108-098 I got a house!

 The next day, we set out to kill and collect as planned.

 We quickly passed by a logging site that seemed to have mines, and entered the depths of the forest. There, while collecting chestnuts and walnuts, you will encounter goblins, branch eaters, and spiders. Slash Owl will only attack you if you cut it off at random.

 Haruka and Yuki also have the [Dagger Technique] skill, so as long as you warn them in advance, the Slash Owl is just a small fish.

 However, the income was still very low.

 Chestnuts and walnuts could be picked up in the depths of the forest, where few people enter, but the purchase price was lower than I expected and did not add up to much.

 In the end, we said, "If we're going to sell them at that price, wouldn't it be better to eat them ourselves? So we sold it only once.

 Compared to the Eastern Forest, there are more demons, so you can get more kills, but the value of what you get is lower than that of Orcs.

 With the profits from the magic stones and branch eater spider bounties, you can get about 30 gold coins a day.
 That's six gold coins per person, which is enough to live on, but not enough to pay for risking one's life.

 An average Japanese salaryman would probably earn about this much if he worked a little overtime. Of course, I'm not talking about take-home wages, but about productivity.

 However, by defeating the demons, I must have gained not only monetary rewards but also experience, which is not a waste, but why do I suddenly smell like a black person when I say, "I gained experience even though the wages were low"?

 I spent eight days like that.

 We took two days off due to rain, but other than that, we were in the southern forest every day carrying out the "cleanup operation".

    This is our house.

"This is our house, isn't it ......?
Oh. We finally, finally got it!
It's been a long time.
Yeah, it was. It's been a long time since I've been in this world.

Hey, don't play dumb, let's go in.

 When Yuki and Toya started their stupid little act in front of the house, I gave them a good laugh, and Haruka and Natsuki also laughed.

 I won't say that I haven't had a hard time, but considering that I got this house only half a year after I came to this world, it's definitely going well, and I even have the impression that it's a little "easy" rather than "hard".

 It's not that I wasn't moved when the house was handed over to me, but the appearance of the house hasn't changed since about a week ago, and I've seen it many times during the process of construction, so it feels a little new to me.

 I've been asked to check the interior from time to time, so I know what's going on. Even if you go inside, you won't be impressed like the before and after thing, "Oh my god! I don't think I'll be impressed.

 However, I am sure that the house is quite magnificent.

 The two-story Western-style house with white plastered exterior walls is quite large, and at first glance, it looks like an aristocratic house.

 The reason why plaster, which is a bit costly, was used was to ensure durability and airtightness, while ordinary people's houses often have wooden walls. It may not be as airtight and insulated as modern Japanese architecture, but it must be better than wooden walls.

 I don't mind so much about the sleeping bear pavilion, but in a poorly constructed building, there would be a lot of drafts coming in.

 However, since the emphasis is on practicality, there are no useless ornaments, and the difference between a house of a nobleman or a wealthy merchant is immediately apparent to anyone who looks at it.

 But that's no problem.
 We're just adventurers, and it's better to be safe than to be seen as having money for nothing. It's simple, but not bad looking, from my aesthetic point of view.

 The cost is about 1,100 gold pieces.
 My budget was for 1,200, but since I had no trouble and didn't make any unusual orders along the way, I only had to pay for a little more than 500.

 Considering the other prices and the size of the house, it may seem cheap, but the facilities are so different that it would be pointless to compare it to Japan.

 Well, even in Japan, you can buy a second-hand house with a garden for a couple of million yen if you're not in a city, so it's really a fine line.

But I never thought that I would become the owner of a castle in my teens. ......

 Although he stopped his little play, he said this with a bit of emotion, and this time Yuki gave him a complaint.

No, no, no. I'm not sure what to make of it. If I had to guess, I'd say we're one-fifth owners of the castle.
"I know, I know! I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood!
This is a shared house, right?
Normally, you rent a house, you share a house.

But I didn't think we'd have our own place in a few months. When we were in Sahlstadt...
"Oh, Yuki and Natsuki had a hard time. ......

 In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to get a lot more.

 I'm not sure if that wage is fair or not in this world, but for us it was pretty close to the limit.

