107-097 Visit, South Forest (2)

So, let's set a course, shall we?
"Yes, let's.

 We decided to consult with Diora, but we came back late from the forest yesterday, and the adventurer's guild was busy, so we didn't have time to do so.

 For the time being, we only sold the magic stones and materials, and today Haruka and the others went to talk to them again.

 In the meantime, we're training.

 You'll be able to make a brick-sized block thanks to this,......, but it's just for fun, so it's not important.

 It's a magic block, so it's hard enough, but because it's made from the soil of the area, I've gotten criticism like, "It just looks like hardened soil," "The color is the same, so it's not very decorative," and "Wouldn't it be better to just heap up the soil? It has nothing to do with the fact that I was criticized for using the same color as the original.

 ...... d*mn it, one of these days I'll make a block that can't be complained about.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

 It doesn't seem to get that cold around here, but it still has an effect.
 The medicinal herbs will die, and there will be less people coming and going, so there will be less work for the merchant guards.

The lumberjack guards also seem to be reduced because some of them take a break from work during the winter. That's why some of them move their bases to cities a little further south.

 The current situation will continue for another month or so, and then it will be like that for the next two or three months.
 We're not going to be taking on lumberjack guards, so it's not like it matters much, but do we have any other jobs to compete with?

As for foraging jobs, there's wax beetle, hazel nuts, walnuts and chestnuts.
There's also a nut called kut, but it doesn't pay very well.

I don't know what kind of fruit that is?
They were in the lunch I had at Aella's. Do you remember ......?
...... Oh! That delicious stuff! Why isn't it worth the money?

 It's a pretty tasty fruit.

It seems to be an easy nut to grow, and you can get a lot of them from one tree. So it seems that houses with gardens are planting them.

 Even ordinary people with large gardens can plant several trees and sell the harvested nuts at the market to make some money.

Why don't we plant some in our house? We have a big garden.
I like that! It was just the thing for a snack.
How many years does it take to grow a crop? ......
I know, there's no such thing as a gardener.

 It's been three years since I've had a peach, three years since I've had a persimmon, and eighteen years since I've had a yuzu.
 How long does it take to grow Kut?

Oh, no, it's actually growing, a Kut tree.
Oh, is that so?
Yes. When I went to see them, I found several of them. The original inhabitants of this town must have planted them. I picked up some of them.

 With that, Natsuki pulled out a round nut about an inch long from her pocket and laid it on the desk. They look like round acorns, but they don't have caps.

 The shell is ...... not that hard. The shell is not as hard as an acorn, let alone a chestnut. You can almost peel it off with your fingernail.

How do you eat this?
Roast them lightly, peel them and eat them as they are or sprinkle salt on them.
All right, let's go pick some up later.
There's quite a lot of them, enough for us to eat for a year, I think.

 We'll have no problem storing it.

I'm not opposed to picking them up, but we're talking about work now.
Oh, sorry.

The wax beetle is, as the name implies, a wax beetle. It's about ten centimeters long and you can collect its wings. The wax beetle is a beetle that produces wax. It's also used to make wax.

Both of these materials are used in furniture making, but we seem to import almost all of them.
...... Hmm? That means they can't be harvested around here, right?
No, it can be harvested here, but it's deep in the eastern forest.
To put it simply, the risk is not worth the reward.

 Specifically, it is said that you can collect them from the area where the nest of orcs that we destroyed was located, but if you want to collect them there, you need to be able to kill orcs without danger.

 However, if you can kill an orc, it's easier to earn money by hunting one.
 Even if you can get a good price for it, it's still not enough for two orcs after a full day of collecting.

 Even Diora seems to have told him not to do this, so it's quite a feat.

Is it the Southern Forest Goblin Slaughterhouse? You can still find chestnuts and walnuts in the depths of the forest, and if you combine those with the chestnuts and walnuts, you can make a moderate amount of money for about a month.

"That's a bad name. It's a bad name, it's called "Operation Cleanup in the Southern Forest.
We'll do the same thing, though.

