243-219 Nuts, wasshoi! (1)

As usual, there was a treasure chest, a transfer magic circle, and a staircase leading down.

 Inside the treasure chest was a two-handed sword.

 It was not the size of a sword that Toya normally uses, which can be used with either one or two hands, but a size that a normal person would never be able to handle without two hands.

 The length of the blade alone is almost as long as my waist, and it has a hilt attached to it, so it is probably one of the largest two-handed swords in the world.

 If I wanted to wield it with one hand, I would need to be as big as the Madtaur I just killed.

This is another ...... difficult weapon to handle.
Toya, can you hold it for me?
It's ...... heavy! If you hold it with two hands, you can swing it, but it's hard to use.

 You can hold it with both hands and swing it around, but it's not very fast.
 It seems to be powerful if you hit it, but whether you hit it or not is the question.
 It is such a weapon.

"Oh, but it's made of white iron. If you buy one, it'll be expensive.

 At Toya's suggestion, I took a closer look at it, and found that there was no rust on it, and it looked like it.
 Compared to blue iron or yellow iron, it's hard to tell the difference between white iron and well-polished iron.
 Toya says you can tell the difference by appraisal.

But the problem is that even if you buy it, you can't always sell it at a high price, right?

Yes. If there is no one who can use it, the weapon is worthless.

"Let's have Gantz-san take it back as a material. If it's white iron, we can sell it for a good price even if we consider it as ingots.

"Well, that's kind of a waste, isn't it?

 Tohya objected to Haruka's honest opinion.

 But if there is no one who can use it, it is useless as a spare weapon.

If no one uses it, it's useless as a spare weapon. Or do you have a use for it?
Is there a use for ...... training equipment?
That's some expensive training stuff, man.

 Toya thought about it for a moment, and laughed at his answer.

 It's true that swinging with it might build muscle strength, but then it's more cost-effective to just use an iron bar. A white iron rod of this size would normally cost more than a hundred gold coins.

No, no, but ...... are you sure you need it?
If you're asking me if I need it, I don't. ......

 When asked again by Haruka, Toya slurred her words.
 At least for us, it has no practical use.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

 This weapon is clearly over-specified for the goblins that will appear.

What else could it be used for? For me, it seems a bit rude to call it a work of art, but ...... everyone has their own taste.

"Yeah. It's a practical item.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this topic.

 That's my own impression.

 But in fact, they were displayed in Natsuki's house, and also in Western-style houses that are used as tourist attractions, so I guess I'm not wrong.

 However, I don't think it would look good in our house, so if you want to display it, please keep it in your room.

...... Well, it's fine if you want it, Toya. It's not like you're hurting for money. I've got a Japanese sword on display at my house.

I'm not sure I expected Natsuki to agree with me.

 I thought you were the type of person who thinks that hobbies, ornaments, clothes, etc., but practical items like weapons are just a hindrance even if you have them for nothing.

 I didn't keep many useless things in my room when I was in Japan, as I should have done here.

Besides, if I need money, I can just take it away then.

That's why you're so relentless, Natsuki!

Call me reasonable. Of course, if you want to use Toya's pocket money to make up for it, you're free to do so.

 "Of course, if you want to cover it with your own pocket money, you're free to do so.

 In our party, we basically pay for weapons, armor, and other items needed for our adventures out of our common funds.

 If you want to use a weapon that you don't use, that's a hobby.

 If it's a hobby, then of course you'll have to pay for it out of your personal funds, so if Toya wants to keep this weapon on display, he'll have to buy it. .......

No, I didn't say I was going to display it. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. You see, we're not really good against hard enemies, are we? The only weapon that looks like a blunt instrument is my sword.

"I see. ......

 I see," said Toya, somewhat annoyed, but he had a point.

 We haven't encountered any so far, but if there are enemies like golems, our weapons are a bit inadequate.

 Haruka's arrows, of course, and even his sharp little sword are not insane enough to cut through rocks.

 Me and Natsuki's long weapon, the stone-thrust, might be a little better, but it's still not very effective.

 The best would be Tommy's hammer or some other blunt instrument.

 The best thing to do would be to use Tommy's hammer or some other blunt weapon. Even though we have magic, it would certainly be a problem if Toya, who supports the vanguard, had no means of attack.

That's a good reason to keep it instead of selling it. Why didn't you just say so from the start?

 Haruka says that she doesn't understand, but Toya scratches her cheek a little awkwardly.

You can't know if it will work or not. It's hard to say if you can't use it or not.

I don't think you need to worry about it. I don't think you need to worry about it. We change our weapons quite a bit. You know?

Right. If you buy something for nothing and don't use it, then it's no good, but there's a point in trying, right? Besides, we're not buying anything this time.

