242-218 Not Minotaur

 It's a giant bipedal bull.

 On its own, it looks like a Minotaur, but it's half man, half bull. This one is 100% beef - or 100% bull.

 Just as the Orc looks like a bipedal boar, this is also a bipedal bull, but it doesn't look human because it has hair all over its body, its stance is slightly bent forward, and its face is completely that of a bull.

 Like orcs, they have front feet that are not hoofed, but are used for grasping things, which is a big difference from cows.

 By the way, I don't need to tell you how I knew it was a bull, do I?

 It's a little curious because it's in front of your face, even though it's retracted to some extent.

 Bipedal demons need to be a little more humble.

"Nao! How is it?
"Probably fine.

 A threat is a threat. But not so much that it can't be killed.

 The name I got from the help was "Madtaur.
 It's a little stronger than the Orc Leader.

 He holds an axe as tall as Toya in both hands and glares at us with a snarl as we enter.

 What I'm wondering about is...

"He might use [roar]. Be careful!
Got it! Soooo--, "Gaaaah!

 Toya roars and lunges at the Madtaur.

 The roar only stopped the Maedtaur's movement for a moment, but it was no less effective.

 Toya's response to the attack was slightly delayed, causing the Madtaur to catch the sword in a rather precarious position.

 However, even in such a position, the strength of the Maedtaur's muscles could not be underestimated.

 It was only for a moment that the two sides went at it.

 The Maedtaur immediately raised his axe and flicked the sword, forcing Toya to retreat.

"Tsk. You can't beat me.

 Of course not.

 If he stretched his body out, he would probably be twice as tall as Toya, and the ratio of his arms and legs to his torso would be much thicker than that of a normal cow.

 Her arms are definitely thicker than my torso, and the weight of the attacks she can unleash from them can be guessed. If it wasn't for the magic that strengthened it, it wouldn't be able to fight Toya.

Toya, do you need backup?
No problem. Let me do it!

 They're strong, but they're only one.

 It was not as threatening as the Dahl's Bear, and could be killed by three wizards without a problem.

 At Toya's request, Natsuki turned to look at me as if to confirm, and when I nodded, she moved back toward us with her cleaver at the ready.

 The Marauders were more concerned about Toya standing in front of them with her sword at the ready than they were about pursuing the retreating Natsuki.

 He is swinging his large axe at Toya, but the rather large attack seems to be safe enough to avoid, and Toya does not take the attack head-on, but instead deals damage little by little.

 The damage of each blow seems to be greater than that of an ogre, but the attack speed and movement is slower than that of an ogre.

 It's the biggest ever, except for Dahl's Bear, but it's really 'nothing if you don't hit it'.

 I'm not sure if Toya is aware of this, but he's not in a hurry and is slowly chipping away at his legs, so his movements are getting slower and slower.


Yuki, is there something on your mind?

No, it's nothing serious, but I was wondering if I could use the meat from ...... that arm to make manga meat.


 No, I'm sure you could!

Yes, it's possible with that thickness. ...... No, it's not. The arm has two bones. I'd use a thigh. It's thicker than the arm.

 Yeah, well, you have two bones in your lower arm. Yes, the forearm has two bones, but the upper arm - are we seriously considering that?

 It's true that I'm a little fascinated by it.

In Japan, they were rarely made, but they were much smaller and made from imitation molded meat.

"That can't be helped. Even if they sold it, we couldn't cook it at home, and we couldn't eat it all.

The family is becoming more and more nuclear. Nowadays, it's said that normal-sized watermelons don't sell well.

 Yes, that's true. It's hard to cool a large watermelon in a regular refrigerator. If there are any left over, they will overwhelm the refrigerator in the summer. If you don't have a big family, it's hard to consume them all.

 We once got an extra-large watermelon as a bonus when we bought a new refrigerator, but if it hadn't been for that, there wouldn't have been enough room for an extra-large watermelon. I mean...

No, no, no, don't talk about watermelons in the same breath, Natsuki.

They're similar, aren't they? Even Toya wouldn't be able to finish a manga-sized piece of meat by himself.

That's right. "It turned out well! It looks like it weighs about 10 kilos, doesn't it?

Oh, that's right. That's true.

 It's like the manga meat from a certain game ....... Even if it's not that, it's probably about the same amount of manga meat.

 20 steaks per pound.

 Yeah, impossible.

