319-290 Climbing! (3)

 Yuki and I secured the rope to the safety belt so that we could use both hands, and used a pick to dig out the vein.

 The vein itself is not very hard, so it is not difficult to dig it out, but it is difficult not to lose it.

 With one hand wrapped around the vein, the vein is gradually removed and placed in the leather bag.

 I have a feeling that there is more than lebrite ore mixed in, but I'll let you sort that out when you use it.

 My strength and stamina wouldn't last if I had to worry about that.
 It must have taken me about an hour of such nerve-wracking work.

 When the leather bag was almost full, Yuki also stopped and took a rest, hanging from the rope.

I think this is enough. I think this is enough, let's go down.
If Yuki thinks it's enough, then there's no problem. Then let's go down.

 In this kind of rock wall, descending is in some ways more difficult than climbing.

 This is because it is difficult to check the foothold because your eyes are not below you, but with a rope, this problem is solved.

 We descended the wall relying on the rope, and after a few minutes we reached the bottom and pulled the rope to retrieve it.

 Unfortunately, we can't retrieve the fittings that are hooked to the top, but we prioritize safety.
 Our own lives are more important than money or environmental issues.
 It's not like plastic, so it will return to nature in time.

"Hmm. Well, at least we got what we came for!

 I nodded to Yuki, who smiled as she lifted the leather bag containing the lebrite ore.

"Including testing the equipment.
"Yeah. It was a good performance overall, wasn't it? It worked well.
One of them broke, though. Simple is always better.

 The metal I used to fix the rope.

 It's like 'the strength of the material. That's all there is to it,' so I didn't have any worries about the equipment.

 I was worried that it might break the rock, but if I had checked the strength with a pick beforehand, I would have had no problem at all.

 At least, the fittings didn't fall off from the points where I checked the strength of the fittings, so I guess my judgment was not so wrong.

"Well, with a simple structure, the unexpected is unlikely to happen. It's the same as driving a pile in.

That's true. --But if we're going to put in stakes, why don't we put in bouldering holds? The purpose is to make it easier to go up and down.

Oh, that's a good idea! I'm in! You're right, the purpose is not rock climbing.

 For us, it's just a means to an end, whereas rock climbing is a sport where the goal is to climb by yourself.

 If it's easy, we want to make it easy.

You can use magic to dig a wall and build a foothold. ......

 I shook my head at Yuki, who held up her index finger.

No, that would be difficult. Not in a normal rocky mountain, but in a dungeon.

 This is partly due to the fact that magic does not work well in dungeons themselves, but it also has to do with the dungeon's repair function.

 For example, if the walls of a dungeon are damaged by a magic attack.

 The damage will be repaired in a relatively short period of time - a few days or so if the damage is not at the level of a collapse.

 However, items embedded in the dungeon, such as the transfer points we set up, will not be easily absorbed unless they are left for a long time.

If you think about it, the scaffolding you made with magic will probably be repaired normally.
If you drive a stake through it, it will remain.
Even if you have to use magic to make a hole, it's better than just a stake.

 It's not like you're going to run out of magic on the way up.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.

It's not good practice, is it?

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to make a staircase if you and Nao work hard enough.

 Even if you can mine, it won't help you in the dungeon, so half of your goal is still unfulfilled.

So, what do we do now? So, what do you want to do? The first objective is done, so you can just go home. ...... Do you want to practice some more? Just for the day.

"No need to rush home, huh? I need to practice anyway.

"Well, I'll support you down there, so you can practice, Nao.

 To be more specific, support means to hold the rope below you so that if you should slip and fall, you will not fall straight down.

 However, since you are pulling on the rope to stop yourself from falling, if you are not good at it, the friction with the rope will cause the skin on your hands to peel, and even if you are wearing leather gloves, it will probably hurt.

Is that okay?

Yes. I can do it when I come back with Haruka and the others, okay?

Well, they need to practice, too. ....... All right. Make sure you wear gloves.

"Hey, hey!

 Yuki's reply was very light, but she was doing her job well and I was trying to improve my rock climbing skills.

 First, I climbed up to a point much higher than where we had just mined, and then I hung a rope and used it as a lifeline to go up and down the rock wall repeatedly.

 Since there was no point in doing it in the same place, we set up ropes in places where it would be difficult to climb and practiced.

 I almost fell off twice, but thanks to Yuki, I didn't get hurt, and I made it to the end of the day.

Thanks a lot. Tomorrow we'll leave early in the morning and head back to Laffan.
"Yeah. --Well, unless we find some nice mushrooms on the way.
Yeah, you'll want to pick them when you find them.

 Yuki and I look at each other and laugh together.
 It's autumn.
 If we don't collect mushrooms this time of year, it will be difficult to get them as food.
 It's not like today, where you can go to the supermarket and buy mushrooms at a steady price.

By the way, Nao. By the way, Nao, have you grown any skills?
"Well, I don't have ....... I just started today. It won't come easily.

 I've tried, and I can climb this wall without any problem, but unfortunately no skills have been added to my status.

 Maybe I haven't practiced long enough, or maybe I'm not skilled enough.
 Should I try harder walls to get it as a skill?

I see. Too bad. --I was going to copy it if I had it.
No! That's not fair, Yuki! I've been working hard.
Copying skills is my advantage! It saves time.

 I'm sure you'll agree that it's efficient for the party as a whole, and will benefit everyone in a short amount of time, but as someone who's struggled with ...... it's a bit of a bummer.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I've been supporting you all day. You know, holding the rope.
"Mm-hmm. ......

 Is that why you've been so supportive of my training?
 So to speak, the more I train, the better Yuki's skills will be.
 The more I train, the more I can improve Yuki's skills, though only up to level 1.

So until someone else learns the [Climbing] skill, I'm going to support them!

"...... can't be helped.

 I didn't have enough material to deny Yuki's words.
 In fact, it's very efficient.
 Then it's no use.

"Okay, I get it. I'll let you copy me then. I'll teach you everything I know.
What? If you just give me a quick lesson, I'll activate--
I'll teach you in no time!

 For my mental health, and Yuki's safety!

 And the next day.

 The next day, we left the canyon, and as expected, we were once again absorbed in mushroom hunting, and we didn't return to Laffan until the day after that.