I Will Parry Everything to Become the Greatest Adventurer!

This is the tale of a man who had mastered how to “Parry”.


“I have no talent at all…”

At the age of 12, a young boy named Noru had decided to train himself in the mountains after being rejected by the capital’s official training centers for being “talentless”. He believed that, with enough hard work and effort, he could one day become like the protagonists that populate his childhood stories. Full of determination, he would practice every day with his makeshift wooden sword, endlessly repeating the only sword technique he knew—“Parry”.

The hours turned into days, the days turned into months, and the months turned into years.

Eventually, he had trained this one skill to such an extreme that he could snap a thousand branches with it. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the desired result, he couldn’t learn any new skills required to become a real adventurer. It may be time to let go of his dream. But he couldn’t. Not just yet. Knowing this, he returned to the capital again.


This was a man of endless dedication, a man who used that dedication to become one of the strongest in the world. The only problem is, he didn’t know it yet.

Author: Nabeshiki 鍋敷
Chapters: 113

俺は全てを【パリイ】する 〜逆勘違いの世界最強は冒険者になりたい〜


1-01 A boy without talent
2-02 Adventurer's Guild
3-03 Long-wishing adventurer life
4-04 I'll Pari the Cow
5-05 Assassination of a Princess
6-06 Request completion report
7-07 The Central Square of the Royal Capital
8-08 Leanne's House
9-09 During the Audience and the Black Sword
10-10 Shin shield innes
11-11 Spear St. Gilbert
12-12 Princess's Wishes
13-13 The Boy Without Talent
14-14 The Prince's Melancholy
15-15 Get rid of the first goblin
16-16 Forest of Demon Beasts
17-17 Goblin Emperor
18-18 I'll parry the goblin
19-19 Disturbing movements
20-20 Subjugation Report
21-21 Horse-drawn carriage journeys to the mountain c...
22-22 Black Dead Dragon
23-23 Cursed Child
24-24 I'm parrying frogs
25-25 Son of a Demon Family
26-26 Role of the Princess
27-27 The Visit of Ruin
28-28 Return to the Royal Capital
29-29 The End of the King
30-30 I'll parry the dragon
31-31 Battle of Wang City
32-32 Dialogue with dragons
33-33 March of the Imperial Reeds
34-34 Silver Waves
35-35 Emperor's Early Horse
36-36 Instructors at the training center
37-37 The Demon Dragon of Chasing
38-38 Shield of Light
39-39 Fire of Magic
40-40 Throne Room
41-41 Return to the Royal Capital 1
42-42 Return to the Royal Capital 2
43-43 In the temporary office
44-44 Delicious meals
45-45 The Boy Without Talent
46-46 Female Pope
48-48 Piling Knoll
49-49 A world we haven't seen yet
50-50 Demon Adventurer
51-51 Six Holy Conferences
52-52 Days of Discipline
53-53 Exterminate ghosts
54-54 I'm parried ghosts
55-55 Gray Ghost
56-56 Special Classes by Dr. Knoll
57-57 Underwater War
58-58 Adventurer's Daughter
59-59 Spear Man Gilbert
60-60 Armor of Magic
61-61 Six Holy Conferences 2
62-62 Loro Training
63-63 Daughter of the Six Holys
64-64 Best Dishes
65-65 Thousand Swords
66-66 Morning of departure
67-67 City of Misra
68-68 Prince Tillens
69-69 Morning of the ball
70-70 Tyr communith
71-71 Ball
72-72 Dialogue with the Pope
73-73 Lightning dancing white
74-74 I'll pari the blue light
75-75 Leanne and Tillens
76-76 Places you don't know
77-77 To the back of the labyrinth
78-78 Holy City
79-79 Two Astilas
80-80 St. Misra
81-81 Mother-child dialogue
82-82 Misra's Flesh
83-83 Sage's Cup 1
84-84 Sage's Cup 2
85-85 Sage's Cup 3
86-86 Birth
87-8.72 million years of hunger
88-88 Above the clouds
89-89 Reunion
90-90 Empathy
91-91 Loro's Friends
92-92 Coffin of stone
93-93 Training Outcomes
94-94 Dance of Light
95-95 Twin Swords
96-96 Speeding Black Thunder
97-97 Princess's Bet
98-98 Reunion
99-99 Return
100-100 Return to the Royal Capital
101-101 Prince's Determination
102-102 King's Thoughts
103-103 Sage's Cup 4
104-104 Oracle Ball
105-105 Completion Ceremony
106-106 Bathing ticket
107-107 Public Baths
108-108 The Serenza's
109-109 Deputy Leader of the Six Corps of The Royal Ca...
110-110 Librarian Melliene
111-111 Loro and the Devil Dragon
112-112 Markets in Wangding
113-113 Travel military funds