 While some weapons have been retired, all of the weapons I have purchased so far have served me well.

 If you're buying a weapon you're not sure you can use - say, a halberd - you may be wasting your money, but it's not a big deal to try out a weapon you got without selling it.

 Weapons don't lose a lot of value unless they're brand new and unopened, and they're already used when they come out of the treasure chest.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to use it. In addition to that, you have [Sword Talent]. If you think about it, I think you should try a two-handed sword.

Yeah. At least, it's the most likely among us. Good luck, Toya.

Using a big sword sounds like a tank. Try to be a masochist.

No, I'm not going to be a masochist. No, I'm not going to be a masochist! ...... Well, I'll do my best in moderation.

 You'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the following article.

    I'm not sure what to make of this.

 There was not much change in the scenery as we entered the 16th layer.
 The main demon is Strike Ox, and the forest is the same as the 15th layer.
 However, you can only collect one type of chestnut in the forest.

 This was a bit disappointing to me, but Yuki and others were so excited that they said, "Marron! but Yuki was delighted, so she was not dissatisfied.

 And since the harvest per area was small, it was more convenient for the women who wanted a lot of chestnuts to have only one kind. They also had to take the time to remove the chestnuts from the chestnuts.

 The demons encountered in the forest were still insect-type and not very strong, but the battle near the chestnut tree was a bit troublesome.

 Because the demons jumped with the branches of the trees, the chestnuts would fall down.

 Fortunately, the chestnuts don't pierce my current body, and the spikes don't penetrate my boots, armor, and gloves made of Dahl's Bear leather, but they do hurt when they hit my face.

 In addition, the chestnuts and spilled chestnuts under your feet will hinder your movement, and if you step on them, Yuki and the others will get angry.

 Therefore, Haruka's bow, which does not need to be moved, was most useful in this battle.

 The rest of the time, I've been saving my attack magic. Since we're in the forest, I'm mainly using non-fire magic.

 But the biggest problem is...

"We're out of bottles.

 Yes, the milk bottle.

 If there is a Strike Ox, that means there is a cow, and that means there is someone to collect the milk.

 We had a certain amount of room for the milk bottles, but when we started collecting them in the same way at layer 16, we ran out of bottles halfway around the area.

Do you think it's better to suspend the collection and go on, or to prioritize the collection and return once?

 Haruka's words made me think for a while, but I came up with an answer relatively quickly.

It's a shame not to collect them, but if you go back and produce more bottles, you'll eventually be able to milk them again from the strike ox at layer 15, right? It doesn't make much sense, does it?

"And you can't drink it, even with all this. That's more than enough to last you a year, if you ask me.

 That's over 300 bottles that hold over two liters.
 Even if seven of us drank a cup every day, we'd still have enough.

We don't just drink milk for cooking and sweets. Shall we sell them?

Hmm, that's a good idea, but it's a lot of work for ...... Nao, isn't it? Making the bottles. And me too, by the way.

I can get Toya to make a mold for it, but ......


You know, the kind they use in glass factories.

 A metal mold that looks like a bottle on the inside and snaps open in two.
 It would make it much easier to mass produce the same shape.

That one. Hey. I can make one for you.

Oh, no, even with that, it's more of a problem if people know you can make these bottles with clay magic.

 The magic we use to make the bottle is a combination of "Create Earth" and "Ground Control," but the former is essentially a magic for making ordinary soil, and the latter is a magic for moving soil as well.

 It is generally recognized that the basic use of "Earth Control" is to prepare the ground, to make positions during war, and to make earthenware if you try hard enough.

 In such a situation, if you tell people that you can make glass (or something like that) containers, I feel that you might get into a lot of trouble.

 Looking at the history of Venice and the like, the production of glass seems to involve a lot of interests and other things.

 There is a possibility that this will not be a problem, but the lower the risk, the better.

So I guess it's safer to just order from the glassworks?
It's not easy to make enemies with the union.

 Vested interests are a very tricky thing to deal with, and if you fight them too hard, people will easily die.

 The lumber association is powerful in Laffan, but I'm sure the glass industry has something similar.

If you're looking to sell to the adventurer's guild, you'll want to consult with Diora. If you want to sell it to the Adventurer's Guild, they can help you.

That's right. I'm sure Diora will be fine.

 Diora-san is always there when I need her.
 A helpful character who will give you a good answer when you ask for advice.

 Of course, she does provide a certain amount of benefit (as an adventurer's guild, that is), so it's not like she's on your back.

 Nevertheless, it is necessary to send greetings.
 Yes, like Dindol, for example.
 Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be heading out to collect again this year.