45-45 The Boy Without Talent

 A strange child suddenly appears at Sig's training center in King's Landing.

Please let me train as a swordsman.

 It was a young boy, no more than a year old.
 A child like this had never visited the training center before.

"Training? You? Do you have a permit from the Adventurer's Guild?
I do. I just got it.
...... Sure, it's got a guild official's stamp on it... but a kid like you ......? I'm not sure what to make of it.

 The training center for adventurers in King's Landing has an unspoken rule of "no one is rejected". The guild officials determine eligibility, and the instructors at the training center teach according to their judgment.
 The process is simple enough.

 But still...
 What are the guild officials thinking, sending us a kid like this out of the blue?
 There may be a reason for this, but there's no way a child like this can endure training that would make even a grown man scream.
 In the event that you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I'm not going to treat you any differently just because you're a child... That's what this place is for. The training is tough. Are you prepared to endure it?

"Yes, I am.

 The boy looked Sig straight in the eye and said.

 But then Sig thought.
 He's probably going to drop out of training soon.
 Three days would be good.

 With that in mind, Sig instructed his men on the training menu and started training the boy...

 However, the child didn't give up on the training even after three days or a week.
 In the training of [swordsman], swords are wielded from morning to night, but this boy showed no signs of stopping even when his hands were peeling and covered in blood. On the contrary, he continues to swing his sword desperately, as if the muscles in his arm are about to tear.

 Those who were not ready would quit after the first day, but ten days had already passed.
 At that point, Sig changed his mind about the boy.
 Apparently, this boy was ready.

 How far will this boy follow him?
 He was a little curious.

 So, with Sig watching over him, the boy followed him through the training without fail.
 There are no trainees who stay until this point unless they have something special to do.
 The purpose of this training center is to put the body and mind in an extreme state in order to acquire [skills], and to continue doing so involves a great deal of pain.

 He swings his sword day and night, bouncing off flying balls and weapons, gritting his teeth and continuing to do so even if the bones in his hand shatter, training to unite himself with his sword in a kind of madness.
 This boy has stepped into such a realm.

 Not long ago, he had never even held a sword.

 It's rare for someone to be able to swing a sword so mindlessly from a young age.

 This boy might be really promising.

 As Sig began to think about this, he suddenly realized something strange.
 This boy has yet to acquire any [skill] other than [Parii], which is the easiest to learn.
 How is this possible?
 In my experience, if you've come this far, and if you're this young, the rate of [Skill] expression should not be low.
 It would not be surprising if he had already acquired something.

 It may take a little longer for this boy.
 But he will eventually acquire it.
 And when he does, he'll be stronger by leaps and bounds.

 He's got great eyesight, after all.

 Once, he asked me to show him, and I reluctantly showed him the [Thousand Swords] skill.
 Anyway, ordinary people can't see it.
 The [Thousand Swords] is a technique that is difficult to control, and even difficult for the user to catch.
 In the first place, there is no point in showing it to him, since he will end up seeing nothing.
 Even though I thought so, I showed it to the boy as a playful response to his request.

 When Sig heard the boy's impression of the technique, he was astonished.
 This boy's eyes could see everything.
 Everything was speeding up by the grace of [Skill], and he was following with his eyes the movements that even he could not catch.
 On the contrary, he could see every single move clearly.
 In addition, he pointed out a habit of movement that even Sig was not aware of.

 It gave me goosebumps.

 Sig could see the outstanding qualities of this boy, and felt that he had found a bud worthy of his life's work.
 It would be a dream come true for him to grow up to be a swordsman on par with himself... he thought to himself.

 Sig began to secretly have high hopes for this boy.
 It was exciting to think that he might have found a great talent.

 However... as the training continued, something unexpected happened.
 No matter how hard he tried, the boy did not develop any useful [skills] for the swordsman position.

 No, it couldn't be.
 I thought it was a misunderstanding or an oversight.

 But no.
 No matter how many times he checked, he still hadn't acquired anything.

 Sig was getting impatient now.
 If he could acquire even one thing...
 If there was even one [skill] he could use, this boy would take it.
 That's how much effort, that's how much study this boy can put in.
 That was the most valuable quality of all.

