106-106 Bathing ticket

 When I visited my usual training spot, I saw a figure standing in the woods, holding a familiar golden spear.

Hey, what took you so long?
Yeah, I was running late for something. Sorry.
I don't mind a little bit. Let's get started.

 Gilbert has been training with me once every few days since I returned from Mithra.

 He said that there are not many people in the capital who can take his spear, and that I'm a good training partner for him.

 As for me, I'm very helpful, so we're continuing to train together like this.

Let's go!

 Gilbert spun his golden spear lightly in the air and held it up, and instantly the air around us sank heavily.

 In a moment, the air around you sank heavily. All at once, the birds in the forest seemed to take flight.

 Immediately after ────, his figure disappeared with the spear.


 I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

 But there was no time to be relieved after blocking the first thrust, the spears continued to strike.  


 The tip of his spear undulates sharply and quickly with each strike.
 I adjusted my eyes to it and responded.
 And so on.


 The ground in the area where we've been training has cracked countless times, and not even grass grows here anymore.
 I feel a bit sorry for this forest, but Gilbert's spear is not a sweet attack that can be avoided while worrying about such things.

 Gilbert's spears are getting faster by the day. I think I'm growing up, but I still don't think I can catch up to him.

"But ......, how can you take my spear with such a margin?
No, not that much, but ...... the skeleton's attack was this fast, too. I think he got used to it.
I've heard that before, but are you really a skeleton ......?

 As we exchanged words, sparks flew between us.

 At first his spear was too sharp for me to deal with, but now I can talk to him while playing with it. I don't really feel it when I'm dealing with Gilbert, but I think I'm getting stronger than before.
 However, if I'm not too careful, I might accidentally get my throat pierced.


 As I swatted away the spear that was straight for my neck, there was a huge spark in the forest and I felt a considerable impact on my hand.
 But the spear didn't break, it bent and swung again like a living thing, aiming for my neck again.


 So, instead of fighting the momentum of the oncoming spear, I pushed my black sword against it as if I were cleaving it, changing the trajectory of the tip.
 I've learned to do this recently.
 This way, there is less of a gap after you hit the spear than if you hit it with force.
 I have a little more time to wait for my opponent's next move.

 Gilbert then distanced himself from me without coming at me again.

...... I think that's enough for today.
"Yeah? I'm still good.
You're good, but I'm not. Look, ...... one more blow and I'm sure as hell gonna break.

 The golden spear that Gilbert showed me had a pretty big crack in it.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.
 However, if the crack is that big, I'll have to leave it alone for a whole day.
 Unfortunately, we have to give up training with that spear for today.

I guess so. I got carried away. Sorry.
I'm sorry." "Well, it's okay, it's the same as always. ...... Why is it so easy to break an orichalcum? ...... What is it with that sword?

 In the beginning, I couldn't get used to handling the black sword, and I broke Gilbert's spear, and every time I did, I had to stop my training.
 However, I thought that this was rarely the case these days,.......
 But apparently not so much.

 I had no choice but to end the training that day there.

"Well, Gilbert. Here's a thank you for today. You can keep it.
"Thank you? That's unusual. ...... No, I don't need a thank you. Well, if you're going to give it to me, I'll take it. ...... What the hell is this?

 Gilbert took the small piece of paper I gave him and stared at it intently.

It's a ticket to a new bathhouse that's opening in King's Landing.
"Bathing pass?
Ah. They're giving them out all over town to celebrate the opening of the restored waterway. They were handing them out all over town to commemorate the opening of the restored waterway. We got a lot of them, so we have some left over.
...... I see. Well, I'll take it. I might need it.
Please do.

 Gilbert shouldered his spear, which had a large crack in it, and headed towards the King's City Street.

"See you at ....... Next time I won't let you break it.
"Yeah, I'll be careful next time. See you later.

 After finishing my other training, I decided to sweat it out for the day earlier than usual.