39-39 Fire of Magic

 The capital of the Magical Empire, the "Imperial City of Nair".
 It is a huge city that is the core of the continent's economy and also the political center that controls the surrounding nations.

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 The heavy gate, which has been given a certain degree of intelligence through advanced magic technology, detected the presence of the approaching "master" and moved autonomously, opening without making a sound.

 An old man in gleaming golden armor jumped into the narrow gap that slowly opened with unnoticeable speed - and a horse clad in the same golden armor as the old man was sucked straight towards the tallest and most majestic structure in the center of the imperial capital.

 As soon as the person in the golden armor entered the building, he immediately dismounted from the horse and ascended to the top floor at once using the special【Elevator】driven by the power of magic that was installed.

 The destination you're heading to is the "Emperor's Room".

 The room with the throne where the man who claims to be the "King" who rules the world sits.
 This is the room where the man should be.
 The emergency [elevator] took the man there immediately.
 When the man entered the room, his subjects, seeing his dirty appearance, shouted in surprise.

What's wrong with you, Your Majesty, with your appearance?
 And what happened to the rest of you ......?

 The vassal, a man of great political ability who was the emperor's right-hand man, could not hide his confusion.
 This is because the emperor in front of him should have led 10,000 troops to invade the neighboring kingdom of Crace by now.

"Good. They were useless.
 Bloody ...... incompetents. It doesn't matter how many good weapons you give them, if they're as useless as they were.

 The Emperor bit his dry lips.
 I ran away in fear at that time.
 But now I am filled with nothing but anger.
 Why did he bring so many men with him and they were of no use to him?
 Why did my vassals, whom I thought were capable, plan such a strategy?
 I feel like a fool for believing them.

"Your Majesty... What was that?

 And so the man who believed himself to be the most capable of all the men in charge asked again.

 His voice was trembling.
 The man was looking out the large window of the throne room and was dismayed.
 The Emperor also looked in that direction.

"What's going on... Oh, no, that can't be...

 The Emperor did not ask what it was.
 For it was the same thing he had seen earlier in the skies of the kingdom.
 A huge body that looked familiar flew over the imperial capital and headed straight for the imperial castle (here).

That's the [Demon Dragon of Misfortune]... why is it here?

 The Emperor wondered.
 I've been driving my horse at top speed, without even looking aside.
 Thanks to the blessings of the [wind protection] that had been granted to the horse's armor, it had been running through as briskly as the wind itself.

 But strangely enough, halfway through the ride, the horse suddenly picked up speed.
 The Emperor, who was clinging to the horse's back, did not know why.
 But now the reason is clear.
 That's the reason.

"Oh no... I thought I defeated it with the Spear of Light.

 The Emperor asked to no one in particular.
 However, without waiting for his subjects to speak, he immediately gave his own answer.
 At the same time, a shiver came from the bottom of his body.

"You mean you brought it back to life again?

 In that country, there is a demonic man, the [Holy Demon] Sein, who has acquired that extraordinary recovery technique.
 He's the one who resurrected the dragon.

"But why?

 Why is that dragon doing what they want?
 The Holy Church hunted the demon race as much as they could, and the demon race was a scarce resource that that man was supposed to have secured.
 So why...
 As he was about to say that, the existence of a possibility occurred to him.
 Immediately, the Emperor's head was overwhelmed with anger.

"That man...! That man has turned! That man! Where is that man?

 A slaver from the commercial district.
 He controls the demon tribe, uses the beast tribe, and moves the demons as he pleases.
 That suspicious man must have set something up.
 That must be it.
 I've taken such good care of him and paid him so much.
 The Emperor clenched his fists and trembled with anger.

'Mister Rood? He has just left for the Commercial Autonomous Region on urgent business.

"d*mn that raccoon, ......! Fool! Why don't you stop him!

"Your Majesty has asked for special treatment for that man...

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"Enough, give me that thing. I'll burn that dragon with it.

"............ to ...... Your Majesty ......? What do you mean by that?

 The man is disgusted by the emperor's arrogance, but still faithful to his role and asks about his intentions.

"I'll use Keraunos. Get ready.

 But... the always faithful man replied to the emperor's order.
 A hint of frustration flashed across his face.

"Your Majesty, ......, with all due respect!
 It's still in the testing phase, and the sight can't be adjusted properly, so it's dangerous to use it right now. ......! And that's not even in a city like this. ......!

"You fool.
 Can't you see what's right in front of you?
 Its breath burns everything.
 If you don't do it, you'll be killed.

But if we use it at this stage, it could cause secondary damage... so we'll have to use some other means...

 The emperor interrupted the man who continued to object and kicked him away.
 The man who had been the emperor's faithful servant was blown away and hit the wall, becoming motionless.
 As he watched, the emperor ordered the other assistant clerk in the room.

Do it.
 One shot is all we need. If you shoot it, it will sink.
 We've already proven it with the Spear of Light (Breunak).
 If it's more powerful than that, there's no problem.
 And add magic tracking to the barrel.
 If the ...... sight doesn't work, that will make up for it, you incompetent bastard.
 Don't ever miss.

