80-80 St. Misra

Black Lightning.

 After returning to his original body after a long time and performing one of the best magic he could, the being who made many people call him "St. Mithra" ──── in fact, the being who used to be called "Mithra" had a big question.

 ──── Funny.
 This can't be right.

 You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the best results.
 You can't be the only one.
 So why is it that the other person (small thing) is still alive after I unleashed it?

 This is a supreme blow that once reached even a being called a god. Once activated, it could not accept any counterattack or defense, and was almost invincible. A technique that was almost invincible.

 The moment you unleashed it, you could destroy any opponent.
 And yet.
 So why ────


 Why is it being repelled by a single, thin sword?

 That's impossible.
 The man in front of me was using his sword to catch a lightning strike that was being fired at the same speed as light,────, forcing it to fly away.
 With the power of that little thing?
 It can't be.

 What the hell is going on here?
 That was a blow that made a hole in the ground that stretched to the horizon.
 How can it be repelled like that so easily?

 This can't happen. ──── No, it can't.
 Admit it.
 The man standing in front of you right now.
 That's still not right. It's an abnormal existence (thing) that I can't even understand with the knowledge I've accumulated over tens of thousands of years. It's hard to believe, but everything I've seen so far tells the truth.
 We have to admit it.
 It's an unknown threat.

 Mithra suppressed the intense feeling of discomfort with his mind and continued to observe the phenomena occurring in front of him.

 Then, after firing the black lightning several times, Mithra came to an insight.
 I don't know what the logic is yet.
 But it seems that if the lightning strikes that shabby black sword, it will change the trajectory of magic in a strange way.

 If you're looking for ────, there's a good way to do it.

I'm not sure what to do.

 Mithra then created the highest level of destructive magic ──── that he could produce, a reddish-black flame that would burn through everything.
 It's a scorching eternal fire that has enough heat to vaporize even iron in an instant. This time, Mithra spared no effort to use the magic that he had planned to keep for thousands of years, and covered the space as far as the eye could see.

 It was the most destructive trump card of his many moves.
 It was consuming.

 But we can no longer afford to be reluctant in this situation.
 Mithra once burned several nations and destroyed several continents in an instant with this.

 He's an extraordinary being.
 But a weak man is no match for this.
 It's powerful enough to endanger itself if exposed.
 So it's only natural that you were able to defeat it.

 Two people are nothing.
 You don't even need to check, they'd be ashes in an instant.
 ──── That's what I thought.
 That's what was supposed to happen.
 There can be no exceptions.
 If it hadn't once been sealed in stone by the cowardly machinations of the little ones, it could have destroyed everything on earth. Mithra had spent so much time here thinking about it.

 ──── As long as the conditions are right to use it, I can't lose.
 It's the best of the best, the one you can trust.
 This was the [Black Flame].  

 It's ────.
 And yet...


 ──── Why isn't that man burned to the ground?
 Why didn't he just turn to ashes?
 And why does he keep coming at us?
 Why doesn't he just shake off the flames with his sword?
 Everything is wrong.
 This can't be happening.
 That man is still coming straight at us, his body scorched.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 ──── inexhaustible, resilient.
 How can you do that?
 What the hell is going on?
 Who is that man?
 It's more than just an anomaly.
 What the hell is ──── that monster doing here?

 ...... No, calm down.
 It's not just that man.
 It's the woman.

 ──── Astira the half-elf woman.

 She's tempering the flames and helping the man heal. We've been trapped here for 200 years. She still has that kind of power.

 I thought I valued her blood and body, but I must have been wrong.

 Mithra took stock of the situation again, thinking surprisingly. There's no way to fake it anymore.

 The ──── power is not enough.
 I'm wasting away.
 He felt that his body would not last much longer.

 I've been trapped here for 20,000 years.
 I've destroyed the mechanism that siphons off my power and returns it to the labyrinth, but by then I've spent so much time in the labyrinth that I've become too decrepit.
 I have at most 10,000 years left ......, or even a few thousand years at worst.
 The body has deteriorated beyond imagination.