But even in Japan, if five people work together for a few months, it's not impossible to buy a house, if you think about it.

If you just ignore the fact that we're minors and the taxes and all that.

When you buy a house, you need to pay property tax, registration tax, fees for all kinds of procedures, and so on.

 In the event you're a high school student, buying a house is out of the realm of your imagination, but it's not an impossible amount of money, as Haruka says, if you ignore a lot of things.

 Also, if it wasn't for this situation, we wouldn't have been able to buy a house together. Normally, it would be too expensive to buy with part-time pay.

Shall we go inside, then?

 The first thing you see when you open the front door and go inside is a rather spacious entrance.
 There are doors on the left and right walls, with the parlor on the left and the restroom on the right.

 At the end of the hallway is a corridor stretching from left to right, with the kitchen, dining room, and living room on the left side, and four research/laboratory rooms and a laundry room to be used as a bath on the right.

 In front of you is the staircase to the second floor. The second floor is simple, with five identical rooms on each side. Each room is about 20 tatami mats in size and is rather long. Due to the size of the building, there are two more rooms than originally planned.

 It is a simple structure in which a square building is built on the remaining foundation, and then divided into appropriate sizes.
 It is not playful, but it is practical enough. Even if the design is good, if it is hard to live in, it is meaningless.

 However, there is really nothing in the room, so it is rather plain. In the future, I will have to buy more furniture, curtains, carpets, and other interior items.

"First of all, ......, do you want to choose your own room?
"Yes! The floor plans are all the same, so it doesn't matter where you go. ...... Does anyone have any preferences?

The only difference is we're closer to the stairs, right?
That's about it.

 There's not enough difference to actively choose a place.
 So, I assigned Yuki, Natsuki, Haruka, me, and Toya to the rooms, starting from the far left.

 I placed Toya and I near the stairs in case there was an intruder, but I don't want this to be meaningless.

 The five rooms on the right are all empty. If I can afford it, I'll arrange it so that it can be used as a guest room, but in some cases it may become a storage room.

Are you moving out of the inn and moving in here today?
I'm fine with that, but you'll be sleeping on the floor, there's no bed.
I'll have to sleep on the floor.

 It's not like buying an assembled bed from a mass market store.
 When we were camping, we slept wrapped in cloaks, and I don't think that would be a problem for a few days. .......

The bed is made to order, you know. If you ask Simon or one of the carpenters who built the house, they can make it for you right away.

I'd also like to have some cooking utensils. I'd like to have some cooking utensils. I can make some of them with the ones we have in the camp, but now that we have a kitchen.

Well, we'll go shopping for that later.
Then we'll get the necessary furniture.

 We went out to buy the bare necessities first, and ordered beds, dining room tables, and chairs from Simon.

 We thought it would take some time to get them because they were made-to-order, but when we asked, he told us that the beds without any decoration could be ready for everyone the next day.

 Mr. Simon told me that it was not interesting, but even if the bed had a lot of carvings, it would be a hassle to clean. I would like you to recommend such things to the nobility. As long as it is durable and practical, there is nothing wrong with it.

 Yuki seemed to be a little shaken by the recommendation of the canopy bed, but since Haruka and Natsuki were not interested, she gave it up somewhat reluctantly.

 I also think it would be better to order a desk and chair for your room if you are going to spend money on them.

 However, since those items are not essential, I decided to leave them for a later date, and went to buy a futon.
 Somewhat surprisingly, the futon was delivered two days later than the bed.
 Apparently they don't have enough new futons in stock because they don't sell many new futons for the general public.
 The price is quite high, but it's necessary, so I'll order blankets and pillows for the number of people.

 The last thing I went shopping for was dishes and cookware.
 Haruka and her friends bought ceramic tableware and large cooking utensils, which they had refrained from buying until now, without much restraint.

 A number of gold coins flew out of their hands, but they said, "To eat a good meal! We can't argue with that.
 Because Toya and I don't have any [cooking] skills.

 It's not that we are wasting money, and we are not in such dire straits that we need to save.
 Rather, we want you to do your best to buy and make a good meal.

 And two days later.

 Having set up the minimum living environment, we said goodbye to the bear pavilion and moved to our own base, which we had acquired for the first time.