96-96 Speeding Black Thunder

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

 ──── What the hell is that thing?

 The man with the black sword.
 That man with the black sword, who cannot be harmed even with the best of his means.
 I just landed my best blow yet.
 No, I'm still firing.
 Since a while ago, he has been constantly pushing the limits and unleashing his best attacks.
 You can even see that you are in the process of abnormal growth with the power you have gained from the blood you have devoured into your body.

 ──── But why?

『『『『『『 black lightning 』』』』』』


 I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it again.
 You can't argue with that, it was the best blow of my life.
 And it was so easy to get rid of.

 ──── And the next. And the next. The next one, and the one after that.

『『『『『『 black lightning 』』』』』』


 ──── Over and over.

 Over and over. Over and over.
 Over and over. Over and over.
 Over and over.

 No matter how many times you unleash the Black Lightning, no matter how powerful you make it, it will be easily repelled.
 That man is immune to my attacks.
 And that's not all.
 And to top it all off, it's even starting to catch up with him.

『『『『『『 black thunder 』』』』』』

"Divine Shield".

 That blade of light that cuts through your own flesh.
 It's also a great way to get the most out of your time and money.
 Fortunately, it doesn't affect the body, but it's nasty, too.

 ──── What are those things?

 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 Nothing like it has ever existed before.
 I've never even heard of one.
 No one was supposed to be an enemy.

 I've checked several times. There are no other gods to compete with.
 So, as long as I regained my body, as long as I regained my full strength, this earth, where there were no foreign enemies, would be my paradise.

 ──── But... And yet...

 Why was I, a transcendent being who was essentially equal to God, now being left to my own devices?
 Something incomprehensible was happening.
 Rather than being humiliated, I was just confused and bewildered that I was being played.
 The creature that I thought was so far inferior to me, the creature that I thought was my best, was not able to understand me.

 It wasn't that he had become weak.
 On the contrary, thanks to the Demon's Heart that I gathered and ate with great effort, I have more strength in my body than ever before.
 And even now, my body continues to grow and surpass even my prime.

 And yet... ──── And yet...

 No matter what I do in front of this man, I can't do it.
 No matter what I do, I'm nullified.
 In addition to that, even the dragon that you keep will return the flames that you unleash, burn your own flesh, and eat you.

 But at present, there is no other means of attack.
 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

『『『『『『 black lightning 』』』』』』

I'm not sure what to say.

 But the next time, he was dispelled by an enormous thunderbolt, and then something in the monster changed drastically.

 ............ Oh, I knew it was no good.
 You can't beat it with this.

 ──── Then...
 The monster thought as it was protected by its rich stores of flesh.
 And ──── understood again.
 I have to admit.
 That thing in front of me is strong.

 Stronger than anyone I've ever faced.
 More powerful than any of the gods who opposed you in the age of myth.
 More cunningly than the humans who rallied against us.
 He changed his opinion of the man with the sword as far more ...... and far more troublesome (・・・・・・・) than those who imprisoned him in the Blue Stone, who cunningly stole the power of the gods without limit.

 And so, the monster decided to change his ways.
 Understanding the exact relationship between the two, the monster recognized the situation he was in and tried to determine the power that was there.
 Instead of letting its power crush it, it tried to calmly observe the threat.
 It was as if the weak were searching for the weakness of the strong. It felt like an embarrassment to the monster.
 But he didn't hesitate any longer.
 Even though it was aware of its own frustration, the monster calmly stared at the hundreds of eyes that continued to be crushed and generated by the blades of light and heat rays, trying not to miss a single move of its existence.
 In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.

 ──── And so.

 The monster had finally found the path he had wanted.
 It finally came to its senses.

 ...... It was still beatable.


 The monster laughed with hundreds of mouths open on the mass of flesh.

 It's still human.

 ──── That extraordinary regenerative power.
 ──── That extraordinary arm strength.
 ──── That abnormal reaction speed.

 It is hard to say that any of them are human, but they are undoubtedly human.
 If you can surpass them even for a moment, you should be able to get past that nasty sword and bury it.

 That's why the monster was prepared to give up everything.
 He decided to put everything he had into that one moment without hesitation.


