17-17 Goblin Emperor

"Oh, that's a ...... goblin ──────!

 I looked up at the monster that appeared in front of me.
 I looked up at the monster in front of me and choked on my words in surprise.

 That's the Goblin Emperor.

 The goblin emperor is a subspecies of the highest goblin species, called so to distinguish it from the goblin king, a naturally occurring disaster-grade monster.

 Goblin Emperors do not occur naturally.
 In other words, they are "artificially generated" demons.

 It is known that goblins can mutate through artificial manipulation.
 Findings obtained through the research of the now banned external laws that were conducted long ago...
 A magic stone is implanted in the goblin's outer skin, and magic power is poured into the body through it.
 Normally, if a goblin or other demon is infused with more magic than it can handle, it will burst or die.
 However, occasionally, though very rarely, there are goblins that can adapt to such excessive magic.
 If you keep pouring magic power into such individuals, they will continue to expand like balloons - and if they can withstand it, they will take the magic power as their own.
 The goblins that acquire this vast amount of magical power become as large and powerful as the "Goblin King", a "Class A" disaster-grade threat.
 For this reason, the Goblin Emperor is considered to be a threat on par with the Goblin King.

 But that goblin is incredibly large...
 It's at least twice the size of the Goblin King that I know of.
 Depending on the amount of magic power you put into it.
 It's said that the results will vary depending on the amount of magic power that's poured into the body and the quality of the magic stone that's embedded in the body...

 I wonder if the size of that goblin is due to the magic stone.  
 The magic stone shining on that goblin's forehead... that's out of this world.
 You can see it.
 Outrageous size.
 Ridiculously pure.

 The Demon's Heart, a top-grade magical stone that I saw in the Holy Mithraic Kingdom where I studied in the past.
 It may be of a similar class.
 That kind of thing is embedded in that goblin...?

 The Goblin King can't possibly compare.
 The Goblin King's threat level is said to be Class A.
 A party of gold level adventurers can barely handle it.
 And yet this goblin is... too big.
 And it's a "kindred spirit eater.
 Kindred Eaters take in the magic of their own kind and grow even stronger.
 There's no telling what kind of threat it might pose.

 Why is there a monster like this here...?
 I'm certainly no match for it...

 In addition, it was hidden (sealed).
 I don't know if it was caused by a magic tool or what, but of course it was man-made.
 No wonder there were no creatures in the forest.
 They were all eaten by this demon without anyone knowing.
 Maybe people were eaten, too.

 What if the doctor sensed this and came here...?

 No, that's the only thing I can think of.
 I thought it was strange that someone of Dr. Noll's stature would want to go "goblin-busting"...
 I thought it was strange that someone as powerful as Professor Noll would say such a thing.

 The reason he seemed so innocent and happy at the time was because he was trying to eliminate a crisis.
 Is this a way to eliminate the danger without people knowing?

 Is this how you always help people ......? 

 I'm ashamed of my shallowness.  
 When I think back, that time at the Adventurer's Guild when the doctor looked at me with a worried expression on his face.
 It may have been in anticipation of this.

 I wondered if it was really okay to take this child with me.

 In fact, I was just a slow learner...

 I remember the fear I felt when the Minotaur attacked me.
 I shuddered involuntarily.
 My legs were weak and I felt like slumping to the ground.

"Don't be afraid, it's just a ...... goblin.

 But the teacher insists.
 It's just a goblin.

 Yes, fear clouded my judgment.
 Calm down.
 ...... It's gonna be okay.
 I'm not alone now.

 I'm not alone right now, because beside me is the man who faced the monsters of the abyss and won.
 I'm sure he'll bring me here.
 I'm sure he brought me here for a reason.
 I'm sure he had something in mind when he brought me here.

"Let's take him down, Lean.

 He called my name.

 He called my name.
 That's what it felt like to me.

 Yes, maybe there's something I can do.
 Now is not the time to be trembling.
 I'm going to fight with him.

 And that's when my shaking stopped.

"──── Yes, sir.

 It's a very strange feeling.
 Just a moment ago, I was so terrified that I couldn't even stand up.
 I was so close to death, so close to despair.

 And now we're about to face a demon that can't even be compared to a disaster.

 Now, I was smiling a little.
 I was smiling as I looked at my teacher's back.