96-086 Rest (3)

 Since we are out and about, we had lunch at Aella's restaurant.
 Lately, when I'm in town, I always eat here, except when I eat at the inn.

 I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in exploring new restaurants, but it's like trying to win a prize at a festival stall. --In other words, there is a high possibility that you won't get the right one.

 In this respect, this restaurant is a safe bet. There are days when you can't sit down right away, but since we don't have a fixed lunch break, it's not a problem if you stagger your time a bit.

 Today we splurged a little and ordered lunch plus tea and pastries after dinner.
 We're taking it as afternoon tea time.

 The fact that we were two guys was a big disadvantage, but Aella was cute and the pastries were delicious.

You need tools to make lures, right?
Yes, we do. We can go to the house and they'll give us some wood chips, but we can't ask the craftsman to lend us his tools.

 Hmmm, if I just want to cut a piece of wood, can I get by with just a small knife?

"Saws, carving knives, files. Do I need to buy two more small knives?
Do I need a file? Do I need a saw and a graver?

You can't always get the right size piece of wood, right? You can't cut it with a small knife.
Yeah, you're right.

Do I need a graver without the ......?
Maybe? My idea of a lure is smooth.

 I don't think they carved the eyes or the scales.

Well, I don't want it.
What are you talking about, Nao?

 After lunch, Aella came over to me, smiling, as if she was getting bored.

I was talking about making a lure ...... pseudo-bait.
I miss the ...... pseudo-bait.
"Hmm? Have you ever made one before, Aella?

No, I haven't. There was only one person in my village who was into that kind of thing. Even in our village, we usually catch them with traps, so fishing with pseudo-bait is a complete hobby.

Can you catch fish with pseudo-bait?
Yes, in a way. Yes, but you can catch enough with a trap. ......

 Aera smiled wryly as she said that. I guess it really is a hobby.

Can I know what kind of pseudo-bait you used?
"Yes, of course.

 The characteristics of the bait he explained to me were a little similar to those of sweetfish, so I might expect to catch fish similar to them.

 After thanking him for his help, Toya and I left the store and immediately got some tools and pieces of wood.
 We walked around the city looking for paint for coloring.

 There was no such thing as a home improvement store, and there didn't seem to be much demand for it, so we didn't have much hope, but we succeeded in getting paint and varnish unexpectedly easily.

 I asked about it and was told that it was a specialty of the city and that it was in great demand for use in furniture making.

Then there's the rod and thread, and the needles.
"We can get the line from Haruka and the others. They don't sell fishing line.
That's right. Then the materials for the rod and hook: ...... bird feathers.

 Both are in the forest.
 If we go too far into the woods, we'll be pissed, but if we go too shallow, we'll be fine.
 We got our gear and ran into the forest.

 Unfortunately, we hadn't seen any bamboo, so we looked for the thinnest, most flexible trees we could find and collected a few. In between, we collected bird feathers.

 Or, more accurately, we hunted them. Our snack became grilled chicken. That's what I mean.

 When we returned to the inn and were quietly chipping away at the wood chips, Tommy, who had finished his work, came to our room.

Good evening. Your order is ready.
"Oh, thank you. Did you get it right?
"To be honest, I'm not happy with it, but I think it's as good as it can be.

 As far as I could tell, the needles Tommy had laid out on the desk were good enough.

 They came in a variety of sizes, and some of them looked like they could catch not only small fish like landlocked salmon, which we were after, but also large fish like salmon.

 They are incomparable to the hooks you can get in Japan.

 ...... No, to be honest, I've never seen an actual fishing hook. I've never even been to a fishing pond, let alone ocean or river fishing.

What's wrong with that?
"The thinness of the hook, the return, and the strength. My skills are not good enough to do it by hand.

 I don't understand it, but Tommy, the fisherman, is not happy with it.
 I don't understand it, but Tommy, the fisherman, is not happy.

"So you're making ...... lures now?
Yeah. It's not quite in shape yet.

 It is not even spindle-shaped yet.

 Whether it will look like a fish or not depends on our efforts. ...... I'm not that good at drawing either, you know.