 There's always some talent in this boy.
 He'll get it.
 So I continued my training.
 By now, the training had reached the most difficult part.

 This boy has come so far.
 How could he have gone this far and nothing happened?
 Sig had been watching the training as if he were praying.

 But... no matter how hard he tried, it just didn't work.

 No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't acquire a single skill that could be called useful.
 With this, I can't make it as a [Swordsman].
 If I had to deal with weak demons, I could probably still fight them in a reasonable manner.
 But when it comes to facing a real threat... I can't go on like this.
 You'll lose your life soon enough.

 She's big, strong-willed. Good eyes. And yet...

 Unfortunately, he lacks the gift of the sword.
 The God of Swords doesn't love her.
 That's what I had to decide.

"You should go your separate way.

 That was Sig's decision after much anguish.

"There's nothing more I can teach you here. Go somewhere else.

 The boy persisted.
 Of course.
 He'd spent three months of his life training and now he was being told he had no talent.
 This was my own fault as the instructor.
 But I couldn't let him continue to do meaningless things.
 I am not qualified for this.

As a swordsman, you are of no use to your fellow swordsmen if all you do is swing a sword without any skills. Anything more will only waste your time. Just give up and move on.

 Sig dared to shun the boy coldly and kicked him out of the swordsman training school.

 This boy has real talent.

 But that's why there must be a different path for him.
 I'm not sure what to do.

 I'm not sure.

 When the kid showed up at the [warrior] training center, Dundargu folded his arms and frowned.

I'm not sure if you're really going to join our training, ......?

 According to what I heard, the boy had been kicked out of the [Swordsman] training camp.
 I had heard from Sig that he was recently "taking care of a child".
 He also said that the training at [Swordsman] was not good, so he might head there eventually.
 I had certainly heard such things.
 But when I actually saw him, he was really nothing but a child.

 Are you sure this guy is okay?
 Are you sure you want to train with us?

 That was my first impression.
 By all appearances, the boy did not have a physique suitable for the training center for warriors, where strong men gather.

 The role of a warrior is to act as a "shield" for their comrades.
 Compared to those who usually come to visit, this boy was as small as a blimp.
 But no matter who you are, if the guild officials approve, you can't refuse to accept.
 It can't be helped. After a little experience, they'll give up and leave on their own.
 So I decided to let them participate in the training, but...

But... This is a surprise.

 Contrary to my expectation, the child came along with the harsh training.
 Training that would make a grown man run for cover.
 No... his body couldn't keep up.
 But he was desperately trying to keep up with the training, almost as if he were dying.

(Is there such a man?)

 Dundargu couldn't believe it.
 But he had to admit.
 This boy is strong.
 Not in body.

 He's strong in spirit.
 He can just keep going forward, without regard for his own pain, and without any consideration for self-preservation.
 You could call it an extraordinary bravery that is on a par with insanity.
 It was something that the [warrior] profession required above all else.

 Dundargu shuddered at the attitude of the boy who kept coming forward no matter how badly he was hurt.
 Wasn't that the kind of person he had been looking for?
 Someone with a literal "indomitable" spirit, someone who could be his single hand.

 Incredibly, the boy was able to complete the most difficult training.
 It's the first time since the training center began.
 And rightly so.
 It was never designed to be completed.
 If the king wants the best, it will happen naturally.
 Of course, I can't make something that no one can break through, so I set a standard of what I can clear.
 But I didn't think there would be anyone who could clear such a standard.

 And yet... this boy overcame it.
 He went through a grueling ordeal that could only be described as hell.
 And yet...
 Something more unexpected happened.

"How is this possible?

 This boy, no matter how hard he tried, could not develop any proper skills, even though he put his body through such a hellish process.
 Even Dundargu, an exceptionally optimistic man, was astonished at this time.
 If a man can work this hard, why don't you give him at least one thing?

 In this way, he was dissatisfied with neither God nor fate.

 The maximum training period of three months flew by.
 When the deadline came, the boy still wanted to continue his training.
 This was the first time this had happened.

 Dundargu was unsure.

