so it's even harder.

 I'm sure there's a water magic called "Avoid Rain", right?

 I've always thought that this spell and "Worms" were useful but subtle spells in the grimoire, but they are actually very important for adventurers.

Normally, we consider the distance to our destination and the weather conditions, so it's not something that happens often.

 Diora smiled at our expressions and added, "You should be careful about that.

"If we take care of that, we'll have the usual stuff. Tents, food, blankets. Cooking utensils if you can afford them. A large, thick cloak is also useful. It can be used when you are cold on the move, but it also allows you to take a nap on the ground if you can't pitch a tent.

 This is a good choice for camping.
 I've never camped in Japan with my own gear. I've never gone camping by myself even in Japan, but my parents prepared everything for me when I was a child and took me with them, so I'll try my best to remember that.

One thing we tend to forget is water. The more activity you do, the more water you consume. Be careful when you go somewhere new. Not only do you need to gather information about water sources beforehand, but you also need to think about what will happen if the water source is dry, otherwise it could be fatal.

"As I recall, there is a water magic called 'Create Water', isn't there?

Yes, it's a very useful magic. Yes, it's a very useful magic, but it's a problem if you rely on it too much. If you want to be clear about the situation, you should assume that the person who can use the water magic is dead, or even if you don't go that far, you should assume that there is a lack of magic power or that the person is unconscious.

...... "Yes, that's right.

 I don't even want to think about such a situation, but is it necessary to ensure redundancy?

 I think it's better to learn all the lifeline magic that you can. Haruka and I can learn it if we want to, and Yuki can learn water magic.

 Even if we keep water and other necessary supplies in our magic bags, if these three fall, we'll probably be wiped out.

Thank you very much, Diora. Thank you, Diora. I'll take your advice and get ready.
"No, don't worry about it. Are you on an expedition?

It's not much of an expedition, but I've had a lot of time on my hands lately, so I thought I'd take a break and go catch a Great Salamander sometime soon.

"Is that so? I think that's a good idea. If you're always fighting hard, you'll get tired. Still, it's outside the city, so please be careful.

"Yes, thank you.

 We said goodbye to Diora, who smiled serenely, and went to the stores in the city.
 We immediately bought rain gear, a tent, and a pole.

 We decided to hold off on the cloak because we knew there would be some preferences, but we bought enough blankets for everyone. We bought blankets for each of us.

 In the case of blankets for outdoor use, it seems that practicality is more important than dyeing and patterns, and the only difference was in size.

 Since there was no need to worry about preservation, I bought some food and a barrel for water.
 We didn't buy cooking utensils because we already had them.
 Ropes, cloths, and other miscellaneous items that might be useful.

Do you think one tent is enough?

Normally, I'd say separate tents for men and women, but it's not like we're going to a safe place to play. The two of you will be awake to keep an eye on things, and you won't be changing clothes, basically, will you?


 In the beginning, I wore the same clothes all the time and relied completely on Haruka's Purify. For laundry, he still uses the same Purify.

 Naturally, he would keep his gear on at all times during the adventure, in case of emergency.

Should we put the tent on hold and discuss it?
I think that would be best.

 Since we were in the same room at the inn, I don't think we need to worry about it now, but the situation is different from the time when we had financial constraints. We should be considerate to a certain extent.

"Okay, now that the essentials are out of the way, let's go buy some leisure goods!
Leisure goods?
Fishing rods! Mountain stream fishing. What else is there?

 What are you talking about? But Toya clenched his fist and insisted.
 It's certainly a leisure activity, if you put it that way. As for me, I'm looking forward to it after I catch it.

"But is there any place that sells fishing rods?
"I don't remember seeing .......

 Neither do I.
 There was no such thing as a fishing tackle shop, and the grocery stores were looking around for something good for camping, so I would have noticed if they sold them.

The first thing to do is to get a hook. I can get anything else I want. If we go to Mr. Gantz, he'll know what we need, even if he doesn't sell it.

I guess so.

 I went to Mr. Gantz's place with the simple thought that since it was a metal product, he must be a blacksmith, but...

"Fish hooks? I don't make such things. They don't even sell.
Don't you sell it?
It won't sell. Who's gonna buy it? There's no place around here where you can relax and fish.

 Mr. Gantz says that Sahlstadt might sell them, but even then there would be little demand.

 They do catch fish in Sarstat, but it's basically with nets. In addition, there is a territory, and fishermen will punish you if you hang your line in the harbor without permission.

 There are no fishermen who claim territories near our destination, but only adventurers with a certain level of skill can fish in such a place.

 And there are almost no adventurers who are willing to do so, so selling fish hooks in this town is not a viable business.

Maybe a fishing rod?
I doubt they sell them. Just go around and cut some wood.

 I didn't want a carbon rod, but I wanted a strong wooden one with the bounce of bamboo.
 Of course, you don't have a reel, do you?
 --You don't need a reel for river fishing?

You can tell Tommy to make you a hook. I'll give you the materials. It'll be a nice change of pace.
Excuse me, Mr. Gantz. Thank you.

 I thanked Mr. Gantz, who showed me his chin, and went to the workshop, where Tommy was working on a shovel.

 There were dozens of shovel tips on the floor, and Tommy was still pounding the steel plate in front of the furnace, shaping it into a shovel.

Oh, Tonya, and Nao. Hello.

 When I called out to him, he put his tools down, turned his head to me and smiled a little tiredly.

The shovel is selling well, isn't it?

Yes, fortunately or not. Thanks to you, I got a bonus from Mr. Ganz, but I'm getting a little tired of making the same thing over and over again.

That's the thing about work, you can't help it. Most jobs are the same thing every day.
Of course, I understand that. But it's better than falling into a slum.