 I guess the goblins will be the ones getting cleaned up.

In the meantime, I've been told that there are some jobs that can be done by magic bag holders that can earn money in any season, but ...... Diora says that she doesn't recommend them.

What's that?

We cut down trees in the foothills of the mountains north of town. The furniture industry in this town was originally developed from the famous wood from that area, so it's very valuable.

 It is said that a single piece of good wood can be worth more than 100 gold coins, or even 1,000 if it is not good enough.
 However, you need a magic bag to carry it, and there are strong demons around.

 Since you're cutting down trees, you can't just pick them up like you would medicinal herbs or mushrooms.

 It takes time to cut down a tree, and the sound it makes attracts demons. You need to be able to fight and protect yourself during that time.

But at that price, isn't it a request that a high ranking adventurer would accept?

It's not a bad amount of money, but if you're a magic bag holder of that rank, you don't need to come to this city to earn money, you can earn it in other ways.

It's not that it's not worth it, but it's not attractive enough for you to move your base here.

 The town of Raffan is located in the countryside, so it is not very attractive to adventurers.

 The demons in the vicinity of the town seem to be weak and safe, so it's probably not a bad place to live, but it's certainly not very exciting.

 From my point of view, it's a pretty attractive town when there's a fishing spot within a day's walk.

I heard that there are dungeons in this world. It seems to be more popular among adventurers. More importantly, it's more adventurous to attack dungeons than to carry wood!

"Dungeons are great! I want to do it too.
Me too! I want to play dungeons too. - Me too! Dungeons and dragons are a classic!

 I shouted at the information Yuki presented to me.

 I'm sure it's nothing like the game, but there's a part of me that yearns for it.
 I've been to a lot of dungeon cities.

I could go to a dungeon, but not a dragon. I'd probably die if I met one.

"Well, I'm not saying you can't, but you'll have to train harder. We're only two adventurers in rank.

"Yes, that's true.

 Haruka's words made me calm down.
 I'm interested in attacking dungeons, but my life is more important.
 I want to see dragons, but I don't want to fight them.

I'd like to see dragons, but I don't want to fight them." "Then, for the time being, we'll go to the southern forest to pick berries and kill goblins.

 We nodded at Haruka's words, as we had no other choice.
 It's okay to be idle in the winter.
 If you're not in the mood, there's something to be said for defeating demons.

By the way, what about Tokuoka and the others?

 As the future plan was decided, I brought up something that had been bothering me, but Haruka and the others nodded their heads as if they didn't understand it.

What are you going to do?
"You left some kind of throwaway line.

 I think you said something like "remember me"? If I'm not mistaken.

 If I'm not mistaken, he didn't mean that Yuki couldn't remember his name, so he said, "Please don't forget my name.

 If I were in Japan, I wouldn't have to worry about it, but somehow, those people seem to have loose morals, both in their behavior and in their tone of voice. When I was in Japan, they didn't seem like the type to act like that.

But they're not that strong, are they? They were bragging about moving to the southern forest in a month, but it seems they weren't hunting orcs.

"Right. There is a part of me that worries if he has any strange skills, but since he doesn't have any so-called cheat skills, I don't think we need to worry too much.

 As the evil god said, there are some mine skills, but so far I haven't encountered any cheat skills.

 You'll be able to find out the location and strength of the enemy, so if you're targeted by an overwhelmingly strong enemy, you won't be able to escape in time and you'll die.

 And considering that the skill was 10 points per level, while most skills cost 5 points per level, it's no wonder it's a bit powerful.

But it's also a pain in the ass to get picked up again.
I'd like to avoid meeting him as much as possible, he was filthy and, frankly, smelly!
Yuki, that's harsh! That's because we're just blessed!

 All too clearly, Yuki uttered words that are extremely damaging when said by a boy from a girl.
 --No, gender has nothing to do with it. If a girl were to hear it from a boy, it would probably be very damaging.

 We are able to stay clean thanks to light magic, but without it, ordinary adventurers would only be able to wipe their bodies. There are no public bathrooms in the city.