I've heard that if you can reproduce the reflection of the scales, you can make it look like a fish, even if it's not that precise. I don't know if that's true or not.

The reflection of the scales ...... looks difficult.

"I think I'll just put some metal foil on it. ...... And do you have a tamo? I think it's easy to get away without one.

I'm sure you mean a hand net, right? Is it necessary?

If you lift it out of the water, the fish will freak out and the ...... hook may come off, so it's better to pull it in the water and put it in the net before lifting it.

I don't think they sell hand nets. Do you want to make one, Toya?
I'll get some thin rope and weave a net. I'll get the wakka and the shaft from .......

I'll get the frame for you. I'll get the frame, and you can use any wood for the shaft.
That would be great!

 In Japan, you could use a clothes hanger or buy some wire at a home center, but wire itself is not sold in this town.

 Considering the way the wire is made, it would be difficult to mass produce it without a machine, and since there is a demand for it, I guess it can't be helped.

I have an ulterior motive. You'll have to take me with you when you train me.

 He chuckles and says it clearly.

 Well, as long as you can keep us safe, we don't have any objections, so it's easier for us if you say it clearly. --It's easier for us if you say it clearly.

When you reach a certain level, we'll take you out. Of course, if we go and it's not dangerous.

If we don't come back, you can chalk it up to a dangerous place.

Don't you dare say anything sinister. If it's dangerous, you'll run back, right? I don't like the idea of someone I've become friends with dying.

 I shrug my shoulders and laugh at Tommy's impatient words.

I'm not going to die, of course, but the possibility is not zero in this world.

 We can kill Orcs without too much trouble, but considering the level of skill given to us by the evil gods, I think it's only natural that we can do that.

 However, such orcs are weak compared to the demons of this world.
 If they were unlucky enough to find a strong demon roaming around, they could be easily killed.

 My spying is useful, but it assumes that the enemy's spying range is smaller than mine and that we can move faster than they can.

 If they see us from a longer distance or move faster, there is a high possibility that we will not be able to escape. Unlike animals, demons will aggressively attack humans.

I don't think I can go sightseeing.
If you have the money, you can do it. You could hire a lot of high-ranking adventurers.

That's unrealistic. After all, it would be better to train them to the point where they can travel the streets without worry.

 Tommy sighed heavily and then looked up as if he had regained his composure.

What about making a hair needle, by the way? Do you want to do it now?
"Yeah. I'm hoping to do it the day after tomorrow.
We don't have much time. All I need is thread and a bird feather. Do you have any?
I'll get them.

 I went to the next room, told Haruka and the others about the situation, and asked them to share the thread.
 I put those threads and the bird feathers I picked up on the desk.

You've collected a lot of feathers.
"I didn't collect them, I took them.
You didn't pick them up, you hunted them. You can't do that in Japan.

 There are hunting laws. In Japan, it would be difficult to pick them up and buy them, wouldn't it?
 You might be able to find some pigeon or crow feathers, though.

The first step is to fix the needle so that it is easy to work with. Normally I use a special vise, but ...... can I use this piece of wood?
"Yeah, sure.

 Tommy picked up a few pieces of wood that he had been given for lure making.
 When Toya gave him permission, Tommy split the piece of wood in two, put a fishhook between them, and tightened the string.

This is how you fix the hook so that the line can be easily wound around this part of the hook. After that, you can use bird feathers or string to make it look like an insect. This is a hobby, so just go with it.

 Tommy said, cutting and tearing bird feathers into small pieces and wrapping them around the hook with thread.

......" "Does it look roughly like this? Does it look like a bug to you?
"Oh, you're good! It looks something like that!

 I don't know if there is such a thing as a worm, but it makes the hook look like a worm with wings.

Is it enough to have one of these?
"If you like it, you can make several different kinds and use them interchangeably. Besides, they wear out with use.
That's true.

 If you throw it in the river or fish bite it, it will gradually get damaged.

Well, let's try to make a few. Give me some guidance.
Yes, sir. I'm not so good at it myself.

 Under the tutelage of the humble Tommy, we each made a few needles that day.