 As soon as the monster made up his mind, his black flesh began to transform.
 The body tissues transformed according to his will.
 It was the first time for the monster (Mithra) to change.
 It was the first time for the monster to evolve into the form it envisioned, at will.
 Even her bones are creaking with pain.
 But the sound was comforting to the monster.

 ──── Oh, that's better.
 The monster was delighted at the change in itself.
 The monster shuddered with excitement, knowing that his limits were not this far.

 The monster decided to devote all of the enormous power he had stored within himself to the transformation of his body.
 Even if it was just a huge body, it would swell even bigger and then contract.
 You can feel the power condensing.

 The monster felt itself gaining strength and at the same time felt itself gaining calmness.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing and how you're doing it.

 ...... So.
 In the end, that's all there is to it.

 ──── "Ideal Material (Black Sword)".

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.
 Then all we have to do is deal with it.
 That power is indestructible.
 In principle, it cannot be destroyed.

 The beings who once harmed it are not here.
 If they weren't, they wouldn't have been able to interfere with it in the first place.

 We were supposed to be the same to the people of this world. The things of this world can't even scratch a strand of hair.

 They were supposed to.
 But only that.
 That thing, that thing stands in the way.

 Then it's simple.
 All we had to do was narrow our target.
 That's what's so annoying about us.
 It's a curse left by the little people of the old world who were destroyed by the gods.

 In short, it's the only thing that bothers me.

 It needs to be considered separately from those who wield it.
 Those who wield it are abnormal, but they are not indestructible.

 So just destroy the wielder.
 We should have decided what the priority is.

 ──── So, in short.

 I just need to survive that thing for this moment, just for a moment.


 According to the "concept" derived by the monster, the body tissue was reassembled.
 The flesh armor of the monster, swollen with fear, will disintegrate as if it were melting away.

 ...... There is no need for this kind of armor anymore.
 The woman is going to cut you to pieces anyway.
 I understand that even if I get hit, it won't affect the body.
 The problem is that man. The sword.
 I just need to survive that for a moment.
 This armor of flesh only needs to protect your body once.
 You can cut through that man with the black sword while you're at it.

 That man even reacts to the lightning he produces.

 If that's the case, simply go to ──── and become much faster than the black lightning you unleash.

 The monster's body will also transform according to the newly created concept.
 With the alteration of the body comes more pain.
 But ──── the pain felt good.

 I was a little hesitant to wield my power until just now.
 If I wielded my power properly, it would involve the people of Mithra.
 I was prepared to lose a certain amount, but it was still a shame to lose everything.
 It would take time to grow.

 But fortunately.
 I have the shield now.
 Thanks to the "shining shield" that she generated, even if I wield my power to the fullest, I won't have to worry about the people on the ground being wiped out.

 Now, that shield is protecting the precious food that I raised.

 The monster thanked his lucky stars.

"────aah, aaah, aaah ────aah

 Joy, not fear or embarrassment, now filled the monster's mind as his body tissues transformed.

 He was even grateful to those who had stood in his way.
 Thanks to them, I was able to soar to great heights.

 I was also grateful to all the people of the Holy Mithraic State that I had created, who were fleeing below me.

 Thank you, ────, for giving me this opportunity to grow.
 And thank you for being born to be eaten.

 As the sight of victory spread before him, the monster's mind instantly became more relaxed and emotional.

 ──── Oh, now. This is it.

 The curse that those ancient humans left on us gods will be lifted.

 No, on the contrary, if I could just get my hands on ......, I would have a far greater advantage over the gods who may still be sleeping in the depths of other labyrinths.

 Kill the man and keep him out of reach of anyone but myself for all eternity.
 Then, you will have nothing to fear.
 You will have no enemies on earth.

 Then ──── you will truly be on top of the world.

"────aah, aaah, aaah ────aah".


 This is a momentous day after all.
 A day to be remembered and celebrated in history.
 The feast is already near.

 If we can defeat it, we can enjoy and eat all the little things running around to our heart's content.

 The monster will envision the feast that will follow and will transform his body with joy and eventually become black lightning itself. ────


 A black flash of lightning tore through the sky and sprinted to the source of the threat.