359-327 Toward restart (3)

Speaking of which, our little sword sheaths, they're Torrent now, aren't they?
Yeah. Gantz-san cried that it was a waste.

 I don't usually do anything with the scabbard, so there's no deep reason for updating it, but I thought it might be useful as a weapon in case something happened. I had it made with the lightest of intentions.

 As Haruka said, Mr. Gantz shouted, "What a waste! But torrents are so expensive that they have little use.

 Mr. Gantz bought some of them and gave them to the guild, but we still have enough left over to give to Simon when he asks for them.

Me and my friends have new weapons too!
"Yes, we got new ones too. Thank you very much.
You two have been working hard.

 This time, since there was time, I changed the chainmail to light attribute steel, Mitya's small sword to wind attribute steel, and Mary's bastard sword to flame attribute steel as 'the amount of money they earned'.

 The actual earnings are not enough to pay for the equipment even if you simply divide it by the head, but it is in anticipation of future activities and in preparation for demons that are too strong for us to follow.

 In a situation where even Toya can be injured quite badly, avoiding an irreversible situation is a higher priority than 'training with appropriate equipment'.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one.
Yeah. It was a better weapon than I expected.

 The war hammer I found in the treasure chest was called the Impact Hammer, and it had the ability to cause a shockwave to penetrate and damage an object at the same time as it attacked it.

 It seems to have an attack power that can crush an ordinary rock, and it would be quite useful against gargoyles.

 However, the opponent is a demon. I'm not sure how effective it is, though.

That's about it as far as enhancements go. The other thing you'll need to do is ...... to make sure you have plenty of food for your search. Just in case we get separated.

What else? When we were swept away, we were able to get by. ......

 Being able to swim and the need for life preservers are two different things.
 Because physical strength is not infinite.
 After that, the discussion ended with each of us sharing some opinions.

 Toya and I went out to buy what we needed, and all the women cooked a large amount of food and stored it in their magic bags.

 The next day, we set out again for the dungeon.

    The next day, we headed back to the dungeon.

 It's been a while since the last time, so we head to the second layer, killing the resurrected dungeon demons and collecting all the items we can find.

 We could have ignored the bosses by using the transfer function, but there was no reason to skip them, since defeating them was useful for checking the usability of weapons and training Mary and the others.

 And the same goes for collecting resources.
 You can't miss the good stuff.

 ...... Well, actually, I have a lot of stuff I can't sell in my magic bag that I left at home.

 It's called overstock.

 If we sell them at a low price, neither we, the guild, nor anyone else involved will be happy, so we can't sell them easily and they accumulate as inventory.

 As a side effect of this, the cost of the food at Aella's restaurant has casually skyrocketed, but I guess only a few rich people can understand that.

 The common people cannot distinguish between a 2,000 yen gram of meat and an 8,000 yen gram of meat.

 No, when I watch TV rating programs, I think, "Maybe it is like that even if you are not a commoner.

 Well, it's because they are poor, and because they have experienced poverty in real life, that they work hard to collect even in such a situation.

 And Mary and Mitya are even older in their poverty than we are.
 I had no idea that Mary and Mitya lived a life of eating ego potatoes. .......
 Once you've tasted them, you can understand why Mitya is so greedy about food.

 We spent a certain number of days going through each layer like that, and then we came back to the second layer.

So let's skip ahead to where we were last time, shall we?

 Although the second layer seemed to be restricted in terms of transfer, it was still possible to transfer safely within a short interval and with a transfer point.

 The last time Haruka and her friends came back, they had already set up a transfer point, so they could transfer to the place where we fell last time without any problems.

 Therefore, there was no need to risk going down the cliff, but Mitya lowered her eyebrows a little sadly when she heard that.

"Aren't you going to retrieve the fish?

I'm sure we'll be able to get them back, don't worry. In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to use it to buy a lot of things.

"Yes, we did. I can't tell you exactly how many meters, but it was high enough for us to get into position. ......

 I didn't have time to count the seconds, but I could tell it wasn't more than a few dozen meters.

 I'm not sure how high the entrance is, but maybe we still need to go down the cliff?

It's okay. The fish are important!
Mee, our safety is more important than yours, okay?
Of course it is! But I'm happy to eat good fish.

 Mitya nodded contentedly with his arms crossed, and we began our transfer.
 A few minutes later, we had reached the place where we had fallen last time.

 Looking up, we could see that the rock we had fallen on was no longer there, and the area that had collapsed was back to its original state.

 A sorrowful look appeared on Natsuki's face as he noticed this.

This is ...... a trap, after all. I'm sorry, I should have known.

I don't care, I don't care. Fortunately - and I shouldn't say fortunately - it was Natsuki who fell, and she didn't bother anyone else, and as a result, she was safe.

No, not to Nao-kun. ......

It's okay. I heard that you two were hugging each other. It's a perk. Nao doesn't think it's a problem. Right? Nao?

"Uh, yeah, I guess so.

 Yuki confirmed, and I nodded, a little vaguely.

 No, of course I don't think you're bothering me, but it's true that I can't say, "Yes, it was a good deal. I can't say, 'Yes, it was very soft.

 Besides, I was pretty frightened and desperate, so I didn't have time for that.
 Of course, I'm not going to say that here.

But I can't deny that I was not very careful about traps. Including us.

"Right. Let's all be careful next time. We all thought we were safe.

I didn't even notice!

I did. I had no idea!

Thank you very much.

 Haruka and the others followed up, and Natsuki's face lit up with a smile.

"As far as this trap is concerned, why don't we do a percussion test before we go down? We've just got the perfect hammer.

No, that thing is going to collapse even without the trap if it's not good. ......

 The shockwave penetrates the target and crushes it, that's its function.

If it doesn't break, it's okay, right?
"Well, I don't know. I think we can identify natural collapses, but if it's a trap, it's .......

 It's a trap because a place that normally wouldn't collapse collapses.
 It depends on the trigger conditions.

 To put it in a simple way, if a trap is designed to blow up when an enemy arrives, you won't be able to tell whether it collapses or not by sound inspection.

 Of course, we can't say that it's completely meaningless, so we'll have to try it out.

 --So, we moved to the ledge and carefully examined the ground while moderately dealing with the rock spiders.

 After Natsuki and I had focused on the ledge and determined that there was nothing there, it was Toya's turn.

Okay, Toya, go ahead and try.
Got it!

 I hurriedly stopped him as he raised the impact hammer with a strong response.

Wait a minute! You're pushing it too hard. That's not a percussion test, that's a serious destruction motion!

"Oh, right. Like that?

 Toya stops swinging, but still hits the ground with a very strong thud.

 It was scary to feel the slight vibration of his feet each time.
 Isn't this going to cause the whole aisle to collapse or something ......?

 Fortunately, my fears did not come true, and the rock shelf did not collapse.

...... doesn't seem to be a problem, at least not yet.
Well, it's not like we're going to have the same traps all the time.
In other words, when you're not careful, that's when you're in danger. I'll be careful.

 Yuki nodded, and we nodded too.
 The last time we were caught off guard was a pattern.

 Let's make sure we remember to do it every time this time.

So, secure the rope ladder and go to .......

 In the past, this was where Mitya and I came in, but this time...