42-42 Return to the Royal Capital 2

 I don't even want to remember the rest of the journey home, but we managed to get back to King's Landing before dark.

 When we returned to the place where the dragon took off, Lean's father greeted us.
 He had been waiting for us at the same place all along.

 I've returned safely.
 The war is over... and everything went well.

Well, it looks like it worked.
 Thank you for all your hard work.
 I'll want a full report later, Rain.

Yes, sir.

But first, we must thank our benefactor.

Yes, Mr. Knoll, you've done more than you could ever ask for.
 You deserve a reward.

 What reward?

 A reward?

Yes, yes.
 I'd like to reward you for your hard work on this case.
 Anything you say.
 Anything we can do to help...

No, I don't want it.


I appreciate the gesture but I'm not in any trouble.
 I don't mind sleeping out in the open, and I can get my own food if I want to.

 However, although I do not intend to say anything strange, all the people around me have a puzzled look on their faces.

 I don't know, I've seen something like this before.

No, no, no, that's not going to happen.
 I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

"Yes, that's fine...

 I really don't want anything.
 I was about to say that when I caught sight of Rollo.
 Then I remembered something that had been bothering me.

"No, I'm sorry...
 There was one thing I wanted to ask you. ......

 When I said that, Lean's father had a big smile on his scarred face.

Oh, oh. ...... Oh, yeah, yeah!
 Then feel free to say anything you want!
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'll do it.

"Actually, I'd like to ask you a favor about this girl.

 I put my hand on the head of Rollo, who was standing next to me.

I put my hand on Rollo's head, who was standing next to me. "......What ......? ...... Boku......?

 Rollo looks up at me and rolls his eyes.

"The child? ...... Is that child of the demon race, if I may ask?

"Yes, he is.
 This child has no relatives.
 He was staying with a group of merchants who were visiting the empire, but they left him behind.
 I don't even know where they're going...

 I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that while I was getting my wounds healed by Leanne, my brother asked around and found out that the merchant group that Rollo was living with had suddenly disappeared from the Imperial Kingdom.
 No one knows where they went, except that they were somewhere in the Commercial Autonomous Region.
 In the end, Rolo, who had nowhere else to go, decided to return to the capital with us because of the dragon, but nothing has been decided about the destination.

So, what do you want...

"I want her to be able to live a normal life in King's Landing like everyone else.

 That's all I can hope for.
 It's almost as if I brought her here myself.
 I thought about taking her in and living with her, but it would be better for her to have a home and be taken care of by a rich family than to be taken care of by someone with an unstable income like me.

What do you mean, you want her to live like the rest of us?
 I'm sorry, can you explain that to me?

First, I want you to give him a home.
 You once told me that you would give me a home.
 That's all I need... clothes and food, if possible.

"...... I see.
 If you own land and buildings in the country, you need to become a citizen of the kingdom - is that what you want?

...... Is that what you want?
 Yeah, if that's what it takes.
 She's saved my life many times.
 The big dragon listened to me because of her.
 The war wouldn't have ended if it wasn't for her.
 So please reward her instead of me.
 That's all I want.

"That's all you want?

 Lean's father looks ashamed.
 I wonder if he's unhappy that I'm not getting something for myself.
 I don't know what his reasoning is, but Lean and his father both do their best to force things on me when I thank them.
 I'm sure that's the culture, but I still don't want anything I don't need.
 ...... You're right.
 I'll make my intention clear.

I'll tell you what, I don't want anything else - I really don't want anything else. Ever.

 Well, I guess that's all you need to say.
 I'm sure.

 It's gonna be okay, right?

"All right. I'll do whatever you want.
 But is that really all you want?
 If it's goods, I can prepare some from my family's stockpile, and I don't think it would be a hindrance to have them. ......

No, I don't want it.
 If you have something to give me, please use it for something else.
 I'm sure there are many people who have lost their homes and are in trouble right now.
 If you can afford to give me something, please give it to them.
 Where else do you need money right now?

"That's true, too.
 Yes, you're absolutely right.

 Lean's father laughed, though I thought it would offend him.
 He really is a middle-aged man who laughs a lot.

