75-75 Leanne and Tillens

"I knew you'd come, Leanne.
 I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for you to come to my room.

 Prince Tirens greeted me with a smile as I defeated all the knights guarding the corridor and opened the door to enter his room.

 I kept my sword in my hand and stared at his face in silence.
 He was unfazed by this, still smiling.

"If you're here, what happened to my guards outside the corridor?
They're all asleep in the hallway now.
Oh, I see. That's good to know.

 I felt a little uncomfortable.
 The knights protecting him had been wiped out.
 And yet the prince had a smile on his face.

"Give it up.
 There are no more allies around.
 I have a few questions for you ────.

"Haha, that was really good! I never thought it would work out this way!

 When I tried to get the information I needed from him as my brother instructed, the prince started laughing.  

He laughed as I tried to get the information I needed from him as my brother had instructed.
 It was worth the trouble to bring you to Mithra.
 Haha, you really are amazing, Leanne!

 He laughed out loud with tears in his eyes as I was taken aback.
 It was a sight I had never seen before in a prince.

What on earth is so funny about ────?

"No, ha ha ha ...... sorry. I got excited all by myself.
 But did you really defeat all the knights in the hallway?
 Haha, that's great Lean is ──── even better than I expected.
 Thank you so much. Thank you for defeating (・・・・・) every single one of my obstacles.
 I think I'm in a better position to move now.

 The prince turned to me with a big smile on his face, undaunted by the presence in front of him with a weapon in his hand.

──── disorder?

"Yes, the disorder.
 They made things a lot harder for me.
 ──── Still don't get it, do you?
 I really wanted you to come here by yourself.
 I really wanted you to come here alone. Well, that was just my plan, my hope.
 ...... I'm surprised it actually came true.

 Prince Tirens also laughed a little, wiped his tears in front of me, who would be staring at him suspiciously, and took a deep breath.

"...... No, I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry I was so upset.

 I'm so happy. I just...
 I know this may seem sudden, but I'd really like you to help me.
 There's no one else I can turn to.
 ...... Oh, and I should probably mention that no one is listening to this conversation right now (・・・・・・).
 That's because I'm doing it secretly.
 It was hard to make it without anyone noticing, you know?


No, first of all, I owe you an apology.
 I wanted to bring you here because I wanted to talk to you in private. .......
 It's been difficult.
 I thought about it a lot, but your mother seemed to like you a lot, and I thought it would be less uncomfortable for people if I told them that I was in love with a girl and was trying to get her into my room. Thanks to that, I guess you didn't like me, but it was the only natural way I could think of.
 To be honest, I think I was quite forceful in asking you out. ...... I'm really sorry.

"............ Yes. If you wanted to invite me to your room, it would have had the opposite effect.

 I was aware of the misstep from the beginning, but I couldn't just stop. I was hoping that you would notice my signs, but I think I gave too few ...... hints.
 I was hoping that you would notice my sign, but I think I gave you too few hints.
 It seems that your purpose for coming here was different.
 ...... I'm really sorry about that.
 I'm sorry that I made you feel so uncomfortable, even though I was acting.
 I'm sorry, I could have done better.

"............ acting?
 So everything you've done so far has been a lie? ......?

Don't you ever doubt that?

...... Originally, I thought it was a strange story.
 It makes sense to me.
 ...... So. What's the story?

Are you going to listen to me?

I don't necessarily believe everything I read on .......

Yeah, sure, that's fine.
 You can decide whether you believe me or not after you hear the whole story.
 After all, it's really hard to believe, isn't it?
 Even I can't believe it. ...... I don't even want to believe it.

 The prince looked down as if he was thinking about something.

...... I'm sorry, but we don't have much time.
 Please be brief.

"Oh, yes, of course.
 After all, I only have one thing to ask of you.
 I need you to help me kill your mother.
 ──── Oh, that's okay.
 I'll take the blame for everything, of course.

 He smiled his usual carefree smile and announced that he was going to kill his relatives as if it was nothing, and for a moment I was speechless.

"...... you, Your Eminence?

 I asked him back, but he didn't answer. ──── He ripped a large carpet from the floor of the room, and a magic circle of shifting blue light appeared.

This leads to the underground Labyrinth of Sorrows.
 Surely there is no time left (・・・・・).
 We'll talk about this as we walk.