360-328 Restart (1)

"Door plate's on. Toya, are you sure about this?
Of course I tested it. I'll use it myself.

 As Toya said this, he pulled out a door plate from his magic bag.

 It looks like something you might find on a storm door of an old house.

 The only difference was that it was much thicker, and it had a shoulder strap attached so that it could be carried on the back.

 Oh, and if you look closely, you can see a long, narrow cloth bag attached to the top of the shoulder strap.

What about the cloth bag on top of it?

Oh, that's a parachute. It's a parachute because you can't carry a backpack with it. You don't want to fall out, do you?

I see. ......?

 The parachute made by Natsuki is an attachment to the backpack, and of course it is attached to everyone's backpack.

 This is why I understand that Toya thought of this as a countermeasure for when he is not carrying his backpack. ...... Toya, are you going to fall with that doorplate on your back?

 It's a river down there.
 If you go into the river with it, won't you drown?

 Before you put a parachute on the door plate, you should think about casting off the door plate. .......

 If you look at Natsuki, she didn't know either, she rolled her eyes.
 ...... Yeah, I'll leave that as an issue for next time.
 We can't change it now.

 If possible, there should be an immediate cast-off mechanism and independent parachutes on both the toya and the door plate.

By the way, there's a steel plate in between. It's quite heavy, isn't it?
It's ...... heavy!

 Toya handed it to me, and I tried to hold it, but it was so heavy that it made my muscles wobble.

 I can't carry this up and down the rope ladder .......

I'm not sure if you can handle this, Toya. "Toya, are you sure you can handle this?
I can't fight with this on my back, but I can make it up and down.

 Toya put down his backpack. I'm not sure if I'll be able to carry this on my back, but I'll be able to walk up and down.

Oh, I'm impressed. ......
Toya's physical strength is the best, isn't it?

 His back is literally a walking doorplate.
 Toya's entire body is completely hidden from view.
 It seems that there is no danger unless he is pierced by thick boards and steel plates.
 If you can even bear the weight.
 I can't.
 And I can't support Toya with it on my back.
 If he falls, we'll have to swim together.

Are you sure about the rope ladder? Weight-wise?

It's been taken care of. We've already taken care of that. They made the wire a little thicker.

Oh, it's not just new?

 I knew that they had repaired the wire because it had been damaged in the last collapse, but they had also changed the thickness.

 I couldn't tell much difference just by looking at it, but since the professionals said it was okay, it must be okay.

Okay, I'm off! Take care of the Arrowhead Eagle, will you? I can't see a thing.

Yeah, I'll take care of that.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something to help you.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be dangerous if he didn't act very carefully.

 After Toya had descended about five meters, the first thing to arrive was another Arrowhead Eagle. Four of them.

 We had gotten used to them, so Haruka shot one, I shot two, and Yuki shot one, at the point where the bodies fell on the ledge.

 The Arrowhead Eagle, its life easily snuffed out, moves toward Toya with its inertia.

 It hits the doorplate with a thump, thump, thump, and makes a pretty good sound.

"Hey! It's hitting me in the back!

No problem. He's already dead.
...... I'm afraid the corpse is going to explode, aren't you?

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 If you want to be sure to drop it on the ledge, you will have to intercept it at a very short distance. Since it is flying at a very high speed, some things will hit Toya.
 If you're going to kill it, you might as well collect it, right?

You want to prevent flying gars, right? Arrowhead Eagle will be fine even if you're not dead.

It's shockproof, it's big!

 We said we didn't need to worry about it, and Toya shouted in protest, but the younger group cheered.

"Good luck, Toya! The Arrowhead Eagle is delicious!
The Arrowhead Eagle is delicious!
"Ugh. ...... Well, it wouldn't be a problem if you told me in advance.

 In fact, the yakitori at Arrowhead Eagle was pretty good.
 Especially the thigh meat.

 The thighs are quite thick and firm, with a nice crunch and no dryness, as if they were birds of prey and used their feet to grab their prey.

 Compared to pork-like meat or beef-like meat, bird meat is much harder to find, so the Arrowhead Eagle is a valuable item in its own right.

 In the event that you're looking for a great deal more information on the web, you'll be able to find a lot more information here.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before. I'll brace myself.

Okay. Oh, we're about to hit it. Flying gars.

Huh? ...... Oh!

 The Flying Gur was thrust into Toya's back as he grabbed the rope ladder tightly after being momentarily stunned by my warning.

 --Of course, it was the door board on his back that stuck out.

"Oh, oh, .......

 While Toya let out an indescribable squeal at the impact of the large number of flying gars, Mary and the others cheered.

 Needless to say, they were happy to see so many fish.

"Toya, are you okay? Does your back hurt?
"Oh, yeah, no problem. I've got it all covered. It's heavy.
It's a big deal.

 Probably because we skipped the cliffs on the way, the number of flying gars is probably the largest it's ever been.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.

...... But it's a pretty surreal sight.
Yes, it is. The chittering is also .......

 It's quite surreal to go down a rope ladder with a door plate on your back, but there are a lot of fish sticking out of the door plate and wagging their tails. ...... It's hard to describe.

But it's full of fish!
Oh, yes. You've achieved your goal.

 The goal of protecting Toya's back and efficiently catching the flying gar.

"Okay, Toya, it looks like we're not getting a refill. You can go down now.

 Toya started down the ladder again, and I watched from above for a while.

 No additional Arrowhead Eagles or Flying Gars flew by, and Toya descended to the ledge below.

Looks like we're okay. Let's go down in order. The last one is ....... I think it's Nao.

"Me? ...... I guess that's it.

 I looked at the remaining members and nodded.

 The last person to descend would have to remove the rope ladder and use the rope to descend, but last time it was Toya. Last time, it was Toya, because he was physically fit for the task.

 Since Toya was the first to go down this time, if it came down to who would do it out of the remaining members, it would be me.

 I'm not so devilish as to tell Toya to come up again.