18-18 I'll parry the goblin

 The goblin held a large tree in both hands and stared at us with the eyes of a fierce beast.
 A reddish-black tongue peeked out from its long fanged mouth.
 There was no sign of an immediate attack.
 It was as if it was sizing up its prey.

 I wondered if I could really fight such a monster.

 But just as I was about to ask myself that question.
 The goblin suddenly raised the large tree in his hands into the air...
 The goblin suddenly swung the large tree in his hands up into the air and swung it down at us in one swift motion.

 He was that big and that fast...
 In an instant, a shadow fell over our heads, and the rough skin of the tree loomed over us.
 It was much thicker than it looked from a distance.
 If we were struck by one of these things, of course we'd be dead.



 I used my black sword to cleave the large tree that was swinging down above us.
 I felt a strong impact on my hand.
 The goblin's downed tree's trajectory shifted slightly.
 It fell right next to us...
 It gouged out the earth and sank deep into the ground.

 Somehow, it popped.
 Thank God.
 Lean was right behind me.

 That's when it happened.
 The goblin strikes again.
 Another huge tree in his other hand flies towards us.

 Next, a sidewise cleave.
 The goblin forcefully cleaves down the surrounding trees, scraping off the entire forest ground and swinging the huge tree at us with all his might.

 The goblin is an intelligent demon.
 He's an intelligent demon, and he knows that this attack will make us jump.
 He's probably trying to knock us down when we jump up unprotected.
 The next big tree is already in his right hand.
 The monstrous power with which he swings the trees is terrifying.
 But what's more frightening is the calculating look in his eyes.

 But I'm not going to let him get away with it.


 Instead of dodging, I stabbed my black sword into the ground and forced a large tree to leap over my head.
 The goblin's huge body stumbles for a moment, as if it wasn't expecting it.

 Tëm, now!
 There's an opening for a counterattack.
 I don't have the means to attack her.
 But she does.

"Lean, please.

"Yes, sir... [Wind Cutter]!

 The countless blades of wind created by Lean's skills
 The numerous wind blades created by Lean's skill turned into a storm-like vortex and headed towards the goblins.
 It ran through the forest, shredding the surrounding trees, and reached the goblins like a gust of wind.

 But then...


 The goblins easily avoided the storm of blades that Lean had unleashed.

"...! [Icicle Dance]!

 However, Lean continued to create dozens of ice cubes the size of a man and launched them one after another at the goblins.
 It was as if she had no chance to escape or fight back.
 Each blow is like a cannon.
 It was an attack of tremendous power.
 The trees in the area are shattered from the moment of impact, and the ground is frozen.

 But it's not hitting.
 He's too quick.

I didn't think they'd get this far...

 It's true, I've heard that goblins are very fast.
 I'd heard that goblins were fast, but never this fast.
 He weaves his way through the trees, avoiding Lean's ice blocks and throwing fallen trees at me.
 It's all I can do now to knock them down so they don't hit Lean.

 I can't go on like this.
 Lean's attacks are barely hitting him.
 I'm out of options.

 And on top of that...

Why are you...? The wound is regenerating: ......!

 Lean's skillful onslaught was slowly inflicting wounds on the goblin.

 However, for some reason, the wounds he had inflicted earlier had disappeared cleanly.
 Lean's attack had indeed torn off part of the goblin's arm, frozen his toes, and shattered them slightly.
 And yet...
 But the wounds were gone before I knew it.

"What if that magic stone...? Oh, it's because of that...?

 Lean is staring at the goblin and mumbling something.
 The magic stone.
 I think it's the reddish purple stone on the goblin's forehead.
 It seems to be shining brighter than when I first saw it.

What's wrong with that?
"Perhaps it is the source of the goblin's power. We have to get rid of it somehow. ......

"Weakness, huh?

 The weakest demon in the world has a weakness in an obvious place.
 The problem is how to get that close...
 He's very fast.
 It won't be easy to get close.
 Even if I ran as fast as I could, I'm not sure I could catch him.
 What the hell do we do?