 The training period would end today, but he could still invite the boy to join the Warrior Corps, of which he was the leader.

 However, if the boy were to become a warrior without acquiring any skills...
 This boy... will probably be the first to die.
 This daredevil and brave boy will definitely be reckless and die defending his friends.
 Dundargu shook his head.

No... no.
 Even if you force yourself to continue like this, you will soon lose your life.
 I'm sorry, but you're not suited to be a warrior. Now go.

 And with that, Dundargu kicked the boy out of his life.
 If he can make it this far, there must be some other way.
 I'll be back.

 A country bumpkin.


 A redneck.
 He smells like a hick.

 I'm sure you'll agree.

"Let me take the training.
Are you sure you want to do this? I don't mind. Then take this and throw it over there.

 Mianne immediately picked up a pebble that had fallen at her feet and handed it to the boy, who looked confused.

...... Where is that place?
"There. Throw it at that.
That wooden stick? It looks pretty far away. Do I hit it?
Yeah. What else is there? Come on, get on with it. If you don't like it, you can leave.

 Mianne had a very short temper.
 The boy took the stone and threw it away.
 As the stone flew into the sky, Mianne thought idly.

 Okay, if it misses, I'll send this kid away.

 This was the usual method Mianne used to turn away people she didn't like, people she didn't think had a chance, people she didn't feel like teaching .......

 If you somehow feel uncomfortable with it, you can call it training, impose a trial with absurd conditions, and if it fails, turn it away, saying, "You're not suitable for us.
 I was not told that this was wrong.
 It is because the content of the training is left up to the director of the training center.
 If it is wrong, then it is wrong to impose such a job on me.
 Mianne had always thought so.

 The moment she saw this child, she thought.

 This guy must be a pain in the ass.
 I can smell that kind of person.
 Let's just send him away.

 So I'll use the usual guy as an excuse to send him away.
 That's what I thought.

 But contrary to Mianne's expectations, the pebble hit a thin tree branch with a thud.

One more time.

 Mianne immediately gave her a second chance.
 There is no second chance.
 Once you've hit it, you can't help it.
 But if I let him try again, I'm sure he'll fail, and then I'll send him away.
 That's what Mianne thought.

"If I guess, will you let me train?
"Yes. Yes, if I can guess.

 This could not be true.
 Normally, it is impossible to throw a stone at such a distance and hit that thin twig.
 Well, there's always a chance, at least once.

 But next time, it will definitely miss.
 Then send her away immediately.
 As Mianne thought about this, the boy picked up the pebble and threw it at the target again as he was told.
 But when Mianne saw the boy throwing the stone, she thought, "Oh no.

 He'll hit it again. He'll hit it again.

 Mianne was sure of it.
 The boy read the wind, looked at the target, adjusted the trajectory of the stone with just the right amount of force, and threw the stone from his hand.
 Oh no. It's going to hit me.
 As Mianne was thinking of an excuse, she saw the stone hit the tip of a thin tree branch.

"Is this what you want?
"Not good at all. It's not good at all!

 Mianne was annoyed, but decided to let the boy undergo training as a [hunter].
 It can't be helped, a promise is a promise, and it's not nice to not keep it.
 That's right.

 From now on, I'll leave all the troublesome things about this boy to my subordinates.
 That way, I won't have to go through any trouble myself.

I want to use my bow.

 For now, just let him throw stones...

 He instructed his subordinates to do so, and a week passed.
 I thought he would get sick of it and quit soon, but he was still there and said something like that to me.

"...... No. Absolutely not.
 You've broken so many bows, what are you talking about?
 If you let him have it, he'll immediately grip the limb, cut the string, and it won't do any good. ...... What kind of grip do you really have?
I'll do better next time, please ......! Please!
No, no, no. You're the reason we don't have enough bows for training! In fact, you even snapped my treasured bow that I brought along to try out. ...... Ugh. ...... There's nothing stronger than that in existence! You should only throw stones.

 And the boy did as he was told and continued to throw stones.

 A few days later, when Mianne visited the training center on a whim, while many trainees were shooting at the target with bows, the boy was the only one throwing stones at the target.