 ────, but still.
 We will not be outdone by those smaller beings.
 We are on a different plane of existence than they are.
 We have far more knowledge, technology, and physical structure than they do.

 Burying those two is no problem.
 With a little effort, we can easily subdue them.
 It was supposed to be.

 Why ────?


 Mithra couldn't believe his eyes as the scene unfolded before him.

 ──── Impossible.
 It's not just flames that are shooting out of Mithra's hands right now.
 The more powerful the wards are, the more likely they are to be created.

 The stronger the wards are created, the stronger they become.
 The body of the half-elf he was using outside could also create wards that were hundreds of times stronger than those of normal individuals, but this body could not compare.
 The path to the core of the labyrinth was covered with a protective ward created by the half-elf's body at its maximum output, but Mithra continues to create dozens of far superior wards in the blink of an eye.

 It's no longer an excessive amount of "absolute protection wards".
 It was impossible for me to be so defensive. Now, Mithra was surrounded by a dazzling armor of wards that could be called a fortress of blue light.

 Naturally, if her defenses were fortified to this extent, no attack would be able to reach her. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 I'm not sure what to make of that.

 I'm not sure what to say. How can he smash it so easily?

 The man keeps moving forward, his body scorched by the eternal fire, and has already broken thousands of wards.
 The momentum is unstoppable.

 ──── Unbelievable.

 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time.

 Before she had time to generate the next layer, hundreds of wards were struck by the black sword in the hand of the person in front of her, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

 What is it? Who is that man?
 He's making everything crazy.

 Why does that thing even exist?

 ──── No, no. That's not all.

 I overlooked it.
 Why didn't I see it before?
 That man is crazy, but ──── that sword.
 That sword was the problem.
 Really, why didn't I notice it before?

 ──── That "black sword".
 It must have been unearthed from the depths of the Labyrinth of No Return and owned by the King of Fools (King Crace).
 I knew that it was probably the world's greatest relic.

 The Labyrinth of No Return is supposed to contain powerful beings just like himself.
 So, naturally, I had my eye on the burial accessories, thinking that they must be the best of their time. ────.

 I was completely wrong.
 I was completely wrong. I thought they were the highest class (・・・・・・) artifacts.
 ──── No way.
 It is not something that can be measured by such a scale.
 Its very existence is something else entirely.
 It is a unique thing with a nature so separate that it is foolish to compare it to anything else in the world.

 ──── I really don't know why I didn't notice it until just now.
 That is a completely different level of existence itself. Too different.
 I've heard that such a thing must actually exist.
 I knew that the little things of the past had created something bizarre as a last ditch effort.

 But this was the first time I'd seen one in the flesh.
 And the more I see, the more threatening it feels.

 I know it when I see it.
 It is a being that should not exist (・・・・・・) and has an unusual composition (・・・・・) that cannot be compared to any other relic.

 ──── "Ideal Material".

 ──── That time 20,000 years ago.
 It's the one and only achievement that was created by gathering all of the best of the civilizations of the little ones who flourished to the point where they could compete with us in what can now be called the age of myth. A contradictory substance that can "interfere with everything without being interfered with by everything", which can never exist in reality.
 The one and only supreme weapon that can oppose even a conceptual God, formed with it.

 Why is it in there?

 That thing ──── can't even be called a supreme weapon.
 It is one of the best things in the world that even in the age of civilization that flourished 20,000 years ago can only be called a singularity, worthy of being acquired by anyone who wants power, even if they have to give up everything.

 And in this age when there are no proper enemies anymore, obtaining it is equivalent to ──── obtaining everything.
 So such a thing has already been unearthed?

 But from the looks of it, that sword has lost all of its power.
 It's so damaged, it must have stopped functioning.
 It seems that only the contradictory nature of the material remains, but the original structure is so elaborate that it must be useless in that state.

 You can't even hold it in your hand.

 And yet.
 And yet... ────


 Why is that man (・・・・) waving (・・・・) that sword (・・・・)?

 It's not something that can be wielded like that.
 It is the ultimate material that you are never allowed to even touch properly.
 So why ────
 Why is that guy...
 How can he wield it like that?

