433-401 The moon (6)

 Relying on an inaccurate map, finding the spring was a difficult task, even with Yuki's [Mapping] skills.

 However, for Haruka and her team, walking through the forest where only orcs appear is not so different from walking.

 As the rain that had been falling since yesterday began to drizzle, they reluctantly increased their meat stock to a moderate level, and trudged through the forest at a fairly fast pace, finding the first spring a few hours later.


"It's pretty muddy.
The water itself seems to have some dirt in it.

 The bottom of the spring, which had probably been clean until a while ago, was covered with a fine layer of dirt, and the whole area was brown and dirty.

 If this was only a temporary problem caused by the rain, it would have been a relief, but as Mary had discovered, the water coming from the spring itself had become dirty, so we should assume that the environment of the water source had changed.

I don't know who you are, but you need to think more about the environment!

"I don't know who you are, but you should be more concerned about the environment! He said he built a reservoir.

If you're a politician, you need to think more! You can't tamper with the nature you're trying to protect!

No, let them at least build a reservoir! Haruka, you're not an environmentalist, are you?

 Haruka nodded to Yuki, who said in a somewhat dumbfounded manner.

I don't know. I'm just saying that because it's relevant to me.

I saw your selfishness!

"Because I believe that humans are part of nature. I don't feel comfortable with the idea that what humans do is special. Even if it rains hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, the earth will remain.

Yeah, and all living things are extinct!

Is that a form of evolution? And there will be new intelligent life forms that can survive in such an environment.

I don't want to live on that Earth! I mean, I kind of understand what you're saying, but it's not relevant now, is it?

No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't. Alchemy and magic can do a lot of things, depending on how you use them. ....... But I won't hesitate to use powerful magic if I have to, even if it destroys the environment!

I don't know if I've ever hesitated before.

We've been trying not to burn too much in the forest. It's too dangerous for us.

You're so selfish!

Nature is not weak enough to need to be kind. ...... At least not in this world.

 I'm sure you'll agree with me.
 And two of them agree with it.

I'm sure you'll agree. I'm sure you'll agree.
If you're not careful, you'll die.
Serious opinion! But I agree. If you go into the forest, you'll die.

 In fact, if you step out of town, danger is everywhere, and fatal accidents in the forest are not uncommon.

 In other words, nature is a threat and an enemy to be overcome.

 From the point of view of Mary and the others who have lived in this world, the idea of "protecting nature" is completely incomprehensible.

 Incidentally, Baron Ornick, who was told by Haruka that he needs to think more, is actually thinking a lot.

 To be precise, he is thinking about the people and demons such as orcs who are affected by the reservoir, which is a little different from the idea of "protecting nature", but he is still making sure to minimize the impact of the reservoir on the surroundings.

 One of the main reasons for this is the industry of Barony of Ornik.
 The export of oak meat.
 It is an important industry and the backbone of this territory.

 Therefore, it is natural that we do not want orcs to be completely exterminated, but we also do not want them to increase too much, and we also do not want them to cause major changes in their habitat and attack human settlements.

 However, in order to expand the farmland, we also need reservoirs.

 After taking these factors into consideration and conducting a thorough investigation, a reservoir was built, and the result is the current state of the spring that Haruka and his friends found.

 From Haruka's point of view, this is an unacceptable change, but from Baron Ornik's point of view, it is an acceptable change.

 Haruka and her friends are also involved in the development of the farmland, but they don't know it, so the main culprit is Baron Ornick alone.

Haha. ....... I'm not sure what to make of that. Yuki, let's change our minds and move on.

"Right. Fortunately, there are many potential springs.

 Haruka and the others, who had finished their refreshment with idle chit-chat, began to move again with Yuki in the lead.

This time it was easy to find.

 They arrived at the next spring a few minutes later.
 It took them a few minutes to reach the next spring, which was much shorter than the time it took to find the first one.

But ...... this spring is no good either.

 But this spring isn't any good either." Mitya looked into the spring and saw that the water was still murky and unpredictable, and her mouth curved up in a disappointed expression.

I'm sure you'll agree. I'm not sure what to make of this. Would you like me to go in?

"Thanks. But it's not necessary. I don't think this water would be effective as a medicinal plant even if it did grow.

"I see.

 Mary breathed a mixture of disappointment and relief at Haruka's words.

Let's go to the next spring right away. Yuki, are you alright?

"Yes. Maybe this map is pretty accurate when it comes to the location of the springs. Then--

Will it be easier to find the spring?

Yes. Unless this is just a coincidence. If it's accurate, whoever made it must be pretty good, huh?

 It's hard to see in the forest when you're on a level ground with good visibility, and it's even harder to walk straight in the forest because of the trees.

 It is difficult to grasp the exact location in such a place, let alone think about it.

 If you're like Yuki, you've got the [mapping] skill and the spatial magic ability to know the location of the transfer points you've set up, but there are very few people who have those abilities.

...... Yeah, it's not looking promising. But for now, let's trust the map and go!

 Somewhat unexpectedly, Yuki found that the map copied by the guild was quite accurate regarding the location of the spring.

 However, the route on the way was completely different.

 Haruka and his team encountered some difficulties that they couldn't pass straight through, but they started from the spring closest to Kiura and found a beautiful spring at the fourth stop.

 But there was nothing to be found.

 Haruka and her friends continued to search for the spring, but they had to visit three more springs over the course of the night before they found it.

"Ah! There's a red flower blooming in the water!

 The first one to find it was Mitya, who was the first one to run to the fountain every time they arrived and look inside.

 Haruka and the others looked at each other and quickly approached the fountain, and sure enough, they saw what looked like a red flower at the bottom of the fountain.

 But the only thing you can tell from the surface of the water is that it's a red flower, and it's hard to tell if that's what you really want.

"Yuki, how are you doing?

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

I'm sorry, but the appraisal doesn't seem to work from this distance. I'm pretty sure that's what it is. ......

Then we'll have to go get it. I'll be right back.

Do you want me to go?

 I'm sure you'll be able to find something that works for you.

Thank you. But I'd feel safer if I could swim. It's a little chilly in the ...... with the use of Avoid Rain and Breath Water.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 If you wear light clothing at such a time, it's natural to feel cold even if you don't go into the water.

I'll use 'Resist Cold' then. I'll use Resist Cold." "Well, does Avoid Rain work in the water?

"Oh, I'm not cold anymore. Thank you. The Avoid Rain is a water-avoidance spell, so I'm sure it works. ......

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that.

...... looks okay. It's nice to know that your clothes won't get wet.
Oh, yeah. But then you wouldn't have had to take off your armor, would you?

'Yuki, are you one of those people who can swim while wearing chainmail? I don't think I'd try it.
Oh, yeah. It's a little heavy.

 Not a bit.

 Of course, it can't be compared to full plate metal armor, but the chainmail that Haruka and the others are wearing is not a vest type, but a type that covers the entire body with long pants and long sleeves.

 If you want to swim with a weight of more than 10 kilograms, you will need a certain amount of training.

 This is not something to be tried in a natural environment, let alone in a safe pool.

Okay, I'll dive down and get it.
Yeah, be careful.
"Be careful.

 Haruka nodded back to Mitya and the others, and kicked the water toward the bottom of the spring, holding the tub to hold the Obunia she had collected.