 This was the first time that Mianne looked at the boy closely and observed him.
 After observing him, she realized that there was something wrong with the boy.
 He was precisely hitting the target of the training center, which was placed at a distance he could barely reach with his bow, with only the strength of his shoulders.
 Mianne, who is usually not interested in other people, became a little more interested.

"...... Who taught you that?
"This? No, I didn't learn it from anyone. I learned it from nature, from catching birds.
Oh, birds. What kind?
The kind that falls out of the sky for hares.
Yeah. You were shooting at them?
Of course. You have to hit it to catch it.

 What a ridiculous story, Mianne thought.
 In this kingdom's ecosystem, the only birds that come to catch mountain rabbits, as the boy said, are the thunderbirds.
 Because they come from the sky to hunt their prey as fast as lightning, they are called [thunderbirds].
 It is difficult for ordinary people to even follow them with their eyes, and it is quite difficult for skilled people to shoot them down, even with a good bow.
 Well, I can do it even if I don't look at it.
 But it is difficult for most of us.

 And this guy was able to do it by just throwing stones.

 And that was before I acquired the skill of stone throwing.

 What the hell is this guy?

 I can not say anything.
 Mianne thought.

(What's the point of this guy being here at the training center?
 Why doesn't he just keep throwing rocks for the rest of his life?

 Then she looked at the target that the boy was throwing stones at and was dismayed again.

 Looking at it, he saw that the "special target" that his men had prepared for the boy had countless holes in it.
 At first, the boy used the same wooden target as the other trainees, but it was quickly filled with holes and destroyed by the stones thrown by the boy, and it was quickly replaced by another one by the troubled men.
 After that, it was no longer cruelly destroyed.

 But... I've never heard of it.
 A pebble thrown from a barely visible distance shot through a large unbreakable steel shield (・・・・).

 I knew this kid was crazy. It's crazy.

 Certainly, he has no talent for using a bow.
 The only skill he has acquired is [throwing stones].
 But isn't that enough?
 It's much more powerful than a bad bow.

 Why don't we just let him throw rocks from morning till night?
 He'll get tired of it and leave.

 That's what Mianne thought and kept thinking for three months.

 During that time, she kept on overcoming the unreasonable demands made by Mianne, and she stayed at the training center without giving up.

I told you. I told you, you don't need a bow.
 You have hopelessly poor taste in handling delicate tools.
 You'll only break it if you hold it! You can't teach me to use a bow!

You can just keep throwing rocks at it... that's enough.
 Get the hell out of here. You're in my way even if you stay here.

 Mianne kicked the boy, who was still clinging to the gate of the [hunter] training center, roughly out of the way.

 If you're better at hitting the target than you are, you're in the way.
 Besides, there is nothing to teach this boy.
 This boy is obsessed with acquiring [skills] and becoming an adventurer, but I'm sure he can manage his life without such a title.

 You're a real pain in the ass.
 Why don't you just do what you want?

 You'll be able to get a lot more than that.

 I'm not sure.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

"Let me take the [bandit] training.

"Trained"? A kid like you? Oh, so you're the knoll.
Yeah. I want to be trained.
All right. Follow me.

 Karou had heard about this boy.
 He knew exactly who he was.
 There's no need for useless questions and answers now.
 Immediately, the training of the [bandit] began.

 The training for the bandits is very simple.
 Training to eliminate signs.
 Training in detecting signs.
 Training to approach the target without sound.
 Training to find, disarm, and avoid traps and devices.  

 You repeat these basic drills and gradually increase the difficulty (level).
 If you do this, you will usually acquire the [skills] necessary for the [bandit] position after a few rounds.

 However, no matter how hard he tried, this boy could only develop one skill: the ability to reduce the sound of footsteps.
 That in itself is not bad. It's one of the most basic ones.
 However, even if he could only eliminate signs, if he could not use it in combination with other abilities, it would be difficult for him to be useful as a [bandit].

 Not only that, but the boy also had other major problems as a thief.
 He was clumsy in dealing with the traps and devices that were set.

