358-326 Toward restart (2)

"Me last. My 'walking on air' is better than before. Last time it was water underneath me, but next time it won't matter if it's bedrock underneath me - or anyone but Toya.

"What? What, I'm not good enough?

 I nodded deeply at Toya, who pointed at me and looked at me wide-eyed as I reiterated my words.

It's about weight. You're at least one and a half times heavier than the rest of us.

 I'm not going to say 'compared to' anyone, because I'd like to save my life, but I'm heavier than the heaviest person in the party, by far.

 I'm not going to say 'compared to anyone else' because I want to save my life.

"So, if I fall, goodbye ......?

 Are you serious? It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I can support you, I think. But I don't want to do it if I can help it. I'd rather not do it if I can help it. My weight and Pastoya's weight will be on both my legs.

 Walk on Air is a magic to walk in the air, not to fly.

 In other words, if you want to help someone, the burden on your knees is quite high, as Haruka said.
 If the weight of the object is much heavier than your own weight, it goes without saying.

On top of that, Haruka's slender arms will be supporting Toya's weight during the fall, right? You can see what will happen to Haruka's arms at ....... Yeah, Toya, you just fall.

That's terrible!

I'm kidding. But, Toya, don't fall. I can't let you break Haruka's arm.

I'm not gonna fall! I'm not going to fall! - But you're in danger of falling!

That's true. --Just because I'm on a diet doesn't mean I should lose weight.

Of course not!

Because it's the ideal shape.


 We look at each other, me and Toya.

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

"Oi, oi. I'm sure you're not the only one. It's a good thing I have a reputation for physical beauty.

"......." "A warrior's compassion, no. A man's compassion. I'll spare you the trouble of trying to find out where you've shown your physical beauty and who has praised it.

"Oh, geez. But it's true that you have no fat to lose. I mean, not like Haruka.

 In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.

I'm not going to say anything. I'm not going to say anything else, am I? It's okay, I'm fine! I'm a model. I'm a model. Nao has no complaints either!

....... Is that so?

Don't ask!

 I don't know what you think, but you can't answer that question right here!
 Don't drag me into this!

Well, well, well, if Toya should fall, Haruka and I will have to do our best.

 I said this to change the subject, and Haruka nodded her head, removing her finger from Toya's cheek.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. ...... I wish I never had the chance to do that.

I know, right? I don't know if we'll be able to catch it together. It's like a triple SSS.

 I believe that the fact that we were able to successfully catch Natsuki at that time was due to a great deal of luck.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.

 I'm not sure if Haruka and I can catch such a difficult thing in time.

"Yeah, probably not. I'm sorry if I fail.

You can't be sorry. --But that's just the way it is. I won't hold it against you if you fail.

I'm glad to hear it. ...... If you come out as a skeleton or a zombie, I'll purify you, okay?

I'm not sure if I should thank you for that.

 I'm not sure what to say.

It's better than being left alone, right? Isn't it embarrassing? Isn't it embarrassing to see your own corpse moving?

 I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were shapely enough to be a skeleton, but as a zombie I'd be able to see every color.

...... I see. That's right. Thank you.

 I'm not sure if he imagined this, but he thanked me honestly, even though his mouth was bent into a knot.

You're welcome. But it will be Haruka and Natsuki who will actually do it.
No, let's try not to do that, okay? Both of you.
You're right! You can't die!

 In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the following.

 It's not even a year since Mitya and the others lost their father.

 Haruka, who was sitting next to Mitya, stroked her head and gave us a stern look.

You're right, we shouldn't die. Toya, Nao, be careful.
"Oh, yeah.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

 Of course we don't want to die, and we don't intend to.
 Of course we're not going to let Toya die.

We're getting off track here. I'm still halfway through my 'Explosion'. I've raised my fire magic level to seven, but ......

 Even though the level of the status is not that reliable, the fact that both the fire jet and the explosion, which are level 8 spells, are still active does not mean that they have not reached the standard power.

 In spite of this, both the power and the magic power consumed are quite large, as expected of a level 8 spell.

It may not have the same explosive power as the original Explosive Flame, but by converging it, it can at least break rocks.

"Oh, that's great. How much?

Well, it depends on the material, but it's enough to blow up a handful of rocks.

 The experiment took place at a rock climbing practice.
 There's no shortage of rocks to use for experiments in that area.
 If you just want to cut it out, you can do it by 'plain shifting'.

Oh, oh. ...... I don't want to take a ...... hit.

You don't know how well it'll work in the field. It's slower than the Fire Arrow.

 If you were to use it against Toya, she would certainly avoid it.
 And if you use it at such a close distance that she can't avoid it, you'll get caught in it.
 It's an explosion spell.

 If you use it at close range, you will be caught in the explosion.

 In addition, there is the question of how well it works on gargoyles.
 Unlike mere rocks, humans and demons have a resistance to magic.

And then there's ....... Oh, by the way, you've been updating your weapons.
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

 It's easier to use than pseudo-ironwood in terms of flexibility, and it's much stronger.

 In fact, it is said to be strong enough to catch a blunt sword with its hilt.

 Even with our small swords, we could not cut it off, so I believe it will protect me in most situations.

 Incidentally, torrents are hard enough as they are, but it is said that they can be made harder by treating them after completion.

 It is said that this treatment costs a certain amount of money, but if it is hard enough to catch a sword from the start, it is naturally difficult to process, and it will be a tremendous hardship to kill the torrent and to beat the branches afterwards.

 ...... processing fee, though that hurt!