 I was feeling relieved that I had managed to survive the onslaught of gifts from Leanne's father, but I was getting a little impatient.
 As we were talking, I realized something.
 This is not the time for a casual conversation.

 I have somewhere to go.
 Lean, I'll leave you here.

Doctor, where are you going?

See you... and take care of Rollo.

 I left as quickly as I could and ran to my destination.

 I was halfway to the roof and halfway to the wall.

 I was visiting an adventurer's guild building with half of the roof and walls broken and in disrepair.

......? Oh! It's Noll.
 Aren't you supposed to be on a trip?
 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

 When I entered the building, I found the guild's uncle busily working at the half-destroyed guild counter with a tired look on his face.

The guild's uncle was busily working at the half-destroyed guild counter.
 I had to turn around quickly.

"Well... I've made a deal with them that I'll get a lot of money even if the request is cancelled, so there's no harm in it.
 You've got a lot of mud on you by the way, what's wrong?

Well, I've been through a lot... a lot of exercise.

Oh, yeah?
 Well, it's a good time.
 We're all in the same boat.
 I've been in a lot of trouble myself... thought I was gonna die a lot of times.

Yeah. I've been through a lot, too. I'm exhausted.

Yeah, it's ......, Noor.
 I'm sorry to bother you, but...
 The master of the building guild was looking for you.
 We're short on manpower, where's Noor?
 They're busy clearing rubble, building temporary houses, they're dying.

Yeah, I know.
 That's why I'm here... I'll be right there. Where is it?

I'll give you a map. Take it.

Yeah, thanks.

 And so I quickly left the crumbling guild, slung my black sword over my shoulder, and headed for the site where work had already begun on clearing the rubble.

But I'm really tired today.

 A sigh escaped my lips.

 I've been running around recklessly with no regard for my own strength.

 I think I was really helped by the people around me today.
 Even when I encountered a dangerous situation, I managed to get through it with the help of Leanne, Rollo, Inez ......, Bart and the instructors.
 Without any of them, I would have lost my life.

 Thanks to them, I could have survived.

 Looking back, it's been a very busy morning.
 When I thought I was going on a journey in a carriage, I had to fight a poisonous toad, and after hearing from Rollo, I turned around ...... and was blown towards the royal capital, hit a dragon, and almost got killed, but ran away... and immediately after that, I had to play a lot of swords and shields to death. I had to play with a lot of swords and shields.

 In addition, after that, as I said, I flew on the dragon's back, fainted from fear, and stopped ten vicious soldiers from attacking the old man in the imperial country where I had arrived before I knew it.

 It's been a pretty intense day.
 Frankly, I'm tired.
 I feel like I need to get some rest.

 The whole city is a mess right now.
 There's a lot of work to be done.

 First we have to clean up the piles of rubble.
 There may be people trapped underneath who need help.
 Thinking about that, we can't just rest.

 Even though we have cleaned up the rubble, we are not finished yet.
 Since many houses were destroyed, we need to build as many houses as possible, but the ground has been gouged out here and there due to the tremendous rampage of that big dragon.
 First of all, we need to level out the soil and consolidate the ground.

 Fortunately, I'm not feeling too bad, thanks to Lean's treatment earlier.
 I'm hungry, but I'll make it.
 If there's one thing a person like me can really do for others, it's simple hard work like this.

 Fortunately, the Black Sword on my shoulder seems to be useful.

 As long as I have this sword, I won't be able to do anything spectacular with it, like slaying many demons or slaying dragons, but I should be able to do something modest that will help people.

 That's what I thought after wielding it for a day.
 It's a shabby looking sword with barely a cutting edge left on it, but it's a really good, sturdy sword.

 No matter how hard you hit it, it won't get a scratch, and it's heavy, but the more you shake it, the more momentum you get.
 And no matter how hard you hit it, it will never bend.
 It cannot cut, but it is convenient for striking.

 It's perfect for staking out construction sites.

Now here's the real work for me.

 I carried the black sword on my shoulder, which was becoming more and more comfortable in my hand, and headed for the rubble removal site where many people were working.