 Thieves are supposed to be able to unlock locks and detect traps and other dangers, but this boy would always destroy a locked box if you gave it to him, and he would always set off a trap if you approached him.
 If you don't let him touch the lock, he won't destroy it, but if he goes into a corridor with multiple traps, he'll set off every single one and come back.
 Somehow, even the traps that are broken and in need of repair somehow work properly when the boy approaches them.  
 You could say that it's almost divine.

 I thought he might have some kind of skill or [Gift], but he doesn't.
 Even when I brought out the magic tools that showed this, there was no response.
 All I could say was that he had natural bad luck and clumsiness.

 However, although the boy always triggered the traps that were set for him, he was undaunted by any threat.
 With his bare hands, he knocked down the poisonous arrows that flew at him, caught the large iron ball that rolled to crush his body, crushed all the heads of the countless vipers that attacked him from the ceiling, drained their blood, and brought them home.

 I was told that he was going to cook them for dinner later.

 That's not the point.

 Yes, the boy defeated all the traps head-on.
 Not by detecting, disarming, or evading them in advance.
 He triggered the traps and then crushed them head-on.

 That's great, but it's wrong.

 This is bandit training.
 I appreciate your bravery, your acuity, your reflexes, your survival skills, but that's not what this is about.





「ああ. 俺は冒険者になりたいんだ」




「冒険者としてやっていきたいのなら、罠のかかった宝箱の開錠もできない、気配察知スキルももたない……おまけに触った罠を片っ端から作動させていく斥候(スカウト)などお話にもならない. 【盗賊】に関しては全く才能はないから違う職を探せ」











「ホッホウ──随分と若い訓練志願者じゃの? 確か、普通は最低でも15歳からじゃったような気がしたが……受付年齢が急に下がったのかのう?」

I got a referral from my uncle in the guild. ......!
 Please, let me take it. ......!!!
 It's really the only place I can go. ......!
 Please ......!!! Please, ......!

"Ho ho, you're a boy with a funny way of talking... well, just try.

 And so he began his training as a sorcerer, but... as expected, it was no good.

 In a word, the boy had no talent for magic at all.
 Surprisingly, magic power did not flow through his body.
 Magic can be learned at an early age through familiarity with magic and learning the theory behind it.
 But this boy stumbled at the very beginning of the process.
 The boy's magic is too entrenched.

Maybe he started moving his magic a little too late.
 But even so, ...... it's rare to find a person with so little magical talent.
 At his age, he should be a little softer than that. ...... Is there something wrong with him?

 It's not that this boy doesn't have magic in his body.
 In fact, he probably has a lot of it.
 But it's so stiff that he can't move it at all.
 You can't use what you can't move.

 On the other hand, it's possible that you have a strong resistance that allows you to survive a strong magical attack.
 I told the boy frankly that he had no chance even if he tried, but he refused to leave the training center.

"Hmm... Let's see what happens.

 Oaken decided to leave him alone for a while.
 A lot of people quit because they get sick of it, but if he doesn't want to leave, we'll just let him do it until he's satisfied.

 However, this [sorcerer] training school is a place where people who have acquired a certain amount of knowledge and skills come.
 The only thing this have-not boy could do was to meditate in the Resonance Room.
 In a space shrouded in complete darkness, completely devoid of sound and light, he trained himself to face only his own "magical power.
 In that room, there is a device embedded that sharpens all the senses many times over, making it highly effective for learning [skills], but at the same time, it also amplifies fear, anxiety and pain, so some people go crazy within a few minutes.
 Some people go crazy within a few minutes. Many people can't take it anymore and come out within a few seconds... The boy was not intimidated by this explanation and wanted to undergo the training.

 Well, everything is an experience.
 You can let him try.

I'm sure he'll come out soon enough.

 Oaken lightheartedly allowed the boy to enter the resonance room.

 But after a few minutes, a few hours...
 The boy did not come out of the room.
 The next morning, when he realized that the boy had not come out of the room, Oaken's face turned pale.

 Oh, no.
 He might have fainted inside.
 No, he might be ...... dead.

 When Oaken hurriedly looked inside, the boy was just sitting there quietly as if nothing had happened.