 The goblin saw our lack of movement as an opportunity to attack, and launched his next attack.

 A large number of large pieces of wood were scattered in the sky by his hands...

 All at once, they came pouring down on us.
 At the same time, he grabbed all the broken trees on the ground and threw them at us.

 Oh, no.
 He got me.

 That goblin has been watching us with those beady eyes.
 I've been knocking down every one of his attacks with my black sword.
 He'd seen it all.

 One by one, I was knocking down...
 It's hard to knock down a dozen trees at once with this heavy sword. At most, I could barely knock down two or three trees.
 Even if I had a lighter sword, it would be the same.
 It is not as easy to hit the thick wood that grows in this forest as it is with a light wooden sword.

 ...... I can't play more than one at a time.

 A lot of huge trees coming down.
 I can't shoot more than one at a time.
 It's not enough to protect her.


But...! [Wind Blast]!

 Lean immediately created a tremendous storm.
 The whole area trembled, and the shock was so strong that it seemed like an earthquake had occurred...
 The wind pressure caused countless trees to be blown away and scattered.

 As expected of Lean.
 As soon as I thought that...
 At the same time I was thinking that, I saw the skill she had unleashed and had an idea.

"Lean. Can you hit me in the back now?
"Wind Blast"? I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to do. Please, I think this is the only way to catch up with that fast demon.
...... Okay, if you say so...

 Then I put the black sword to her back and she put her hands on it.

"Now, please.

"Here I go... [Wind Blast]!

 I feel a strong impact on my back.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
 You will find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get rid of the problem.

 It was fast.

 It's still much faster than when I started running on my own feet.
 The surrounding scenery passed through my field of vision as if it were flowing.

 And at the same time, when I activated [Shinobi Ashi], the wall of air that covered the front of my body disappeared - and my body accelerated even more.

 At first, I thought that [Shinobi-Ashi] was a skill that could only muffle the sound of my footsteps.
 But one day, I suddenly realized that this was not the case.
 During training, there were many times when I wanted to move fast, but the "wall of air" got in the way.
 In such cases, when I used 【Shinobiashi】, somehow the "air barrier" would disappear along with the sound.
 So when I want to move quickly, I use this skill... .

 But I've never been so fast before.

 The next step feels so far away.
 I have to be careful not to lose my balance.

 Then, I focus on the next step and kick the ground using the [Strengthen Body] with extreme force.

 The ground I stepped on cracked loudly, and at the same time, the muscles of the leg I stepped on creaked.
 The bones also felt as if they had cracked.
 But... this level is not a problem.
 Because with my [low heels], I can instantly repair the cracks in the muscles and bones.

 He then took the next step, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next, and then the next, and so on.
 And so it goes, over and over again, and I accelerate even faster.

 The goblin noticed my approach and jumped back to escape.
 It's a very fast reaction time... he's moving at an incredible speed.


 I'm faster than him now.

 I catch up to the goblin and I touch the stone on his forehead.
 And then I hold on to the goblin's face.
 I grab the red stone with my right hand...

 I forcefully pull it out of the goblin's forehead.


 Fresh blood spurted from his forehead, and the goblin screamed in agony.
 The goblin screamed in agony as it struggled in pain, rampaging madly and knocking down the surrounding trees with all its might.
 The goblin's intelligence was already gone.
 Now that he had lost the stone in his forehead, it seemed that the wound would never heal.

 Even though I jumped away from him, he was still suffering as he rolled on the ground, hitting me everywhere.

 I feel a little sorry for him, but he's a man-eater.
 I think we should kill it here and now.

"Leanne ......, can you do the rest? I'm sorry, but ...... try to make it as painless as possible.

"Yes, I understand. ......[Hellflare]

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.
 While their bodies were being burned, they didn't even try to escape from the flames.
 They were screaming and didn't even seem to know what was going on.

"Forgive me, goblin.

 And so the goblin struggled and moaned in despair... and ended.
 When Lean stopped activating his skills, the huge, charred body sank to the ground.

 It was the first time I ...... had defeated the weakest demon of all, the goblin.