"Yes, sir! As you wish!

 The loyal subjects immediately began to move to fulfill the emperor's orders.
 The Emperor's sweaty face flushed with joy.

 That's it.
 That's it.

 The schedule has changed, but I will use the best of magical science, the supreme magic gun, to defeat the legendary [Demon Dragon of Disaster] and show the world the power of magic and the power of the empire.
 That remains unchanged.
 If we sink this dragon, it will come true soon.

 We can destroy the neighboring kingdom after that.
 And it's only a matter of time.
 This expedition has cost us lives, but it has given us information.

 The war has already begun.
 From now on, it is better to confront them head-on instead of using the deceitful strategy proposed by your foolish vassals.
 We should improve the supreme weapon [Keraunos] and take measures to crush them head-on with force.
 Since we are superior in national power, there is no need for us to resort to tricks.
 It is only the majestic appearance that is appropriate for our empire.

 And he's going to lead it himself, not a bunch of incompetent generals.
 That thought brought a smile to my face.

 The emperor arrived at the throne, a symbol of his authority, in an excited mood.

"Not yet... Hurry up.

"Yes, sir... I've just sent instructions to the control room via the call.
 I'm connecting you to the gunner now. ......!
 Please wait a moment. ......!

"Hurry up, slowpoke.

 "Hurry up, slowpoke." Then a voice came from the [Call] connected to the artillery.

"Keraunos is ready to fire.

"Then fire. Do it now.

"And now... I've just received word from the Imperial City Watch.
 There's something on that dragon's back...

"Shut up and shoot.

 A few moments later, the magical light that was illuminating the throne room dimmed.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
 It's not just a matter of time before you find yourself in a situation where you can't get out of it.
 That is the [Keraunos].
 The power of the Keraunos is incomparably greater than the size of a spear of light that can be carried on the battlefield.
 It is a symbol of mankind's wisdom that brings together the best of the Imperial Kingdom's magic technology.

 The Emperor smiled as he looked out the large window.
 It was a smile of comfort.
 That dragon almost died a moment ago, and now it's being resurrected and used again.
 What a pathetic 'legend'.
 This time, I'm going to wipe it out so that there is no trace of it.

 Just as the Emperor thought this, all the lights in the Imperial City went out.

 And then the light shone.
 As if the setting sun had reappeared, an intense mass of light shot out from a long barrel made of an alloy of "royal metal (orichalcone)" and "mana metal".

 As the name implies, it becomes the "divine lightning".
 As the name suggests, it becomes [divine lightning], tearing the sky and heading straight for the [dragon].

 But... this is not the light of a god.
 It's man's light.
 The light of man's wisdom, created by man.

 A supreme light created by the most superior wisdom on earth, and with the blessings engraved in its magical waves, it will never be out of its target's reach.
 No matter how hard you try to escape, you can't avoid it...

 It is a light of annihilation.
 Whenever it strikes, whatever it is will perish.

 And when you're done, you're going to shoot it directly into the kingdom.
 I don't care if it damages the labyrinth in any way.

 We already have power equal to that of a god.
 We just couldn't use it to its fullest thanks to our foolish vassals.

 Not so next time.
 I'm not going to hold back anymore.
 The wise emperor himself will take charge.

 The emperor's face is twisted with pleasure.

 This is where it all begins.
 They boiled our asses.
 Let's avenge them.

 The emperor's heart swelled with hope as he saw the dragon's form enveloped by the divine light...



 An intense light that shone like a dazzling sun...
 For some reason, it shot up right above the dragon.

 And as the light ascended into the sky, it split like a tree splitting into branches.

".................. ah ......... .........?

 As the emperor watched in amazement, the countless branches of light arced downward in a downward trajectory... and the light fell on the imperial city like a meteor.

 As it fell, it modified its trajectory as if it was drawn by a large amount of magic power, just as it was engraved in its magic wave.

 One of the destinations drawn in by the blessings of the magic power chase was a group of research facilities for magic tools equipped with a magic core, the best source of magic power in the imperial capital, built by accumulating as many magic stones as they could buy and as many as they could offer from the countries they absorbed.

 This is the place where the best technology of the empire is crystallized, where the barrel of the [divine thunder (Keraunos)] is also placed.
 What is stored there is the history of the Magical Empire itself, which spans several hundred years.
 It is a sign of power, a sign of authority that is superior to that of any other nation.

 The light produced by those who fall from the heavens one after another falls straight down to the multiple sources of magical power that support the entire foundation of the empire.

 Among them, the flock of lights heading for the Magic Core seemed to shine even more strongly.

 It was as if they were drawn to the place where it was created.

"No, no, no, no, no! Not there, not there...!

 The Emperor was shouting to no one in particular.
 But there was no one to hear him.
 His subjects were already gone...

 The Emperor was left alone on his throne.

 And so, the sky of the Imperial City, seen from the window of the Imperial Chamber, was painted a dazzling white...

"────, ......, ────!

 On that day, all the magic fires in the Imperial City were extinguished.