318-289 Climbing! (2)

"Oh, .......

 The voices leaked out almost simultaneously.
 My body softly floated in the air.
 It's a good thing I'm not the only one.

I'm not sure what to do.

 You'll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the following article.

Nice catch! I can't say it was a good catch, but it was a good save.
...... Sorry, that helped.

 I fell to the ground with the back of my head on Yuki's chest, and she fell to the ground in the same position.

 By rolling on the ground without forcing myself to support her, I was able to protect my head and escape the impact.

 He is quite dexterous.

No, falling headfirst on this hard ground would be dangerous, as expected. Nao might have been able to catch it, though.

No, it was a little dangerous because I was putting on too much weight.

 It wasn't a normal fall, it was a deliberate acceleration and pull, so the balance was terrible.

 He could have avoided hitting his head, but he would not have been able to land on his feet.

I didn't expect it to break. ...... Oh, this?

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to do. The pin is broken. It was fine when I experimented with it, but ...... did I apply a strange force? Nao, do you have a broken pin somewhere?

Let's see. ......

 I attached it there, and it fell down here. .......

 I thought it might have rolled into a crevice in the rocks, but after carefully examining the ground, I found a broken pin on the ground.

That's it.

I can't say for sure, but was it a bad idea to play with it? I thought it was supposed to be easy to get into. ......

I don't know, but I don't think it's safe to use, at least not like this.

Yeah, I'll give you some feedback and fix it.


 ...... Well, I guess we should leave it to the experts. You're paying for it.

Besides, I've got one other thing on my mind.

What's the point?

Drill a hole in the rock and drive a stake through it. This one's not ready yet, so I'm not bringing it.

With a drill, like a whack?

Yeah. Yeah. We're not going to drill holes, we're going to use magic.

 When you see rock climbing on TV, there are hooks embedded in the rock wall for attaching ropes.

 It's not so common, but it seems that stakes are driven into walls in this world as well.

 However, since there is no such thing as an electric drill, the usual procedure is to drill a hole by hand, pour a special resin into the hole, and then drive the stake into the hole with a hammer.

The resin is not sold in Rafan. It's made by alchemy, so if you have the materials, you can make it, but they don't sell those materials either.

 And in the process of searching for the materials, Yuki realized that the materials needed for the "Adjust" were also not sold, so she decided to come here to get them.

Raffan is a bit of a difficult town for an alchemist, isn't it?
Because of its small population. By the way, what about the resin there?
Haruka and the others went to get it. Fortunately, there seems to be some deep in the southern forest.

 Yuki added, "There's no demand for it, so no adventurers seem to be going out to collect it," and shrugged.

I'm glad to hear that you've got everything you need, despite the hassle.
Yeah. And we found out about the problem with this equipment before it happened.

 Yuki smiles as she holds up the broken device, puts it and the broken pin in a bag, and puts it back in her magic bag.

You don't need this to climb, do you?

I have another one, and I feel like I can climb without it, as long as I don't make any mistakes.

 For safety reasons, I'd like to use a rope, but I think it's possible to free-climb this wall without it.

 It's not like the rock wall in the second layer of the dungeon where free climbing was absolutely impossible.

 However, it's just a matter of principle.

 In terms of image, it is like being told to hang from the roof of a ten-story apartment building without a safety belt.

 Even if you are going to do the same thing, the psychological aspect is completely different between a height of 2 meters and 20 meters.

 I can never do it.
 Too scary.
 After all, auxiliary tools are very important.

Let's go, then.
Hang in there, Nao!

 With Yuki's cheering, I started to climb the rock wall again.
 Unlike before, when the purpose was to test the equipment, this time the purpose was to climb.

 I climbed up the cliff, trying not to rely on the rope too much, but hooking on a little more hardware in case I fell.

 Normally, you would consider the amount of fittings you can carry, but since you don't have to worry about that, you have a big advantage.

 Metal fittings and ropes can weigh tens of kilos if they are long enough.

 Rock climbing is quite demanding because you have to carry it uphill.

 ...... Oh, by the way, in the video I saw on TV, they put the rope in a separate bag and pulled it up in the middle of the climb, didn't they?

 I see, there was a reason for that.
 In our daily life, we don't have a chance to hold a rope so heavy that we feel its weight.
 A tug-of-war rope at an athletic event? But that's not the same thing in terms of thickness.

"But to come to another world and experience rock climbing... It's a unique experience.

 It's also fun, I guess you could say.
 If I had stayed in Japan, I probably would never have experienced it.

"It's a kinematic support, isn't it?

 I learned this when I experienced bouldering.
 Three points, that is, three of your hands and three of your feet are always attached to the wall.
 It takes time, but it's the safest way.
 I continued climbing in this way for a while.
 Yuki, who was watching below, called out to me.

"Nao~. I think it's around there. Isn't there a rock that looks different?

'Feeling different is so vague. ......'

 Feeling a little nervous, I put my weight on the rope to pull myself away from the rock wall and look around.

I was told that there are some silvery veins exposed!
The silvery vein ...... is it?
Did you find it?
I'll take a look. Wait a minute.
It's fragile, so be careful!

 I raised my hand and moved to the spot, attaching the fittings.

 As I approached, I saw that there was a whitish layer about 20 centimeters wide on the surface of the rock, extending about four or five meters in either direction.

 The color is more like limestone, and silvery white is a bit harsh.

...... Oh, is that silvery white?

 If you scrape the area with a pick, the surface will be scraped off and it will look somewhat silvery.

 However, as Yuki said, the rock around the area is fragile and will easily collapse if you hit it with a pick, so it would be dangerous to attach any hardware to the area.

There it is!
I'm coming up too, drop the rope!

 Avoiding the fragile area, I moved a little above the vein.
 Fixing the fittings firmly there, he hooks a new rope and drops it down to Yuki.
 But when I look down like this, ...... it's pretty high.
 I wouldn't say that it makes Yuki look small, but it's a bit high.

 I tried not to think too much about the height, but I kept my eyes on Yuki, and she came up to me in a relatively short time, without relying on the rope too much.

"Let's see... Yeah, this is definitely Revlite ore, isn't it? I'm going to cut it up and take it home.

"How much do you need?

"A handful for each ring should be enough, but we'll take as much as we can get. You never know when you might make a mistake, and it's not like a lot of it will go bad.

 It's inorganic ore.

 No, even food won't spoil in a few years, even if we have magic bags.

"Well then, Yuki, you cut it down from that side. I'll go from here.

"Ho, ho, ho.