27-27 The Visit of Ruin

 The prince has been running around the capital tirelessly.

 The dozens of "threats" that had been hiding in the capital became a reality.
 Starting with the appearance of one of them by the investigation team's 【Cloaking Removal】, powerful demons appeared one after another, and as if the calm of this morning had been a lie, the capital was in great confusion.

 Fortunately, soldiers had already been dispatched to most of the hiding places, and the members of the Royal Sixth Army led by the Six Saints and the Adventurer Mercenaries organized by the Royal Capital Adventurer's Guild were scattered throughout the capital to deal with the demons that had appeared.

 The battles were hard fought, but if it weren't for the information brought by Lean, that man, and Noor, the situation would have been much worse.
 I can say that we are fighting the good fight because we had a party that had taken countermeasures in advance.
 There have been a lot of injuries, but fortunately there have been no deaths yet because the [monk] lineage was dispatched in time.

 All citizens within earshot have been evacuated to areas on the edge of the royal capital where safety has been confirmed.

 Not much damage has been done so far.
 Hundreds of buildings may fall, walls may fall, churches may fall, but as long as people remain, King's Landing can be rebuilt.
 The loss is not great.

 Not yet.

But not yet. There's always next time.

 Perhaps the raids up to this point have been a diversion, a stepping stone for their next move... in which case, they'll make their move here.
 When our pawns are confused, exhausted, and worn out, they will launch the next big wave...

 I know that.
 The problem is, we don't know what that is.

"Where is it? Where is it coming from?

 The prince's head spins frantically.
 He has been giving orders to his men without a break since last night, and he himself has been running around gathering information.

 But I don't understand.
 I can't gather any information at all.

 Right now, a covert army led by the Hidden Sage is searching the perimeter of the capital with all their might.
 They are scouting with a ferocity that lives up to their name, and it seems that they have already searched almost all of the land around the royal capital.

 And yet, they found nothing...

 There's a high probability they'll attack.
 But from where?
 Where is the enemy placing their pieces?

 The prince was at his wit's end, looking up at the sky... when he noticed something.

"What the hell is that?

 It was a slight feeling of... discomfort.
 A part of the sky was shimmering slightly.

 The discomfort seemed to be growing as he watched.

"No way, it's coming from the sky!

 I thought, "Oh no.
 This was not the time to be running around on the ground.

 I hadn't ruled out the sky as a possibility.
 I thought I had instructed him to be alert.
 But only as far up as I could see.

 And if we go any further...
 There's nothing we can do about it.

 The enemy was sending something from far above the alert range.

"Concealment Removal...?

 The prince, needing to see the enemy as soon as possible, ripped off the transparent membrane that covered the "something" with [Cloaking Removal].

 In the blink of an eye, a huge shadow fell over the royal capital.

"What the hell, ......?

 It was the shadow of a creature.

 It was a creature that everyone knew about, but no one had ever seen before, but no one was allowed to see (・・・・・・・).

"No way... that's ......? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

 The prince could not immediately believe what he saw.
 No, he knew what he saw was real, but his instincts refused to believe it.

 Because the fact that it was there meant...

 It meant the destruction of King's Landing.

That's absurd. What the hell are they thinking? What the hell were they thinking, using something like that in human flesh! Are they really out of their minds?

 The prince was shouting in confusion.
 The prince was screaming in confusion, he couldn't believe they were sane.

 No... they must be insane.
 If he wasn't crazy, he couldn't have done this.

"I didn't expect him to hit me with ...... something like that...!

 The prince looked up at the sky and fell to his knees on the ground without effort.
 The presence in the sky and the despair that rushed through his body took away his ability to even stand.

 It was a natural reaction for anyone who knew what it was.

 It was... the [Demon Dragon of Misfortune].

 A living myth that has lived for thousands of years and has been passed down through many legends.
 But it is undoubtedly a supernatural creature that exists in reality.

 It does indeed exist in reality... a nightmarish fairy tale.

 The many gouged mountains, the plains that were once great cities but were leveled overnight, the villages that were gouged, reshaped and turned into lakes... are proof of this history.

"Why is this happening now?

 But the prince wondered.
 According to the records, the [Demon Dragon of Misfortune] has only been asleep for about one hundred and fifty years.
 Normally, the active period is still a long way off, and it should be asleep for at least another two hundred years.

 So that means...

You mean you woke them up with ...... your own hands? Have they not learned anything from the tragedies of the past?

 Perhaps the dragon was awakened.

 By the hand of man.

 What a stupid thing to do ......!
 What a stupid thing to do ......!

It's definitely not something that should be touched. ......! Why can't they understand that?

 A tragedy that happened hundreds of years ago.
 The dragon, angered by the disturbance of his sleep, rampaged for ten years and turned the whole area into a scorched earth.
 No witnesses have survived, but there are many legends and anecdotes that have been passed down as historical facts, so everyone should know the history.

 In order not to repeat the foolish act...
 To prevent the repetition of foolishness.
 And yet...

 And yet...

How could they be so foolish as to use it in a war between people?

 It's not something that can be managed by human hands.

 Encounter is death.
 Its appearance means the annihilation of the whole area.

 That giant dragon is also known as the "Demon Dragon of Country Collapse," and there is no shortage of anecdotes of countries being destroyed by it.
 Such a legendary existence - the most forbidden of all abominations that people must not touch - is now flapping its wings leisurely over the royal capital, heading for the royal castle where my father still remains.

"It's over, everything is over...

 The anger that had risen in the prince's body was quickly swallowed up by despair.

 This is the end of King's Landing.
 There's nothing I can do.
 There is no one who can manage this situation.

 There can't be.
 This is real, not a fairy tale.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

 The prince mustered his last remaining will and managed to stand his ground.

 But not everything is hopeless.

 There is still something we can do.
 There are things that need to be done right now, at this moment.

 The prince stood by his side and instructed his liaison officer, who had gone rigid.

"Evacuate all those gathered in the shelters to the outside of King's Landing right now.
 If any of them try to stay, forcibly remove them and take them out...
 Remember, not a single person is to be left in King's Landing. ......!


 The liaison officer who received the order immediately rushed to send a message.

 At the same time, the prince, in order to give the order himself...
 At the same time, the prince ran as fast as he could, feeling the huge shadow above his head.

 It was no longer a battle to protect the capital...

 The battle to abandon the capital and survive was about to begin.