 Everything is wrong, everything is wrong.
 That man and ──── that sword he's holding.


 The man's sword pierced all of Mithra's wards.
 At the same time, the extreme fire that he had created enveloped Mithra's body and scorched it fiercely.


 The first pain in twenty thousand years.
 The first agitation in 20,000 years.  
 The first confusion in twenty thousand years.  

 In her airless throat, Mithra let out an inarticulate scream.

 ──── This isn't right. This can't be.
 This can't be happening.
 If I don't, I'll be killed by this little thing.
 This me. This Mithra.
 This supreme being who was called the closest thing to a god even back then...
 By that thing.
 This supreme being, who was called the closest thing to a god even back then, will be destroyed by something like that.
 ──── herself would never let such an end happen.
 I thought so.
 Why ────


 Why does this man's sword reach me?
 What's wrong with this guy?
 There's something wrong with this guy.
 Everything is contradictory.

 This man swung a sword he couldn't possibly swing, repelled lightning he couldn't possibly react to, pierced all of the boundaries he couldn't possibly break, and shattered ──── his own jaw, which no one could possibly touch.


 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 ──── It was a scream of terror at the unknowable.

 At the same time, Mithra gave up on everything she had planned to do.  

 ──── Oh. This is no good.

 It is inevitable that her plans (future) will change.
 It's no longer possible for me to just sit back and wait for the time to come.
 We can no longer afford to do so.
 We can no longer afford to be complacent, for what stands before us now is so much more.

 ......, but it would be a shame to lose them for that.

 ──── Tyrence.
 I was really hoping and loving it as a new body.  
 They were good, excellent bodies.
 They had finally grown to the age where they could reproduce, and the exchange for the old bodies that had been their mothers was almost upon us.
 I was so close, and then I was interrupted.
 It's a shame, really.

 And ──── Linneburg.
 That one I could have finally gotten.
 A backup for the next body. And I was really hoping for a new mother.
 A rare individual with good blood.
 If we could just get that blood, this country would prosper.
 We can increase the number of superior beings as much as we want, without fail.
 Then they'll be good flesh for this body.
 I thought so. And we lose that opportunity.

 Above all, ──── "Mithraism".
 My beloved country that I created from scratch to worship me.
 I gathered numbers from all over the continent, created a doctrine to facilitate the coming resurrection, and set up an authority to support my faith.
 The population of the city gradually increased, and the foundation for the resurrection was steadily being laid.

 However, even though the number of people had increased somewhat, it was still not enough (・・・・) to make it their own flesh and blood (・・・・).
 The number of them is still too small to satisfy one's hunger.
 You can't devour them until the country grows up more.
 It's more fun to wait and see.
 That's why I've been holding back.  
 I thought I'd done everything I could to enjoy it.

 It would be a shame to ruin all of that.
 It's a shame to lose everything in the middle of something you've spent so much time trying to create.

 But ──── that's all right now.
 You have to give up.
 You can't win against this man in front of you unless you put everything you have into it.
 I've already realized that.
 Then you have no choice.

 ──── Yes.
 Fortunately, I have time.
 A long, long time.
 There is no need to rush.
 It would be a shame to lose what I have built over the past two hundred years or so, but I can (......)start from scratch (・・・・・・)again.
 As long as I survive, there will always be another (・・・・).


 Mithra's body was scorched by the burning flames, but he was quietly convinced.

 After all, now is the time to harvest ────.
 It's just a little earlier than we thought.

 Think of what's about to happen as a rehearsal for the next time you start nesting in the future.

 This is inevitable.
 It's bound to happen.
 The inevitable means and the resulting annihilation of the country (thing) that we have created.
 It is a path that cannot be avoided.

 If ──── is the case, let's have a big celebration.


 Mithra opened his jawless mouth and laughed without speaking.
 In his burning throat, Mithra felt the deep hunger and thirst that he had endured for twenty thousand years.

 Then Mithra prepared to abandon everything he had accumulated and jumped out of the cage (core) in which he had been trapped for so long and which had now become nothing more than a convenient hiding place.