 There is also the option of bathing in a well, but that would be very difficult in this season.
 Considering this, there is room for extenuating circumstances, isn't there?

But still, I don't think he was that dirty. He wasn't even shaving, was he?
No, no, no. It's hard enough to maintain a clean-shaven blade.
Yeah, yeah. We're working pretty hard too.

 To be frank, it's hard to shave like a razor with a blade sharpened by an amateur. Furthermore, beards are very hard and the blade dulls quickly.

 We use special blades purchased from Gantz, and Toya, who has the [blacksmithing] skill, maintains them on a daily basis, but even so, in the beginning, we made many mistakes, bled, and had to rely on healing magic.

 In terms of the frequency of bloodshed, there are more times when shaving than when fighting. It's very subtle.

 This is an event that made me realize the value of electric shavers and safety razors.
 I have requested Tommy to make a safety razor, but I wonder if it will be possible.

I wonder if he can make a safety razor. ...... By the way, Nao and Toya's hair is getting longer. Isn't it getting in the way?
"Honestly, it's in my way. I want to cut it soon. ......

 I'm not sure what to do with it. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I've spent that much time here.

 I'm not sure if there is a barber store in this town, ......?

I'm not sure if there are any. I'm not sure what to do.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

 You'll find a lot of people who are looking for a new way to look at the world.

Didn't you notice? Of course we cut it. We cut them ourselves.

 Even though they are cutting each other's hair, Haruka is cutting theirs, and Natsuki is cutting Haruka's hair under Haruka's direction.

 Speaking of Yuki, Haruka says that she feels safer with Natsuki, while Natsuki says, "Why should I ask you to do something when Haruka is here? He said.

"Toya, do you want me to cut it for you? I'll do it.
"Why not? What makes you think I would ask Yuki to do that?

No, it's just for practice. If you fail, you can still get a round cut at ....... No, no, no, no. No elves, no beastmen.

Of course not, you idiot! I'll ask Haruka to do it too!

 I'm going to ask Haruka to do it too!" Yuki shrugs and shakes her head like she's upset, but I think that's more our line. It's no wonder Toya is angry.

 What kind of punishment is it to have a beastman with a shaved head and hairy ears?
 It is a kind of punishment not only for Toya but also for the viewers.
 Well, I don't like it either.

"Well, I'll cut it off for you later. I'll cut it for you later, okay?
Yeah, that's fine.
Oh, no.

 "Oh, no." Yuki protests in a stilted voice.
 You don't really want to cut it, do you?

You don't really want a haircut, do you?
"Good luck, Haruka! I'll leave all the cutting to you from now on!

 Before he could say all that, he flipped me off with a nice smile.

 Before I could say anything else, he smiled and flipped me off. There was no way I could cut my hair into a bob like Yuki's, let alone cut it straight.

Do you understand our concerns?
Hair is a woman's life. Don't do this to me!
"...... is so unreasonable.
I'd like to hear this for all the old men who suffer from thinning hair.

 It's a little different, but hair is important to them too.

"Well, I'll continue to cut your hair. It's just that I'm not a professional, so you'll have to make allowances.
I don't mind as long as you don't think it's weird.
I'm fine with it as long as it doesn't get in my way. I'll be fine as long as I'm not in the way. ......

I know, I know. Then let's go to the place where we bought it and cut it. If we cut it in our room, it would be hard to clean.

 Haruka and his friends cut their hair in their room at the inn, but they didn't have a vacuum cleaner or a broom, so they had to clean up after themselves. If it's outdoors, you don't have to worry about it, and if it's on your land, you don't have to worry about being seen.

In that case, let's give Nao-kun and Toya-kun a haircut and collect some kutto nuts today.
Got it.

 After that, we moved to a different location, where the carpenters gave us haircuts under the curious gaze of the carpenters, while those with free hands went about collecting kutto nuts.

 As Natsuki had said, there were about six kut trees growing on the land we had purchased, and they were full of berries, which was an understatement.

 As a result of collecting all of them, we got a large basket full of kut berries.