 If you consider that all seven members of my family, Toya, Mary, and Mitya, will consume a large amount of it. I guess.

 But then, I wouldn't be able to fulfill my dream of biting into manga meat.

 I can't do it.

 --No, I have a magic bag, so it's not impossible for me to eat for days by myself.

 I guess it's the kind of dream you want to try, but you'll fail as soon as you try.

 As I was talking about this, Toya, who was playing with a Madtaur and GutsGuts, protested.

"Hey, you're talking nonsense when I'm struggling!
"Hmm? Are you struggling?
"...... Not really, but...

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit confused, but of course we haven't turned our attention away from Toya's fight, nor have we broken our concentration so that we can intervene with magic at any time.

 The reason why he is chatting so leisurely is because he seems to have enough time for Toya's fight.

 He is not so weak that he can be easily killed, but he is not so strong that a moment's mistake can be fatal either.

 All in all, it's a good training partner.

 I get the impression that Toya is aware of this, and is concentrating on inflicting damage little by little, not pushing himself too hard.

 If you're looking to collect materials, it's probably better to use magic to kill them all at once, but that doesn't help you improve your skills.

 --By the way, I haven't checked to see if the boss of the fifth layer has been resurrected since I jumped in the transition.

 If it's back, maybe I should do some actual spear training there.


 While I was thinking this, Toya's attack tore the Madtaur's leg wide open, and its huge body fell to the ground with a loud noise.

 At the same time, Toya struck back, shattering his right wrist.

 Then the huge axe rolls to the ground.

It's all over now.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

"Oh, ...... my thighs are scratched. ......
You're worried about that? Are you really going to make it?
"Yeah. Well, one leg's fine. I'm happy to make one, right?

 Well, let's face it, a whole roasted thigh isn't that good, is it?

 Even though it's visually impressive.

 Even when I made a whole roasted task boar for Mary and her friends' welcome party, they didn't bite into it, they just scraped it off and ate it with sauce.

"Hey, any praise for my safe victory?

 Once the Madtaur had given up his axe, it was easy.

 If you keep your head on the ground, you're asking to be attacked.

 Toya slammed her sword into the neck, stopping the Maedtaur in his tracks.

"Congratulations. Crackle.
"Yes, yes. Well done. "Cleansing.

 I clapped my hands in a matter-of-fact way, and Haruka praised me in a somewhat dismissive way, and cleaned up Toya's blood stains.

I'm glad you're not hurt.

I'm glad you're not hurt." "But should I be thanking you for letting me fight alone?

I'm glad you're not hurt. ...... Well, it was selfish of me to fight him alone, but...

It's not a problem if you just want to kill the enemy. However, I think we need to be careful with the next boss or the one after that.

Yeah. If you think about it, you need to train for actual battle. I don't think we'll be able to improve our level if we only deal with small fish.

Right? There's a limit to how many mock battles we can have between us.

We all have different fighting styles, don't we?

 Of course, Toya's sword, my spear and Natsuki's naginata are handled differently.

 In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to always ask for help.

It's not a bad idea to train against bosses ......, but they don't revive easily in this dungeon.

I guess. I don't know what the average is, but it seems to take more than 10 days ...... or even a month if you're not good, so unfortunately you can't fight too often.

 Even if you try to fight them one by one to improve your skills, you will need a certain amount of time.

 Of course, there is chemistry, so for example, besides Toya, only Natsuki and I will be able to fight against the Madtaur, but it will still take a month or two.

In the meantime, it looks like summer will be over by the time we get to the ......2 next boss.

It's getting a little cooler these days, isn't it?

So, next summer?

I suppose there is a way to continue exploring the dungeon, but the demons are still stronger around the dungeon entrance.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like.

 I haven't found any treasure chests after the 11th level, and the treasure chests so far haven't contained much except for the reward for defeating the boss the first time (my prediction).

 It would have been rewarding if there was a treasure chest for every boss you killed, but considering the fact that the chests didn't return even when the bosses were resurrected, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that they were some kind of reward for the first kill.

Well, we'll have to wait and see what happens in the dungeon when it gets cooler. Let's go get the treasure. Let's go get it.

"Well, yeah.

 As Toya said, there's no point in thinking about it now.

 We put the problem aside for the moment, retrieved the corpse of the Madtaur and the huge axe, opened a new door that had appeared, and proceeded to the back.