 When he found Oaken, who had come to check on him, he told him to stay out of the way and threw him out of the room.

 Since then, the boy has been staying in the room.
 Except for occasional visits to eat and use the bathroom, he never came out of the room, and the "Resonance Room" became almost like his own room.
 Oken became concerned and asked him repeatedly if he was all right and if there was anything wrong with his body, but the boy only replied that he was fine.

 Oken wondered what was going on.
 Although he had made him do it out of the blue, what the boy was doing was a very high level of training that would make even a skilled magician run away - in this training center, it would be the hardest kind of training.
 But even after all that, it seemed that he hadn't acquired any of the important [skills].
 Oaken twisted his head again.
 He wondered if this was possible.

 And so, three months passed.

 When the deadline for the training period was approaching, a boy who was still coming in and out of the resonance room stopped Oaken.

 The boy said that he had finally acquired something that looked like a [skill] and wanted to see it.
 Oaken watched the boy use the skill without much expectation.
 He knew that the boy had a constitution that allowed him to move very little magic power.

 Well, whatever it was, he had worked so hard to acquire it.
 Whatever it is, I'll give him some praise.
 That's what I thought.

 But the moment he saw it, he was astonished.

(What the hell is he doing?)

 What the boy showed him was a 【Petite Fire】.
 It's the lowest level of the [Sorcerer] skill set.
 Well, that's okay.
 It's not a problem in itself.

 The problem is that it comes from two fingertips, one at a time (・・・・).

 In other words, [double chanting].
 A little kid who just touched this kind of magic is doing [double chanting]?

(What the hell is this guy doing? ......!

 (What the hell is he doing? !?!!) Oaken was stiff with surprise.
 (What the heck is he doing? !!) Oaken stiffened in surprise.
 When I was young, it was said to be an illusion, and I was quite surprised when I manifested it.
 It took me fifty years to reach that point.

 It took me fifty years to reach that level. After I had achieved it, I got carried away and taught the trick to people in bars everywhere I went, and a few decades later, I heard a good number of people say that they had become able to do it.
 But there were no such people before I taught them.

 And yet, this guy.
 He did it on his own, without being taught anything, in just three months (・・・・・・).

(What the hell is this guy doing?

 (What the hell is this guy doing? !!!!) Oaken was so surprised that he repeated the same line three times in his head.

 Something terrible is happening right in front of my eyes right now.
 An extraordinary situation that will shake the history of magic.
 But the boy standing in front of the excited Oaken said in a sad voice.

"This is the best I could do. No matter how hard I tried, this is all I could do.

 When Oaken regained his composure, he was unable to speak to the boy, whose shoulders slumped.
 It was true that the boy had an outstanding sense of magic.
 However, his constitution is fatally bad.

 What this boy has accomplished is amazing.
 But when you think about it, you can't be too happy.
 Because Oaken would know.

 Unfortunately... this boy will never be a great sorcerer.
 There is no future for this boy as a sorcerer, unfortunately.
 It's because he's a saint who has spent nearly three hundred years studying magic that he knows this.

 What a waste.
 This is really a waste.
 The optimistic old man, who usually does not grieve over anything, was unusually grieving from the bottom of his heart.

 If only his constitution was different, this boy would have made a name for himself in this world as an unparalleled magician.

"Well, whatever the case, this is no place for you. You should find another way. Find another way, one that you're comfortable with.

 With that, Oaken sent the boy off to finish his training at full term.

 As I watched the little back walk away from my sight, the thought of taking him in and raising him came to mind, but I decided against it.
 There is something about this boy that no other human being has.
 Even if I let him go on like this, he would be strong enough to manage on his own.
 This boy will probably have to find his own way.

 This kind of person does not need a teacher.

 I'm not sure what to say.

 I'm not sure what to say.

I want to be a monk. Let me train.

 It was a snowy morning when a boy with a dazed expression, as if he had given up on everything, came to the church that served as the contact point for the monk training center.

 Somehow, without any prior preparation, the boy said that he wanted to become a monk.

"Just out of curiosity, did you receive a 'blessing' ceremony when you were little?
"A ritual? What's that?