 "A job that requires you to do the same thing every day" is another way of saying "you can get paid for doing the same thing over and over again.

 Most ordinary people will soon find themselves on the street if they have to do something new all the time to get paid. There are not many jobs where you can try new things in moderation, be allowed to fail, and get paid.

So, what's today?
Yeah, a request. Can you make a fish hook?
A fish hook? You're going fishing? That sounds great.

 Tommy's face lights up and he shouts.

Oh, you like fishing, Tommy?
"Yes! Sea fishing, river fishing... I didn't go fishing in the ocean or the river as often as I should have.

 It's not so unexpected.
 In Japan, we didn't know each other well enough to know each other's hobbies.

So, what are you fishing for?
I don't know if there are any, but landlocked salmon, char and sweetfish.
Any returns on the hook?
Hmm? Are there any hooks that aren't attached?
Yes. If you want to release the fish, you may use a hook without a back.
Of course I do. We eat them.

 You can't let it go.

Tommy, I'd like to use a hair hook, can you make one?

Tommy, I'd like to use a hair needle. You can usually make them yourself, using bird feathers or thread. You can find them for sale, though. However, I don't think you can catch ayu fish with a hair hook. For ayu, you should use tomozuri or lures.

"Tomozuri, I've heard of it.

 Is it a method of using a live ayu as a decoy and catching the ayu that attacked you?
 It is quite a terrible way of fishing. In the first place, since they are attacking to defend their territory, aren't they 'enemies' instead of 'friends'?

Lures are easier, but you need to know what kind of fish you're fishing for to make them, so even if you make one and take it with you, it's a gamble whether it will work or not.

 Lures are not only imitations of fish, but also different types of lures depending on the type of fish you are targeting, so it is difficult to make the right lure without that information.

 Hmmm, I see. It's quite difficult, isn't it, fishing?

What should I do? Shall we make a regular hook and a lure hook?
Please do that. And while you're at it, can you teach me how to make a hair hook at night?

Yeah, that's fine.

How do you make a lure?
I've never made a lure before, but since it's a model of a fish, I'll probably have to carve it out of wood and color it to look like a fish.

 It sounds pretty difficult, but I'll just play with it and see what I can do.
 If it doesn't work out, that's just another experience, I guess.

...... "Hey, can I come with you?

 Tommy asked me a little reservedly, and I looked at him and Toya.

 He seems to like fishing, and since it's only half a game, it's okay to take him along, but the problem is that the destination is somewhere he's never been before.

 The problem was that they were going to a place they had never been before, and if they saw a monster for the first time, they wouldn't have time to worry about Tommy.

You seem like an experienced guy, and if it's a safe place, I'd rather ask you to come. ......
Honestly, I don't know if Tommy's going to make it back.
That's it?

 What? I'm not sure if Tommy will make it back safely.

No, it's my first time there, so I honestly don't know. It's just not a place where normal people go fishing.
That's because it's definitely dangerous, isn't it?
Of course it is. If an orc or something comes out, you'll be minced at the drop of a hat.

 It's a money-grab for us, but it's a threat to the general public.
 Even a mere boar, a task boar, could be killed by a newcomer like me.

How much training do I have to do?
You'd risk your life to fish?
Tommy, you really like fishing that much?

 We stared at Tommy in amazement.

 We can go fishing just to relax because it seems less dangerous, but if I were in Tommy's shoes, I wouldn't risk it to go fishing.

 It's not like you can make money by catching fish.
 It's just a game.

"Of course, I like fishing, but I don't want to spend all my time blacksmithing, do I? It's fun, but...
Do you need a break?
Yes. There's not much entertainment in this world.

 I understand how you feel.
 In fact, we couldn't think of anything to do in our free time either.

We haven't been there yet, and I can't say how much, but I'd like to be able to kill a hobgoblin by myself at least.

We should also train ourselves to be able to run at a certain speed for half a day.
"I understand hobgoblins, but running for half a day?

 Tommy nodded his head curiously, but this was very important.

"When a strong enemy appears, you have to run, right? We're not going to join forces and just barely defeat a strong enemy.
"If you're on the edge, you run. If we can escape. There's no point in pushing it.

 If you die, it's over.
 Going into battle at the last minute is already a strategic failure.

 Constantly fighting against a higher rank may be fun in a story, but we don't need it. Rather, we should strive to fight below our own rank.

And when that happens, if Tommy can't run, he'll be left behind.
If we have to sacrifice everyone to save one Tommy, we'll just abandon him.
I'll start running today!

 "I'm going to start running today!" Tommy declared, his face tightening up at our simple statement.
 Still, you don't give up fishing, do you?

Good luck. I think it's easy to run for half a day, but I recommend you to learn to run as soon as possible. In fact, I recommend that you learn to run as fast as possible, so that you can run away alone in case of danger.

"Well, ......, are you sure? Run away alone.
It's better that way.

 We immediately nodded deeply to Tommy, who had a curious expression on his face.

 In the event that you want to retreat in a dangerous situation, it will be difficult to coordinate with Tommy, who is not usually in a party, and you simply won't be able to keep up with him in terms of speed.

 On the other hand, it would be heartbreaking to abandon him as I said earlier.
 In that case, it would be easier to let them run away first.

"Well, if you need advice, just ask. If you want to go kill some goblins, I'll go with you when I'm free.
Thank you very much. I might ask you to do it when I get some time off.
Okay. Take care of the needle then. Give them to me at the inn.
All right. I'll bring it to you tonight. I'll make sure it's good!

 Tommy started pounding on the metal, clearly more enthusiastic than when he had been working on the shovel.