 Sein felt sorry for the boy.
 Unfortunately, you can't become a monk that way.

To become a monk, you need to have a certain level of background, so don't do it.

 Unfortunately, I decided to turn him away.
 It's a pity, but it's really impossible.
 Without the blessing of childhood, a person cannot handle miracles.

 Normally, a ritual is performed shortly after birth to introduce a 'spirit' into the body, and the amount of that spirit determines the range of 'miracles' that can be performed afterwards.
 There are no exceptions to this rule, unless you have a truly special Gift.
 It's not something you can just say you want to do later.

 The people who come here to be trained are decided years in advance.

 We can't accept you if you show up suddenly, and this is the only place where we have an aptitude test that other training centers don't have.
 I wonder if the adventurer's guild staff who stamped the boy's training permit knew about this.
 If they did, they would not have done such a thing.

The permit was probably a mistake. Only predetermined students are allowed to take training here. I'm sorry, sir.

 Thane briefly explained why he could not accept the boy.
 But the boy was stubborn.

"I will not move an inch from the gate until I am allowed to train.

 The boy's will seemed to be firm.
 But Thane, who also served as the director of the orphanage, was used to dealing with children and knew that this kind of selfishness was only temporary.
 It's hard for a child to stand still in the snow like this.
 Thinking that he would eventually give up and go away, I decided to leave him alone and start working.

 But around noon, a patrolling officer came to report with a puzzled look on his face that the child was still standing in front of the gate.
 He asked me if I wanted to send him away, but I told him to leave him alone.
 That day was a busy one, so Sein moved to another work place, and the day passed.

 The next morning.
 The child was still standing at the gate.

"You haven't been doing that since yesterday, have you?
"Yes, I have.

 I knew that the kid was lying.
 It was unthinkable that such a child would stand in this weather for a whole day without wearing a coat or anything.
 If it were true, I don't think he would have the stamina to give a proper answer like he does now.

You can visit me every day like that, but it won't make a difference.
I won't move an inch until you give me some training.
I see.

 As the day before, I decided to leave the boy alone and go about my business.
 However, he was curious about the boy's condition, so he looked down at him through the window from time to time while he worked, and noticed something.

He noticed something: "...... You really haven't moved an inch from the gate. ......

 The boy hadn't moved an inch from the gate that afternoon.

 I wondered if he had really been like this since yesterday.
 When he saw that the boy was still standing there when the sun went down, he could no longer say that it could not be true.
 Thane hurried over to the boy standing at the gate and called out to him.

I'm really sorry, but no matter how long you stand there, I can't teach you anything. It takes a special quality to become a monk. I'm not saying this to be mean or anything.
"But I still want to do it. Please. Please.
What I can't do, I can't do. Please, just give up and go home.

"I have nowhere to go.

 It didn't seem to Sein that the boy was lying anymore.
 It seemed that he really had nowhere to go.

"Then why don't you come to our orphanage? There are many other children there and you will make friends.
If I go, will you train me?
I can't do that.
Then I won't go.
Well, then you'll have to stay there until you're ready.

 Thane was a little lost, but decided to let it go.
 The boy didn't look weak, and fortunately there were many staff here who were skilled in the art of healing.
 He told the staff on duty that if the boy collapsed, he would take care of him, put him in a warm room, and call him back to him immediately.

 But that night, Thane had a sleepless night.
 There was no word from the staff.
 Had the boy given up?
 No matter how stubborn a child is, he would never be so stubborn that his life was in danger.
 But the boy seemed to have an opinion.
 And there was no place to go back to.
 Perhaps I should have brought her home, even if I had to force her...
 As I waited for the call from the staff on duty, the sun rose and morning came.

 It was still snowing that morning, just as it had been the day before.
 Curious, I went to the church earlier than usual and found the boy still standing at the gate.

He was still standing at the gate. "Are you sure you've been there all this time ......?

 Instead of answering my question, the words that came out of the boy's mouth were the exact same ones I heard yesterday.

I won't move an inch from the gate until they let me train.

 Thane felt a chill run down his spine.
 And then he realized.
 This boy, if left alone, would stay here the next day, and the next, and the next, until he lost his life.
 If he didn't, his life was in danger.
 At this point, Thane had no choice but to break.

I understand... if you just want to learn from me. I'll let you participate in the training of the monks.
But there's no guarantee you'll be able to do anything. You have to understand that.
Yeah, I know. ......! Thank you ......!

 And so the training of the [monk] began.
 However, this boy does not have the "blessing" that anyone who wants to become a "monk" should have received.
 In order to be sure, I used an instrument that can measure the amount of spirit in the body to check, but it only brought to light the fact that the boy has no background.

 A person in the priestly profession exercises miraculous powers by introducing spirits into the body.

 That is the system that embodies healing miracles such as [Heal] [Holy Art], and there is a prerequisite for its use in the first place.

 This boy does not have that.
 Therefore, accepting him into the training center would only mean imparting that knowledge to him.
 I thought so, but I asked him to train to "handle" the miracle like other trainees who have the spirit in their body with the Blessing.
 I told him that this was not possible, but his will did not seem to bend.
 He wanted the same training as the others.

 I had no choice but to let him do as he wished.
 I felt sorry inside that he would never get what he wanted.

 But then the strangest thing happened.
 As a result of the boy's reckless training, he acquired the 【Monk】skill of 【Low Heel】, even though it was the lowest level.

 This was something that should never have happened.

 The [Monk] skill can never be used without having the [Spirit], the catalyst for miracles, acquired in your body.
 You can't use more power than what you have in your body.
 However, this boy is actually performing miracles that could only be accomplished by using the power of a spirit.
 In other words, he is using his own power to perform the miracle without the help of the spirits.

 Performing miracles on his own, without the help of spirits...
 How outrageous is that?

 That means that he can handle the power of the miracle almost inexhaustibly (・・・・・), without being bound by the amount of spirits in his body.
 How is it possible to do such a thing?

 I really can't believe it.
 According to Thane's common sense, it was very hard to believe.
 But he couldn't help but admit it.
 He knew that in some respects, this boy had reached a realm far beyond his own.
 The boy has made Sein realize that he needs to improve himself.

 How foolish I was.
 I felt sorry for the boy.

 Thane regretted his treatment of the boy, but at the same time he was grateful.
 He was grateful for the presence of the little master in front of him who had raised him to a higher level.
 But the boy's expression did not change.

"Isn't this a skill?

Unfortunately, I don't think [Low Heel] can be considered a useful skill for an adventurer. ...... But it's amazing that you can do so much without any blessings from your childhood. You may not be able to feel it right now, but ...... it really is an amazing thing.

"Well... I guess it didn't work.

 The boy's shoulders slumped pitifully.
 Despite Thane's wishes, the boy did not get what he wanted.
 Tomorrow, three months had already passed since the boy had visited the training center.

 That night, Thane thought.
 The boy's talent might not sprout right away.
 But if you take the time to nurture him, he'll probably turn out to be a tremendous person.
 He might even become good friends with the recent arrivals at the orphanage, Inez and Gilbert.
 With this in mind, Thane decides to invite the boy to his orphanage.

 So the next morning, when Thane went to call on him, the boy had disappeared from the training center.
 He didn't say goodbye to anyone, he just disappeared.
 One of his men who saw him said that he was headed in the direction of the Adventurer's Guild.

 When Thane learned of this, he immediately called all of the Six Saints together for a meeting.
 In order to ask all of them what they should do with that boy with tremendous qualities, Noor, in the future.
 And it was unanimously decided that the entire [Six Saints] would take custody of the boy and raise him.

 However... at that time, the boy had already disappeared from the royal capital.
 According to the guild staff who last saw him, the boy had left without saying where he was going.

 When he learned of this fact, Sig immediately announced that he would quit all his jobs and go on a journey to find the boy, which caused a huge commotion in the royal palace, but the king and the people around him managed to stop him, and they cooperated to find him.

 But after that, no matter how much effort was made, the boy's whereabouts remained unknown.
 Somehow, none of them could even catch a glimpse of the boy.

 And so, time passes in disappointment...

 It would be more than ten years from that day until they were reunited.